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Dear John,

My grandmother is ill. I've been there to see her recently and I'm not expecting her to be with us much longer. Ever since I was a little girl, she has told me that she wants me to have her China dinnerware. I have a sister who now mentioned she wants it too. I don't want to cause any problems. I don't think there is a bunch of value to anyone other than us. Not sure if my grandmother even has a will. That's the last thing I want to spend our precious time talking about. I'm hoping this won't matter for a long time, but any ideas on what I should do?

Signed – Sad Granddaughter

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A survey of parents show 78 percent “dread” cleaning their kids rooms when they move out, either off to college or to their first apartment.

To the shock of no one, a survey found that men lie more than women. The average guy lies three times a day, or 1,092 times a year. Women say they lie just twice a day.

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After fleeing from the scene of an auto crash he caused, a 25-year-old motorist--who was married earlier in the day and appeared under the influence--declared “All hail Donald Trump” before scuffling with Florida jailers who sought to restrain him. Police charge that Nicholas Ruthenberg was driving the wrong way on a Vero Beach street when he struck a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. Ruthenberg ran from the scene of the crash, which resulted in the hospitalization of the other driver for “neck, back, and leg pain,” cops reported. Ruthenberg, who was subsequently arrested near the crash site, was acting erratically and “appeared as if he were under the influence of an unknown substance.” Upon arrival at the county jail, Ruthenberg declared “All hail Donald Trump” while failing a series of sobriety tests. Ruthenberg’s blood alcohol level was 0.0, prompting police to ask him for a urine sample to “determine the presence of chemical or controlled substances.” As a cop prepared the urine test, Ruthenberg “started to take his pants off and then spread his buttocks. During which time he placed two fingers in his anus.” Ruthenberg was then placed back in handcuffs. He was charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident causing serious bodily injury.(


Scarlett Johansson and her husband, SNL “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost have welcomed their first baby together. On Instagram Wednesday, Jost shared a statement revealing that they welcomed a baby boy named Cosmo. He confirmed the pregnancy news just last weekend during his stand-up comedy shows. There was speculation that Johansson was pregnant because she didn’t do much press for her latest Marvel blockbuster, “Black Widow”, ahead of its July release. This is Jost’s first child and the newlyweds’ first child together. Johansson has a 6-year-old daughter, Rose, from her previous marriage.

Alyssa Milano was involved in a car accident on Tuesday. She was riding in the front passenger seat of a Ford SUV driven by her uncle when he suffered a medical issue and became unconscious. Drifting into another lane, the car hit a passing SUV, according to a California Highway Patrol report. Milano, who was uninjured in the crash, told police she felt an impact to the right side of their car. The report says that “With the assistance of a good Samaritan,” they were eventually able to bring the Ford to a stop between the #1 and #2 lanes. Milano gave her uncle CPR until first responders arrived. CPR was continued on Milano’s uncle by the Los Angeles City Fire Department, who transported him to hospital. His status is unknown.

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Denver will temporarily shut down a park that has devolved into a haven for drug users, crime, and human waste. In addition to human and pet waste, an excess amount of rodent-attracting trash and needles and other drug paraphernalia have been spotted at the park in recent weeks. (

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station filmed themselves having a pizza party. (

A man in Louisiana was arrested after he claimed a Tesla hit him in a parking lot and left him injured, but video of the incident showed a different story. “Unbeknownst to Bates, Tesla’s record all the footage of their cameras,” the police department said. “When Slidell Police officers reviewed the Tesla’s video footage, it became apparent that Bates was lying and staged the entire event.” The incident unfolded when the Slidell Police Department responded to a call concerning a man who had been injured in an alleged hit-and-run. They found 47-year-old Arthur Bates Jr. who said a Tesla driver had backed the car into him in a parking lot. Bates was complaining of back, leg and neck injuries, resulting in an ambulance and fire truck to be dispatched to the location,” the Slidell Police Department said. The police department released video of the scene, which has no sound, and shows Bates falling to the ground and the Tesla driver apparently checking on him before leaving the lot. The driver of the Tesla “stated that Bates intentionally jumped behind his vehicle and staged the accident,” the Slidell Police Department said in statement. “Bates subsequently admitted to fabricating the entire event” and is now facing one count of False Swearing with the Intent to Cause an Emergency Response. (

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Rainbows are actually circular. We don’t typically see a full circle rainbow because the Earth’s horizon blocks the lower part. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... NORTH KOREA

An even skinnier-looking Kim Jong Un was the main attraction at a military parade in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, where public health workers marched in gas masks and hazmat suits in a display of force against the COVID-19 pandemic. Ryan Chan, a correspondent for Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News, tweeted that he has “never seen Kim Jong Un in such a healthier body shape before.” (

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Traffic safety officials always say you shouldn’t drive while distracted. More specifically, you shouldn’t drive while talking to your friend on the phone, eating Taco Bell, and holding a knife. Unfortunately, a 39-year-old Omaha man did that and inadvertently stabbed himself in the leg. The man had picked up some food at the Taco Bell just before 2:00 a.m. Thursday and was on his way to give some to his girlfriend, according to a police report. As he was eating and driving, he later told police, he was talking to a friend via Bluetooth speaker and looking at a knife that his friend gave him. He then drove through a large pothole or hit a bump on the road. The jolt “made him accidentally stab his right thigh with the knife,” the police report said. The man was left with a 1- to 1½-inch-deep puncture wound in the top of his right thigh. The man then headed to the nearby Nebraska Medical Center, where he waved down security officers and asked where the emergency room was. (

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An employee at a Waffle House outside Atlanta tossed out a man who was arguing with other customers, serving up a brutal takedown in the process. The footage, which went viral on Twitter, shows a man in an orange T-shirt arguing with women at a counter as another person laughs at a Waffle House on Buford Highway in Georgia. “Waffle House on Buford Hwy was turnt,” a caption reads. One woman put her hand in front of the male customer’s face as they argued at the counter. A second woman then joined the squabble, telling him to “just be easy,” the footage shows. The video then cuts to show a man in a Waffle House uniform dragging the male customer to the door by his shirt collar before they furiously trade punches. At one point, the Waffle House worker sends the man to the ground before he regains his footing as the 39-second clip posted by ATL Uncensored ends. It’s unclear exactly where the fight took place. An Atlanta police spokeswoman told The New York Post that the footage depicted a Waffle House outside of the department’s jurisdiction, referring additional inquiries to Chamblee or Gwinnett County police. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Meadow Lake in Columbia Falls, Montana ….. GOLF COURSE

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School Faculty Surprise Custodian With Car So He No Longer Has To Walk To Work