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Dear John,

I've been dating my boyfriend for about five months. He's never met my family. We're going to head to my parent's house later this month. They've met online and I'm excited for them to meet in person. I'm not excited to have my boyfriend meet my brother and his wife. They've both been in and out of jail. My brother just got out of prison a year ago. They're planning to be there the same time we're there. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never even mentioned that I have a brother. It never came up! Now it's weird that we've been dating five months and I'm going to introduce my police officer boyfriend to my ex-con brother and sister-in-law. I think I need to find a way to bring it up before we go, but now I've gotten inside my own head on this and have made it a bigger thing than it is. I googled this and found out 1 in 8 Americans has a felon in their family tree. That was according to I'm sure it's not a big deal. I just feel like I should have found a way to tell him about it a long time ago. What do you think?

Signed – Awkward Date

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A recent survey of 1,000 millennial and 1,000 Gen Z office employees revealed that 54% of respondents use a minor illness as an excuse to avoid “adulting.” “Adulting” includes doing laundry (59%), buying groceries (59%), and cleaning their room or apartment (58%), which they deflect to their unlucky parents, partners, or roommates. (

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Indian River County deputies charged the driver that drove through Grand Harbor golf course during a pursuit in Vero Beach with DUI and assault. There were no injuries after 60-year-old Jodie Ann Harvey broke through a gate to get away from deputies Tuesday afternoon. The incident was captured on police dashcam footage and posted to YouTube. The incident started in the Waterford Lakes community shortly after 1:00 p.m. The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office attempted to pull Harvey over, but she did not comply, which prompted a pursuit. The woman drove through the Grand Harbor gate and onto the golf course. After authorities boxed her vehicle in, she was transported to a hospital for medical clearance and then arrested. The woman's vehicle and two sheriff’s office vehicles were damaged. Harvey is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, DUI, two felony counts of criminal mischief, aggravated fleeing to elude, and aggravated assault on an officer/firefighter/EMT. (


Nicole Kidman is playing Lucile Ball in the new movie "Being the Ricardos." Nicole says she's always been a fan of Lucile and used to watch the show all the time. The film is about how the couple faced a crisis that could have ended their careers. (

A new report claims Brad Pitt believes he and Angelina Jolie will one day forgive each other. (

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A stunning new photo shows pedophile Jeffrey Epstein lounging with alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell in what appears to be Queen Elizabeth II’s private Scottish getaway. (

A New Zealand man who was vaccinated against COVID-19 up to ten times in one day on behalf of other people has been called “unbelievably selfish” and sparked an investigation.(

The U.S. Border Patrol says a Good Samaritan found $1 million-dollars’ worth of cocaine floating off the coast of Florida. (

Federal Agents arrested over 300 people, including 92 alleged gang members, during a massive 6 month investigation into illegal activities in Texas. The group had been dealing drugs and running guns over the border. (

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41,000 people go to the emergency room in the U.S. each after being bitten by another human PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... ENGLAND

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being slammed for holding a Christmas Party that was in breach of his new Covid Laws. The gathering was referred to as a "Christmas Quiz" but photos showed many guests drinking alcohol. (

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An Arizona family is facing a nightmare situation after they crossed the border to Mexico with a gun. A mistake they say has cost them family separation and financial burden. They hope the community can help to bring a husband and father home in time for Christmas. Francine Nicholson’s husband has been locked up in a federal prison in Hermosillo, Mexico for almost five months. He faces two years in prison for transporting a firearm into Mexico. The family says they were not aware that the firearm was still in the vehicle when they crossed the border. They were on a family trip to Rocky Point, but never made it to their destination. The reality is Mexico's gun laws are among the strictest in the world. It’s been historically that way, said Jorge Mendoza-Yescas, the consul general of Mexico in Phoenix. “If somebody wants to carry a gun it needs a special permit by the military,” stated Mendoza-Yescas. But even getting a permit isn’t easy. The Mexican government only issues about 50 permits a year and not all firearms qualify for such a permit. Mendoza-Yescas said there’s a reason for the law to be so strict. “Because there’s a huge problem right now in Mexico with people carrying guns and they’re using them for bad purposes.” (

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Surveillance video captured two burglars crashing into a Westwood storefront and stealing fake jewelry that was on display. The robbers got away with $200 worth of fake merchandise, but the damage caused by the crash ranges between $15,000 to $20,000, the owners told KTLA. The incident occurred Sunday, as law enforcement agencies investigate several violent robberies across the region. Wendy Burch reports for the KTLA 5 News at 3:00 p.m. on Dec. 7th, 2021. (

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Customer Surprises Homeless Dunkin' Employee With A Furnished Home