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A Florida couple was arrested for recording an OnlyFans sex video in the back of a highway patrol car.

Viewers of Nick Cannon’s eponymous talk show were left stunned after they spotted what appeared to be a massive bulge in his pants. (

According to new evidence released by federal prosecutors, Ghislaine Maxwell was once photographed rubbing Jeffrey Epstein’s feet on what appears to be his private jet. In the picture, Maxwell is seen rubbing Epstein while her breasts spill out of her skimpy top. (

The Justice Department is investigating a group of FBI agents for soliciting prostitutes. (

Officials in Minnesota are investigating reports of a college sex competition.

A brothel in Austria is giving customers a session with a sex worker in exchange for taking COVID-19 vaccines. (

A 28-year-old man was arrested for watching porn in a Louisiana Walmart. The man had previously been banned from the same Walmart for shoplifting earlier this year. (

A Mississippi woman says she “cried for a week” after she accidentally livestreamed herself having sex with her husband on Facebook. The woman, known on TikTok as @rroberson16, made the candid confession in a video posted on Saturday, revealing that dozens of her Facebook friends tuned in to view the X-rated romp — including her own dad. “Randomly remembering that one time last year when I accidentally went live on Facebook while I was in pound town, and 46 people saw it, including my own father,” the brunette captioned her video. “I cried for a week straight." "I thought my life was over,” the mom of one further confessed. “My husband still thinks it’s hilarious.” The woman explained that she was browsing Facebook before her husband snuck up on her and they began getting amorous. However, the frisky Facebook user became so caught up in the moment that she ignored the calls and continued having sex. Shockingly, her father clicked on the live feed, before exiting when he realized what was taking place. Thankfully, the woman’s phone didn’t broadcast any visuals of the sex session, but the couple’s moans and sighs were able to be heard loud and clear. The woman’s TikTok confession clip has been viewed more than 175,000 times, with many offering their sympathies.(

While “being intimate” with a friend inside a restaurant bathroom, a Florida Woman broke a sink off the wall, leading to her arrest for criminal mischief, according to police. Investigators say that Kathryn Trammel, 37, caused $500 in damages Tuesday during an afternoon encounter inside a bathroom at Irish 31, an eatery in Seminole. According to an arrest affidavit, Trammel and a friend were asked to leave the restaurant after staff discovered them in the bathroom. “The defendant and her friend then left the bathroom and sat at the bar,” a sheriff’s deputy noted. Trammel, cops allege, subsequently returned to the bathroom. It was during this second trip that the sink was damaged. After being read her rights, Trammel reportedly said that “her friend and herself were being intimate in the bathroom and as a result, caused the sink to break.” Trammel, police reported, would not offer a further “explanation for how the sink was damaged.” As if that was necessary. Trammel was charged with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor, after the restaurant’s owner said that he wanted to press charges. Trammel was released from the county jail early yesterday on her own recognizance. While not identified in the affidavit, Trammel’s friend appears to be a male. The unnamed individual, however, does not seem to have been similarly charged in connection with the sink destruction. (

While seated in the rear of a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser, Summer Watkins had a brilliant idea. “Baby, we should record an OnlyFans video back here,” the 24-year-old yelled to her male companion, who would soon join her in the squad car. Watkins and 24-year-old Yordan Noa were seated in the police vehicle after Noa’s BMW was pulled over early Thursday since he was driving with a suspended license. Cops planned to transport the duo to nearby Shell station in Naples where they could “make arrangements to get home.” When Noa joined her in the patrol car, Watkins asked a cop, “What if I suck his d*ck back here?” The officer replied that she could not do that. Watkins, however, persisted: “Can I suck his d*ck back here?” The officer responded, “No.” When the cop closed the vehicle’s rear door and walked away for a few minutes, Watkins and Noa--neither of whom was handcuffed--engaged in sexual activity that was recorded by the “prisoner compartment camera.” The sexual encounter was discovered an hour later when a patrolman reviewed video footage of the couple in the police vehicle. Watkins was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior and breach of peace and Noa was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, breach of peace, and exposure of sexual organs. (

A Milton man has been arrested after a fight that allegedly started when the man was caught “humping” someone’s dog, according to the arrest report. John Miller, 33, is charged with domestic violence-battery, domestic violence-aggravated assault and criminal mischief. Miller was caught “humping” a dog and when the owner confronted him, he said Miller attacked him, punching him in the head and upper body leaving red marks and cuts, according to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office. The victim said Miller destroyed items in the house and the garage door. He said Miller also grabbed a knife threatening to kill him, leaving him in fear of his and his mother’s life. Miller is in the Santa Rosa County Jail with a $7,000 bond. (

A Columbus man was sentenced to 22 years in prison after he admitted to creating fake posts online, one in which he pretended to be a female escort, and then robbing and shooting his victims. Hudson met up with a male victim after claiming he was selling a Honda Accord. Hudson communicated with the victim through Facebook Messenger, authorities say. Hudson met the male on Spencer Court in Columbus, pulled out a firearm and demanded the male drop his wallet and keys, prosecutors say. As Hudson reached to pick up the wallet, the male grabbed his own keys and tried to get away in his car. A second victim responded to Hudson’s online ad posted on a personals webpage. The male victim went to Hickory Creek Apartments to meet a female and pay her for sex, authorities say. Instead, Hudson approached him and pointed a handgun at him, demanding cash. Hudson was found by police shortly after the second shooting and arrested. (

