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Dear John,

You've had several lovey dovey letters lately, so I'm going to go a whole different direction. I think it's time for me to move. My apartment has been a quite little haven for me for for about a decade. I love the apartment and used to love my neighbors, but over the last few years that has changed. I had a super sweet gentleman across the hall who passed away last year. The noisy couple who replaced him have been driving me crazy since day one. The person who lived above me moved shortly after the noisy people moved in. Now there's another noisy person above me. My neighbor next door moved a month ago and I'll bet you already guessed. He was replaced by a noisy one as well. That one is the best noisy neighbor. He's an older gentleman who can't hear well so he cranks his TV up pretty loud. I appreciate that over the fighting across the hall and the racket-ball or whatever they're doing upstairs. I'm trying to decide what to do. I have a lease that I can leave at any time. I've been here forever. My rent is low because they've been great to work with. A co-worker said they probably moved all the noisy people in to run me off, but I'm pretty sure they didn't plan for that. How do you know someone will be noisy? Do I stick it out and buy earplugs? It's a safe area, but it's super loud. My concern is that I'll find a more expensive place that's not as safe and still end up with all the noise too! What should I do?

Signed – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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A report claims that weight gain among freshman college students may be the result of their widely fluctuating sleep patterns.

A tongue twister is a phrase which is difficult to say, especially when repeated multiple times in rapid succession. In 2013, a team of researchers at MIT decided to find the hardest tongue twister — and they succeeded. What did they come up with? Pad kid poured curd pulled cod. While that phrase is meaningless, the study had a more serious mission. The lead researcher was a psychologist from MIT who studies who how brain glitches manifest in our speech.

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The Tonga volcano that erupted recently had a force more than 500 times that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. According to estimates provided by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption released an equivalent of 10 megatons of TNT, making it one of the most powerful eruptions in 30 years. According to local officials, the eruption had a radius of 260 kilometers (161.5 miles), and threw up ash 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) into the atmosphere. The situation in Tonga in terms of death and devastation remains uncertain, though 3 are confirmed dead with several still missing.


Robert Pattinson says that his ‘Batman’ will enjoy venting rage towards criminals. He plays the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie “The Batman”, and told an interviewer that viewers will see the superhero’s darker side, although the Dark Knight will stick to his no-kill code. Pattinson explained that his take on ‘Bruce Wayne’ “practically lives in the gutter,” and exploring the character’s grittier side was a key reason he signed up for the part. The Batman is set for release March 4.

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If you walked up to someone on the street and asked them what their favorite number is—of all the whole numbers between 1 and 100—there’s almost a 10 percent chance they will say “7.” These were the findings of mathematician Alex Bellos, who asked respondents to identify their favorite number, and found “7” to be the most popular choice. It was selected 9.7% of the time. The Most Popular Two-Digit Number Is 13. You’d think unlucky number 13 would be one that most people want to stay away from. But in Alex Bellos’ research, it turned out to be the most popular two-digit number (selected by 5 percent of all respondents), and sixth-most popular number overall (following 7, 3, 8, 4, and 5 in the top five spots—that’s right, the number five is also the fifth most popular numbers).

McDonald’s is taking a page out of its fans’ playbooks, adding 4 “hacked” menu items, for a limited time. Beginning today, customers (in the US) can order, by name, some unique pairings that were concocted by fans, but they will have to assemble the colossal creations themselves: The Hash Brown McMuffin (a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and a Hash Brown); a Crunchy Double (6-piece Chicken McNuggets combined with BBQ Sauce and a Double Cheeseburger); a Surf + Turf (Filet-O-Fish plus a Double Cheeseburger); and a Land, Air & Sea (a Big Mac, McChicken and Filet-O-Fish). The company is coupling the campaign with special digital deals.

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A white flag is not actually a sign of surrender for boats at sea. It’s just a request to communicate.

Frogs cannot swallow without blinking.

Before the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, Usain Bolt ate 100 Chicken McNuggets a day for 10 days straight — and set 3 world records.

A lot of that weird creepy music in horror movies is performed on one unique instrument called a ‘waterphone’.

Mexico’s full name translates to “The United States of Mexico.” PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... ENGLAND

The staff of a Travelodge hotel in Cambridge, England, were too busy to take notice when a small pet triggered the hotel’s automatic front door and escaped into the wild. Well, not a pet exactly: it was a robot vacuum that belonged to the hotel. A social media post asked the public to keep an eye out for it, and a comment on the post expressed fear for its safety as “nature abhors a vacuum.” It was found stuck in a hedge the next day, and returned unharmed to its natural habitat.

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If you go to bed at night worrying about zombies, get a dog. According to an expert, man’s best friend will know a zombie apocalypse is coming before scientists do — and they’ll try to warn us. This comes from the UK tabloid Daily Star which leans on Dr. Cameron Carlson of the “Zombie Research Society” for the story. Dr. Carlson believes dogs’ powerful senses mean they will know the undead are coming before the first one even rises. He also reckons they could be able to sniff out a zombie virus way before the dead start walking thanks to their powerful sense of smell. Changes in atmospheric pressure and natural phenomena carry odors that only our furry friends can pick up.

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➢ “Writing a diary is considered ‘sane’ and ‘respectable,’ but talking to yourself out loud is considered ‘bizarre.'”

➢ “Screaming ‘YOLO’ (‘You only live once’) would make more sense if you were doing something really safe, rather than something really dangerous.”

➢ “A lifetime warranty really means the company’s lifetime, not yours.”

➢ “’Bruce Wayne’ probably helps more people by being a billionaire philanthropist than he does by being ‘Batman’.”

➢ “The years seem to pass by more quickly as you get older because each passing year represents a smaller slice of your overall life than the previous one.”

➢ “Tan lines make being nude look nuder.”

➢ “Moonlight is still sunlight.”

➢”Crushed ice is really just ground water.”

➢ “If you don’t smoke pot because you’re afraid it’ll make you paranoid, you’re experiencing the side effect without even smoking.”


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Barking Dog Helps Rescue Man From Sea