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November 9

National Scrapple Day

Microtia Awareness Day

National Louisiana Day

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A new study found that people who sleep naked are twice as likely to get a good night's rest. (

A new study shows vaccines could reduce the rates of cervical cancers. (

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An Alabama man is behind bars after allegedly biting off the tip of a security guard’s finger at a nightclub over the weekend. The incident took place at the Cabaret Dothan Dance Club on Ross Clark Circle in Dothan last Friday night. Michael James Duncan, 37, was booked into the Houston County Jail around 2:15 a.m. Saturday, charged with first degree assault. As a security guard attempted to escort Duncan from the club, Owens said that he bit off the tip of the guard’s finger. According to jail records, he currently has his bond set at $30,000. (


Comedian Dave Chappelle stated that he will meet with transgender Netflix employees after his comments about the trans community raised some eyebrows -- however, he won’t be “bending to anybody’s demands.” (

Rebel Wilson has revealed how much weight she lost during her year of health.

Adele performed at Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory in a sneak peak of her upcoming CBS special. She was saying in an interview two weeks ago that McDonalds would be her death row meal. (

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The international holiday pub crawl known as "Santa Con" is coming back to New York City on Saturday, December 11. (

Mark Zuckerberg continues to tout his metaverse will be a virtual world where you can work out with trainers, and meet up with friends. Zuckerberg says in the future, almost all commerce and socializing will take place in the metaverse. (

Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition program and deleting billions of selfies they used to identify people. (

McDonald's is releasing the McRib as an NFT. (

NHL Star Evander Kane, who was suspended 21 games for using a fake vaccine card, was spotted for the first time in a month at Los Angeles International Airport with his girlfriend Mara Teigen. (

NASA astronauts say they've successfully grown Chili peppers in space. The astronauts have now used the peppers to make tacos filled with beef and artichokes. (

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Dateline.... CHINA

A woman in China decided to test the generosity of a male suitor by REPORTEDLY bringing 23 family members with her on a blind date. (

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The Taco Bell Cantina in Pacifica is widely known as the most beautiful Taco Bell in the Bay Area, if not the world. But despite its breathtaking beachside location and Taco Bell’s penchant for marrying people, no one has hosted their wedding reception there. Until now. Analicia Garcia and Kyle Howser, high school sweethearts from Sacramento, wanted to keep their wedding low-key and fun. While the couple didn’t meet or have their first date at a Taco Bell, the fast food chain is definitely a pillar of their relationship. And when Howser was in college, the low prices brought them to the drive-through often. While the Vegas Cantina offers its own wedding chapel and hosts more than 200 weddings a year, the Pacifica Taco Bell doesn’t officially do weddings. But when James Aman, who oversees four different Taco Bells in the Bay Area, heard the couple’s unusual request, he was game. So after a San Francisco City Hall ceremony, the bride and groom, along with their wedding guests, headed out to Pacifica State Beach to celebrate over some Crunchwrap Supremes. Garcia and Howser rented out the restaurant’s picturesque deck and brought along some Taco Bell-themed decor: Garcia crafted hot sauce packets into flower bouquets and filled empty Taco Bell wine bottles with string lights. Even their cake, which they ordered from nearby Pacifica bakery Mazzetti’s, was Taco Bell-themed.

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A 25-year-old guy in Oregon named Alexis Gomez led cops on a high-speed chase this week . . . and got arrested while wearing a Ricky Bobby costume from the movie "Talladega Nights". He stole a truck around 6:00 P.M. on Tuesday, and fired a GUN at someone who started following him to get his license plate. That person ALSO had a gun and returned fire, but no one got hit. Alexis eventually crashed into a random person's garage during a high-speed chase with police. But they still didn't catch him. He took off on foot. Then someone who lives nearby got an alert that their security system was going off. The homeowner's name is Paul Wille, and he was able to watch the rest of it unfold on a live security camera through his phone. Alexis broke into his house, and luckily no one in his family was home. Then he found the Ricky Bobby costume, can't resist the temptation so he throws it on, snags some jewelry and other valuables and chucks them in a suitcase . . . and tried to flee the scene on a bicycle with two flat tires.

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We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets. - Marilyn Monroe

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Lifeguards Carry Woman, 95, To Beach Every Day During Her Vacation