A Minneapolis man has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a Transportation Security Administration agent after stripping naked and masturbating in the airport. Frank Towers, 44, has been charged with fourth-degree assault and threats of violence following the outburst in the check-in area at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport last Friday. Police saw Towers screaming that he was going to kill the TSA agent before he threw a stanchion line poll at airport employees, according to a criminal complaint obtained by KSTP. When cops told him to move away, Towers allegedly refused and said he didn’t have to because “it’s a free country.” Police tasered the man after he started advancing on them despite repeated warnings to stop, the complaint said. Towers allegedly tried to hit an officer even after they deployed the Taser. When police went back to review surveillance video of the incident, they found footage of Towers earlier head-butting and punching monitors in the airport and throwing a chair at a TSA agent. He then took his clothes off and masturbated before getting dressed again, the complaint said. He remains jailed in lieu of $30,000 bail. (

Rukesh Sadhai fell in love with a sex worker and stole more than $800,000 from his employer to pay off what he mistakenly believed was a hefty sum she owed to dangerous criminals. The 49-year-old on Wednesday faced the Victorian County Court, where he was sentenced to a total of two years and four months in prison. Sadhai had pleaded guilty to four counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception after stealing $838,780 from CoINVEST, a construction payroll company, in 36 transactions from March 2012 to May 2013. Judge Richard Maidment said Sadhai had become 'infatuated' with the prostitute by late 2011 following the breakdown of his marriage. The woman claimed that her family had been threatened after a large debt owed to criminals by her former housemate was lumped onto her when the friend left the county. Sadhai gave all the money to the woman and received no direct financial benefit himself, the court was told, before eventually realizing she was gambling everything away. Sadhai repaid CoINVEST $100,000 while his mother paid the company $500,000, the court was told. (

A Delray Beach man allegedly satisfied himself multiple times in front of his neighbor’s Ring doorbell camera. The sessions were captured on video and ultimately turned over to police. Robert Grafton allegedly was the man performing on the Ring video. It’s unclear from prosecutors if he’ll get off. A snippet from the police report states, “The Ring camera captured the subject four separate times masturbating. In the first video, the subject is seen approaching the residence from the north side completely naked. The subject is seen holding his penis in his right hand and performing a stroking motion with the hand as he walks closer to the residence and appeared to be looking through the front door window.” Robert Grafton is now charged with “indecent exposure, expose sexual organs second offense,” and a probation violation. He remained in the Palm Beach County Jail at the time of this report.(

A woman is facing several charges, including second-degree assault, after she allegedly stabbed her cousin following an argument over a sex toy. According to an arrest citation, an officer was dispatched Saturday afternoon in reference to a stabbing. It states Crystal Denham called 911 stating she stabbed her cousin, Michael Barton, who is also her neighbor. Denham was sweeping the porch when an officer got to the scene. Denham told the officer Barton came to her home and they got into an argument over the sex toy. She borrowed it and he said he wanted it back. The citation says she told him to get off her property, and when he grabbed her by the elbow, she used the kitchen knife she was holding in her hand to stab him. When the officer told Denham she was under arrest, the citation says Denham started to yell and said she wasn't going to jail. The officer pulled out a taser and according to the citation, she "formed a fist with each of her hands, bladed her body in a fighting stance, swelled her chest out, and began approaching" the officer. The officer stepped to the side and pushed Denham to where she became compliant and placed under arrest. Denham was charged with second-degree assault, second-degree disorderly conduct, menacing, and resisting arrest. (

No groceries, no problem. An enterprising woman on TikTok has left viewers udderly shocked after showcasing butter that she made from her own breast milk. A clip of the dairy queen’s made-from-scratch bread spread — captioned “My crowning achievement” — currently boasts 1.2 million views on the platform. In subsequent tutorial clips, the self-sufficient mom demonstrates how she manufactures her mammary margarine by leaving a jar of freshly pumped breast milk out until the fat separates and the cream ascends to the top. The extreme locavore then skims off the cream and churns it with an electric whisk before finally straining the solids into a pat. Unfortunately, her cream of teat has received mixed reviews within her household, per another video showing her taste-testing the toast topping with her hubby. While her soulmate claimed that he’d happily have his wife’s bosom butter on toast, Hall wasn’t so high on her own supply. (

