Show Notes for Thursday, October 14, 2021


Dear John,

First of all, my family is weird. I just found out my younger brother is getting married, but I found out because his girlfriend posted something on Facebook. Do I call him to congratulate them? Do I wait until he tells me? I'm not even sure if I should say something to my mom. She's not on facebook, so she may not know. This is not the first time my brother has done something like this. Last time he announced on facebook that he got a new job in a neighboring state and he was moving. I didn't say anything until Christmas time when he brought it up. I was just happy I didn't have to help him move that time! So what's the rule on the marriage announcement thing? Do I wait for him to call or do I reach out to congratulate him. Who knows, maybe I'm not even invited!

Signed – Big Sister

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October 14

National Dessert Day

Be Bald and Be Free Day

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A new study warns that living on a busy road could trigger heart failure. A team with the American Heart Association finds that traffic and noise pollution weaken the organ, reducing its blood-pumping power. (

Digital daters can tell if they have a connection with someone after just 30 seconds of a video call. Virtual dates have soared by at least 36 percent during lockdown. A study found that in addition to first impressions, virtual dating speeds up relationships on several accounts. Dating from a desktop takes an average of 60 minutes, compared to 86 minutes in person. It’s cheaper too, saving singletons $24 per date, with the removal of time and cost barriers giving daters more bang for their buck.

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After being found in possession of a pair of “glass smoking pipes” and a “clear crystal substance in drug packaging,” a Missouri man told police that the items were intended for “medicinal methamphetamine usage.” 46-year-old Matthew Cusumano was stopped around 2:45 a.m. Friday by cops who spotted him riding a bicycle without lights in Madeira Beach, Florida. A records check revealed that Cusumano was wanted on a fugitive warrant issued in June after he failed to appear in a Missouri court on a felony drug charge. After Cusumano was taken into custody on the out-of-state warrant, police searched him and found two drug pipes and 10.01 grams of a crystal substance that Cusumano reportedly identified as methamphetamine. Cusumano, a sheriff’s deputy reported, claimed that the confiscated items were for “medicinal methamphetamine usage.” Despite that explanation, Cusumano was charged with narcotics possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is being held in the Pinellas County jail on those two counts as well as the Missouri fugitive warrant. (


IMAX scored its best October weekend ever thanks to the combined efforts of “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” and “No Time to Die.” (

The upcoming and official third Ghostbusters sequel, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,” has released a line of shoes from Reebok that bring Stay Pufts to your feet. (

Daniel Craig revealed in a new interview that he'll miss portraying James Bond after wrapping up his tenure in “No Time to Die.” (

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Wendy's has turned its Frosty milkshake into a breakfast cereal. (

Facebook is testing a video speed-dating app called “Sparked.” (

Dozens of celebrities descended upon Las Vegas for Saturday night's Heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. (

A royal biographer says Kate Middleton didn't have the energy to bond with Meghan Markle. (

Pop Superstar Shakira says she was attacked in a park by a group of wild boars. (

The feds are seeking the public’s help in identifying an LA Dodgers fan seen on camera during a 2016 game because he resembles the Brooklyn computer salesman who vanished in 1998 before he was to start serving a 17-year prison sentence for swindling banks out of $353 million. (

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According to the findings of a new report, China increased its spending on coronavirus tests in the country’s Hubei Province months before the Chinese government publicly acknowledged the COVID-19 pandemic. (

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A missing man in Turkey accidentally joined his own search party and looked for himself for hours before he realized he was the target of the rescue mission. According to local media reports, Beyhan Mutlu, a 50-year-old man from a rural region in Turkey, was out drinking with his friends when he wandered off into a nearby forest and didn’t return. Worried about him, his friends then alerted authorities, who set up a search and rescue mission to find him. According to Turkish channel NTV, when news of the missing man got out, efforts to find him intensified in nearby neighborhoods, with a large group of volunteers joining the mission. This search party was calling out Mutlu’s name for hours when suddenly a man from within the group spoke up and reportedly said: “Who are we looking for? I am here." It is unclear how Mutlu found himself in his own search party or how his friends didn’t realize that he was right under their nose the whole time. Police were able to safely escort Mutlu to his home. This isn’t the first time a missing person joined their own rescue mission. In 2012, an Asian tourist who went missing in Iceland was also found in her own search party after she reportedly failed to recognize her own description.(

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The McDonald's customer who called in a bomb threat to an Iowa restaurant because he did not receive dipping sauces with his 30-piece Chicken McNuggets order has pleaded guilty to a harassment charge. 42-year-old Robert Golwitzer last week copped to a misdemeanor count in connection with a bizarre incident in late-June involving a McDonald’s near his home in Ankeny. Golwitzer was sentenced to 12 months probation and fined $430 during a September 23rd court hearing. According to an Ankeny Police Department report, a McDonald’s assistant manager told cops that a man who called the restaurant “was irate due to the fact he had requested 30 chicken nuggets and received no dipping sauces for them.” When the worker replied that the patron could return to the restaurant to retrieve the sauces, the man said, “No, I’m going to blow up the store and punch you in the face.” Golwitzer was quickly identified as the suspect since the threatening call was placed “from a phone number associated with [Golwitzer].” The number was captured on the restaurant’s caller ID. He recalled telling a McDonald’s employee that, “I hope someone blows your building up and I hope someone punches you in the face.” Hw added that he “had no intentions to blow up the McDonald’s." Hw was originally charged with making a false report about an explosive or incendiary device, a felony.(

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Monarch Shores in San Juan Capistrano, California ….. REHAB

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In A World First, Doctors Save Critically-Ill Pregnant Woman And Her Baby