Show Notes for Thursday, December 2, 2021


Dear John,

A few weeks ago... I accidentally drove off with the tube thing from my bank. When it came back out, I must have tossed it in the back seat. I have no idea why. I just found it back there and realized it was from a few weeks ago because it still had the deposit slip in it. I feel like an idiot. My husband said I need to go in and tell them what happened. I'm sure they wondered where it went. I want to just leave it there when there's nobody at the bank. My husband said I'd probably be on security cameras doing that anyway, so just fess up and let them know it was an accident. I wonder if anyone else has done this. I'm getting more and more forgetful. That concerns me a little. What do you think I should do with this tube thing? They're probably expensive so I should figure out how to do it, then bring it back to the bank. Any of your listeners work at a bank? Has this happened before? I'd love some advice.

Signed – Bank Drive Off

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A new study suggests that putting distinct calorie labels on bottles of alcohol could help curb booze consumption and lower obesity rates. A British government policy paper reports that 3.4 million adults consume an extra day’s worth of calories a week from alcohol each year, equivalent to an additional two months of food annually. (

Scientists have created a new test to determine whether your cat is a psychopath. (

A study found that not only do rats love to be tickled but they tend to giggle.

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Two drunk friends got into a fist fight at a restaurant in China. They battled it out over who would pick up the check.


Matthew McConaughey has officially announced that he will not run for governor of Texas, ahead of a December 13th deadline to file for the Republican or Democratic primary or to declare as an independent candidate. (

Actor Jussie Smollett is now going on trial for faking a hate crime against himself three years ago. (

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Eerie photos of a Great White shark that was found in Mexico and is the spitting image of the Great White shark from JAWS have gone viral. The 13-foot shark was seen off the coast of Guadalupe and is nicknamed "NICOLE." (

A video of a Tik Tok user who threw a massive Friendsgiving Celebration that NO ONE showed up to has gone viral. Her boyfriend claims she'd been planning it with her friends for two weeks and then they all stopped responding to her messages. This sort of video happened a year ago with a wedding feast. A girl got stood up by her fiancé, so she gave the food to a homeless shelter. (

With an expanded definition to reflect the times, Merriam-Webster has declared an omnipresent truth as its 2021 word of the year: vaccine. (

A new report reveals sales of Adele's album "30" are down 75% from her previous album. (

A new report claims the online dating company Match may have lied to investors about the value of its subsidiary Tinder. (


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Dateline.... GERMANY

In Germany a security guard stole money that he was supposed to deliver to a bank. He took the cash and fled to Croatia where he was living the good life on the beach. Police had no idea where he was until he got lonesome and decided to make a call to his mother. Police were able to trace the call and mama’s boy was arrested.

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A bizarre instance of a toaster oven loaded with bullets is cited as the cause of gunshots heard at a South Carolina assisted living community. No one was struck by gunfire; however, the ammunition ignited a fire, resulting in one person being hospitalized for smoke inhalation. It happened shortly before 9:00 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 28th, at Morningside of Greenwood, an assisted living facility. In addition to a fire alarm, officers were told residents heard “possible gunshots.” “Officers found a small fire inside one resident’s room; the resident was found unconscious and taken to the hospital,” police said. “At this time, it appears the fire was started because the resident placed several rounds of ammunition into a toaster oven causing the ammunition to discharge and making employees believe that a shooter was on the property.” “The fire was contained to the resident’s room and “was quickly extinguished,” officials said. “No other injuries were reported and all residents were safely accounted for by the staff.” Investigators did not identify the resident and did not say why the ammunition was placed in the toaster oven. (

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A Florida man was arrested after being caught with an unloaded gun and ammunition at a security checkpoint Friday at Newark Liberty International Airport. The man told a Transportation Security Administration officer he forgot to declare the gun when he checked in, the TSA said in a statement Monday. Declaring the gun would have allowed the firearm to be transported with checked luggage. The gun was correctly packed in a hard-sided case— as required by the TSA — with a box containing 35 bullets. Port Authority police arrested the man. His identity was not immediately available. (

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Reddit Users From Cat Community Raise Over $8,000 In A Few Hours To Save A Cat's Life