A millennial, unwilling to pay hundreds of dollars for erectile dysfunction and insomnia medication, bolted out of a Giant grocery store with his coveted prescriptions in hand. 36-year-old Marc Shutta is charged with one count of theft between $100 and $1,500. According to court records, Shutta approached the pharmacy counter at the Giant. The pharmacist informed Shutta that his health insurance did not provide a discounted rate for his prescribed erectile dysfunction medication, and because of that, the total would be $369.39. "Shutta snatched both prescriptions from the pharmacist, abandoned his shopping cart with groceries, and fled the store on foot beyond all available cash registers without paying for the items," a police officer wrote in an application for criminal charges filed the following day. Giant told police it was not interested in pursuing a criminal case against Shutta so long as he returned the stolen medication. The investigating officer called Shutta twice on the phone to work out a mutually-beneficial arrangement. Police say by 6:45 a.m. the following day, Shutta had not returned the stolen erectile dysfunction and insomnia medication, nor had he responded to the officer's text message and phone calls. The 36-year-old is reportedly unemployed and lives with his mother, roughly half a mile from the Giant grocery store where the theft occurred. If convicted, Shutta faces up to six months in jail and up to $500 in fines. (

A woman has questioned if her tattoo of a dog resembles a penis and people are divided. Posting on Reddit the woman said people in the bar she works in had been “mean and disgusting” about it and even her boyfriend had made the comparison so she was seeking an “honest opinion” about the ink. She said, simply: “does my tattoo look like a d*ck?” Having conducted her research, the woman said she had decided to get it “fixed” to make it completely clear it is of a dog not a penis. (

School officials in central Florida told a woman she’s no longer welcome to volunteer at her children’s elementary school after another parent found her page on an adults-only website featuring explicit photos and video. Victoria Triece, 30, says she makes her living posting images on the website, where people pay a subscription to view her content, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Now she’s planning to sue the Orange County public school district for $1 million after being told she’s no longer allowed to volunteer at Orlando’s Sand Lake Elementary, where her children, 5 and 10, attend school. For five years, Triece has been part of the school’s ADDition volunteer program, doing everything from helping students with their assignments to organizing class parties. School district spokesman Michael Ollendorff declined comment, citing “potential, pending or ongoing litigation.” But he told the newspaper about several documents detailing guidelines for ADDition volunteers, none of which explicitly govern what volunteers do off-campus. Triece passed a required background check and has no criminal record, according to WESH. She said she also dresses appropriately when she attends school functions and has a good rapport with teachers and parents. She said she wants to be reinstated and compensated by the district for the embarrassment and impact on her life. (

In a plea deal, a Florida creep who was spotted “masturbating on the back” of a woman shopping with her son in the toy aisle of a Walmart has been sentenced to fifteen months in state prison. During a Circuit Court hearing Wednesday, 21-year-old Elias Flor pleaded no contest to a felony child abuse charge in connection with the vile act at a Walmart in Winter Haven in December 2019. Flor was originally charged with lewd and lascivious behavior in the presence of a child under the age of 16. Flor copped to the lesser child abuse count. As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors dropped a misdemeanor battery count. Upon completion of his prison term, Flor--who was taken into custody following his plea--will be placed on probation for three years. He was also ordered to pay about $900 in fines and court costs, and he will have to undergo a psychosexual evaluation. According to a Winter Haven Police Department report, Flor approached the victim from behind while she was shopping with her 12-year-old son. Flor “unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis,” a police affidavit reported. Getting to within an “arm’s reach” of the woman -- who was “facing away from him shopping” -- Flor masturbated until he ejaculated “on the pants of the victim (onto her buttocks).” (

Florida woman was arrested Sunday after police say she walked into a Citrus County home and undressed herself before hugging and sitting on multiple people, including several who were 65 years or older. Police say 35-year-old Heather Cruz walked into the Citrus County home through a side door. Once inside, Cruz removed her clothing and exposed her genitalia before she grabbed and hugged the homeowner. When Cruz was told to stop, documents say she sat on the lap of two other residents while naked, saying “you like it” to one of the victims. Police say two of the home’s occupants then attempted to remove Cruz and escort her to the front door. At that time, still nude, Cruz reportedly grabbed the testicles of another individual and made several sexual remarks. When police arrived, Cruz was ordered to put on a shirt but is accused of resisting officers. Cruz was then handcuffed and placed in the rear of a patrol car. When officers attempted to close the door, they say Cruz kicked an officer in the chest. Cruz now faces three counts of battery on persons 65 years of age or older, two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, and one count of resisting an officer with violence, burglary with battery, exposure of sexual organs, and battery. (

A webcam model, who accidentally shot herself in the vagina while recording a video at her home, miraculously survived the shooting. The model, 27-year-old Lauren Hunter Daman, was alone in her room when the firearm was discharged. Police arrived at the scene to find a paramedic, who was holding an unloaded handgun and a spent 9mm bullet casing, telling them that the victim had accidentally shot herself in her vagina. Gun owner Jordan Allen told police that he rushed into the bedroom from the kitchen after hearing a gunshot. Allen said that Daman had a “small amount of blood” on her leg and she was apologizing when he came into the room before she went on to explain that she had shot herself by mistake. He told authorities that she has subscribers on a sexual web platform called Chatter and that she “makes sexual videos of herself and people pay her to see them”. Fellow housemate Addie Ruth Johnson confirmed that the model had shot herself. Daman was taken from her home to the Upson County Sheriff’s Office, where a helicopter then airlifted her to a hospital for treatment. Authorities have classified the incident as “reckless conduct” and it is unlikely that they will press any charges. (