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Dear John,

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. I bought him a gift for Christmas, but he's been so rude lately that I think I'm going to break up with him. My friend said I should wait until after Christmas to break up, but I think I need to do it now. My friend said I should see what he got me for Christmas first. I think that's a terrible idea. I don't plan to stay with him, so why wait? I will still give him his gift since it it pretty specific to him, but I don't think I need to wait to break up. My friend basically said it would be nicer to wait. What do you think? Would that be nicer of me to wait? I think it would be nicer to break up now instead of leading him on anymore. Maybe he has someone else in mind anyway. He's been treating me bad for a few weeks now. What do you think?

Signed – Wait Or Not?

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December 23

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A new study found that 4 in 10 people who test positive for Coronavirus show NO SYMPTOMS at all. (

If you could redesign your hotel room, what would you include? In a survey the top request was for free and fast wifi. Second was more electrical and USB outlets to charge up our gadgets. Third on our list: better shower head pressure.

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In Poland a man called police because he heard his girlfriend calling for help from behind the walls of his father’s home. Police said they found the man had destroyed a wall inside the home, which belongs to his father, who was out of town at the time of the incident. Police did not find his girlfriend but did discovery he’d been drinking quite heavily.


Jeff Garlin is leaving "The Goldbergs" after an investigation into his abusive workplace misconduct. Garlin was accused of being verbally and emotionally abusive to staffers. (

"Spiderman No Way Home" scored the second biggest opening weekend in movie history with $253 million in ticket sales. (

A very pregnant Jennifer Lawrence was seen house-hunting with her husband Cooke Mulroney in New York on Saturday. They say the couple plans to spend up to $30 million on a home in New York City. (

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A new report claims Jamie Spears got a $40,000 loan just days before he put Britney Spears under conservatorship. (

Ghislaine Maxwell has asked to be addressed as "Ms. Maxwell" in the courtroom instead of "The Defendant." (

Health Officials in the United Kingdom may impose a lockdown ahead of Christmas due to an uptick in coronavirus cases. (

The U.S. Navy unveiled its maternity uniform pilot program for 2022. (

A camel escaped from a live manger in Kansas and was seen running on a highway. (

An Italian bishop is apologizing for telling a large group of children that Santa Claus isn’t real. The bishop says his intent was to bring Christianity back to Christmas, and teach the kids that toys are not as valuable as feelings.

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The Eiffel Tower becomes 15 centimeters taller during summer PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... IRAQ

Two rockets struck the heart of the "Green Zone" in Baghdad and authorities believe Iran was behind the attack. (

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Two huge lions sparked mass panic at a major airport after escaping their enclosure as they were being taken onto a plane. Vets were forced to fire a tranquilizer gun at the beasts after a tense “standoff” with staff at Changi Airport in Singapore. One of the lions was reportedly seen relaxing on top of the crate after making the bid for freedom while in transit to an “overseas facility.” Singapore Airlines, which was handling the transportation of the pride of seven lions, was forced to call in expert veterinary and carnivore teams to deal with the alarming situation. The killer animals are now recovering from the sedation under the care of the Mandai Wildlife Group. It’s not clear where the lions are from or where they were headed on their journey. In a statement, Singapore Airlines said: “The immediate priority is the lions’ well-being. SIA is working with Mandai Wildlife Group, which operates Singapore’s only wildlife facility that is equipped to look after large carnivores, on this.” The airline said the lions remained secured by a safety netting that was around the container the entire time – and there was no disruption to the airline’s operations.(

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A Florida woman was arrested Saturday after leaving her baby in the car alone while she went shopping at Cordova Mall. 22-year-old Havilah Branch is charged with child neglect and resisting arrest. A man reported to mall security that he saw a baby in a blue Ford Focus with no adult around. Mall security went to the car, which was about 100 yards away near Office Depot, and called the police for assistance. As an officer was arriving, Branch walked to the car and got into the driver’s seat. The officer tapped on the window but Branch ignored it. The officer tapped on the window a few more times, leading Branch to roll down the window. The officer said Branch tried to maneuver around the patrol vehicle and refused to identify herself or answer any questions. Branch did eventually comply and gave her ID to the officer. She was placed under arrest when she exited the car about 30 minutes later. Branch told the officer she went to the mall to get food for her and her baby and to do some shopping. Police say based on the times she made purchases inside the mall, the distance from the car, and the witness account, Branch was away from the car for at least 25 to 30 minutes. Police report at that time of day it was 77 degrees outside. Branch’s mother arrived and is taking care of the baby, who officers estimated to be about a year old. (

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Lost Elderly Veteran Is Treated With Nothing But Kindness At West Virginia Restaurant