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Dear John,

I have a question. I'm interested in a girl who is 12 years younger than me. I'm 45 years old and she is 33. I know many people who are successful in their marriage with a same or bigger difference in age, but here's the part that's weird. We grew up next door to one another. When I was in High school, she was just a little girl. We didn't know each other, but our parents are best friends. I remember them having a little girl, but I didn't even know her name. She remembered me from when I was working in the yard and stuff, but I don't think we ever spoke back then. Last year when everyone was stuck at home, I came here to help my mom. She was living next door to help her parents. We met and ended up talking for hours. One thing led to another and I'm madly in love. She knows how I feel and she's told me she feels the same way. I keep thinking that I should ask her to marry me, but then I think about the age difference. My mom doesn't realize how much I like our neighbor, but she knows we're friends. My mom reminds me that I she was in kindergarten when I graduated. I'm not sure how my mom or her parents would feel if we were officially dating, or especially if we got married. What do you think? Is that too much of an age difference? Is it weird that we're falling in love like this?

Signed – Falling In Deep

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October 28

National Internal Medicine Day

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A new survey finds we spend an hour a day on mundane tasks — like making our bed, cleaning the toilet, mowing the lawn and cooking. You know, grown-up stuff.

A survey of drivers has revealed the best foods to eat while driving: candy bars, french fries, potato chips and chicken nuggets.

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A Florida Man told police that he broke into a van so he could see his imaginary girlfriend, a woman named "Emma," who only appears when he's high on Meth. (


Meghan McCain says she quit “The View” because of a toxic work environment caused by her co-hosts. (

L.A.'s #1 Celebrity Home is for sale! Southern California’s star-studded home, Farralone, was built for Chase Bank heiress-and-socialite Dora Hutchinson. A longtime home for Frank Sinatra and, according to legend, the site of JFK's affair with Marilyn Monroe, it has been a film site for many films and television shows including Mad Men, Californication and Dreamgirls. Recently restored, it is for sale at $21.5 million. Located on 4.3 acres. The listing agent is Craig Knizek of The Agency, Beverly Hills. For more celebrity home news and home video tours, visit

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In Thailand, two thieves robbed a man at knifepoint to steal his jeans and shoes. The attackers had no interest in his money, watch, or other valuables — they just took his jeans and shoes and let the victim walk home in his underwear.

A Prehistoric Alligator Gar has been caught in Kansas for the first time in state history. (

Two armed robbers arrested in South Africa were found to be in possession of 126 boxes of hair pieces. The criminals were apparently unable to give a reasonable explanation as to why they stole the hair pieces, or where they were taking them.

Scientists say a new brain-zapping helmet could cure dementia by sending electric impulses to the head. (

Many states are trying without success to get drivers to zipper merge — stay in their lane until the last possible minute before merging. It’s supposed to keep traffic flowing and reduce delays.

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There is a prison in Uruguay called “Freedom”. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... INDONESIA

A cafe in Indonesia has created a real life "Squid Game" to attract customers, capitalizing on the popular Korean Netflix series in which contestants risk death for cash. (

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A man is facing federal charges for alleged fraud related to selling textbooks he rented from Amazon. A 36-year-old Portage man was arrested Thursday, October 14th, on a felony indictment filed in the U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids, charging mail and wire fraud, interstate transportation of stolen property, aggravated identity theft and making false statements to the FBI. According to the indictment, from January 2016 to March 2021, the man rented thousands of textbooks from Amazon’s Textbook Rental Program with no intention of returning the textbooks by the specified return date or paying the established buyout price for the textbooks. Instead, he allegedly sold the textbooks to local textbook businesses and through the internet. MLive has not identified the defendant because he has not been arraigned at this time. The arraignment is scheduled for October 19th, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. MLive has not identified the defendant because he has not been arraigned at this time. The arraignment is scheduled for October 19th, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. If convicted, the defendant faces a maximum term of imprisonment of 20 years for each of the mail and wire fraud offenses; a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years for interstate transportation of stolen property; and a maximum term of imprisonment of 5 years for making false statements to the FBI.(

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A driver who allegedly stole a U-Haul truck called police dispatch and asked for deputies to stop chasing him after they located the stolen truck. Around 1:40 a.m. on Saturday, Adams County sheriff deputies located the stolen U-Haul parked at a convenience store. When deputies approached the vehicle, the driver took off. Police pursued the truck and the driver called dispatch to ask why he was being chased and wanted the deputies to stop. Deputies had to use tire deflation devices, and the vehicle finally stopped at West 72nd Avenue and Pecos Street, where the driver was arrested. (

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Dog Rescued After Being Trapped In Deep Crevice For 5 Days