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Research indicates that eating late at night damages your memory.

If you’re high-strung and looking for a way to relieve stress, researchers say the card game Bridge can help.

Research indicates that eating late at night damages your memory. :-)

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A Florida Woman who was pulled over early yesterday claimed that her erratic driving was “due to her eating an eggroll” while behind the wheel, according to police who arrested the motorist on DUI and narcotics possession charges. Upon spotting a vehicle drifting between lanes on a St. Petersburg roadway around 2:00 AM Sunday, police conducted a traffic stop to “check the well being of the driver for sick, injured or impaired,” according to court filings. When a sheriff’s deputy approached driver Maria Jurgilewicz, 45, “the defendant had a distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath.” Jurgilewicz, the cop added, had “difficulty following simple instructions” and “her speech appeared to be slurred and mumbled.” Asked about her erratic “driving pattern” Jurgilewicz “claimed it was due to her eating an eggroll while driving.” While arrest affidavits make no mention of an egg roll (or egg roll fragments) being found in Jurgilewicz’s auto, cops did seize “several different types of pills." Jurgilewicz was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, a felony, as well as driving under the influence and possession of drugs without a prescription, both misdemeanors. (


Nicole Sullivan is well known for her acting roles in the TV series Black-ish, MADtv, and The King of Queens. Her charming, cottage-style home in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon is for sale. She has recently put her home on the market, priced at $1.45 million.

Built in 1912 and sympathetically updated for the current century, Nicole's home is the perfect escape after a long day’s work in the studios. Hidden away up a long 100-yard drive, the cheerful, coral-colored cottage is nestled on almost an acre of thickly landscaped land surrounded by trees and a picket fence lined with bamboo and succulent gardens. The 1,678-square-foot home has two bedrooms and two baths surrounded by windows that bring in lots of light, beautiful outdoor views and an outdoor entertainment space.

Laurel Canyon has been drawing celebrity residents since the early days of Hollywood. From silent film stars to talk show hosts such as Bill Maher, to rock-star musicians, former California Governor Jerry Brown, and now to a flood of up-and-coming stars; the higher up the canyon, the more spectacular the views.

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The last VCR was built in July, 2016 when the world’s last producer, Funai Electronics in Japan, shut down production. The company cited declining sales and difficulty finding parts as why it was ending production. Of course, you can still find VCRs at garage sales and on eBay. And there are quite a few people who still own VCRs for playing their library of classic VHS movies.

Chocolate bars come in all shapes and sizes, but what makes one popular and another a delicious dud? A study (Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences) on the wonderfully diverse world of chocolate finds people pay more attention to the packaging than the actual taste of their purchases. Researchers say, for smaller companies, a gold wrapper and interesting backstory is the key to big-time profits.

Dozens of cars in Ohio are having serious problems after a fueling station accidentally dispensed contaminated gasoline earlier this week. The Speedway station in Avon Lake, Ohio admitted to Cleveland 19 News that it had mistakenly sold "tainted gas" to customers late Monday and into Tuesday. While the Speedway didn't acknowledge exactly what made the fuel tainted, at least one local repair shop with cars lined up for repair believes that drivers may have received diesel or at least a blend of gasoline and diesel. Casey Fields, a service advisor at nearby Automotive Specialty Services, told WKYC that he extracted samples of gasoline from vehicles that visited the Speedway. Upon inspection, he found it to have a green hue. This, according to Fields, is an indication that it had been tainted with diesel. The Speedway station temporarily closed to address the tainted gas problem and has since reopened. As for who will field the costs for repairs, that appears unknown as of this report.(

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Dateline.... THAILAND

A man’s drive through northern Thailand was briefly interrupted this week when a python emerged from under the hood and began slithering across the windshield. The snake left on its own after the driver stopped the vehicle.

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Police have custody of a man who two-stepped his way to celebration after allegedly stealing jewelry from an 86-year-old man in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The man, identified as Sean Gazo, along with another man, Carl M. Jackson, had been hired by the senior citizen to help move heavy furniture. After the men were done with the moving job, the victim discovered that about $10,000 of jewelry was missing. The two men took the stolen jewelry to a pawnshop in Martin County and surveillance camera caught Gazo dancing as he was leaving the shop. The 31-year-old was captured while his alleged accomplice is still at large. (

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A Florida man who pretended to be a surgeon to meet women on dating sites and steal their money was indicted on federal charges last week. Brian Brainard Wedgeworth had been referred to in various media reports as “the Casanova Scammer.” Wedgeworth is said to have swindled money from at least twenty-one people in Florida, Texas, California, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee and Maryland. According to the indictment, Wedgeworth met his victims on dating apps such as Bumble, Plenty of Fish, and Christian Mingle. He claimed to be a physician and surgeon, who had attended and worked at prestigious universities and hospitals. He also said he was a member of the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. Many of his victims were in sororities, and would have been familiar with the fraternity. The indictment claims that the women gave Wedgeworth their banking and credit card information after he promised to help them pay off their debts. Wedgeworth would then pay off the debts using bank accounts that were previously closed and had insufficient funds, and the women were notified that their debts had been paid in full, when they were not. Prosecutors said Wedgeworth fraudulently added himself as an authorized cardholder to some accounts and would increase his victims’ credit card limits or obtain lines of credit and cash advances in their name. With their money, he would buy tickets to sporting events and Rolex watches. He was arrested in Tennessee on charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering. (

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Little Girl Is Reunited With Teddy Bear One Year After Losing It In Glacier Park