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February 15

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A new study shows bath salts are more addictive than meth.

There’s a special way you should smile at your cat. Psychologists reveal when humans narrow their eyes it creates something known as the “slow blink” — or cat smile. This action makes people much more attractive to felines and they often return this affection to anyone displaying it. For cats, eye narrowing movements are their actual way of smiling.

A recent poll finds most people are actually hoping the world will become a fairer place after the pandemic.

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“Bankrupt” Originally Meant “Broken Bench”... The word describing being broke financially grew out of an Italian phrase that literally referred to breaking something. The word originated as banca rotta, meaning “broken bench,” in which the “banca,” or “bench,” is a money-dealer’s table. Banca would become the term to refer to banking, while rotta would be adapted to other financial terms in English including “go broke” and “break the bank.”


From the frozen lands “Beyond the Wall” to the destroyed “Throne Room,” a new “Game of Thrones” Studio Tour takes fans behind the scenes of the hit TV series. Located in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, one of several locations where the show was filmed, the attraction opens up the world of Westeros to the public with an array of costumes, props, and sets on display. Items include Jon Snow’s sword “Longclaw” and the dress his sister Sansa wore for her wedding to Joffrey. The 110,000-square foot attraction features sets including the Great Hall at Winterfell, King’s Landing, and Dragonstone. The Game of Thrones Studio Tour officially opens today.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan didn’t see each other “out of character” on the set of “Pam & Tommy”. The pair – who play “Baywatch” actress and Playboy model Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee in the new Hulu drama – have admitted they didn’t really speak to each other as themselves while working on the series, which follows the theft of the couple’s sex tape from the safe in their basement of their Malibu home in 1995. James and Stan explained to Jimmy Kimmel how “terrified” they were to play the former flames, and revealed some of the ways they got into character, including sporting temporary tattoos, bleached eyebrows and changing their voices.

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Courteney Cox has created a line of cleaning products inspired by cosmetics. The actress, known for playing neat freak ‘Monica Geller’ on “Friends”, launched the brand Homecourt this week, which features products usually made for domestic use but produced with skin care ingredients and fine fragrances. She said: “We decided to make a beauty line for the home. I’m obsessed with design and my home, and I wanted the home to smell like something that I’d want to wear.”

A TikToker who claims to be a former Walmart employee revealed how the store monitors the self-checkout registers for stealing. The TikToker, named Athenia (@atheniamaria), said that Walmart employees carry “TC devices” that enable them to see all customers’ purchases at the self-checkout registers. The devices allow employees to see individual items and how much they each cost, as well as customers’ total charges. With the devices, employees apparently have the option to pause a customer’s self-checkout register and “pretend like there’s something wrong with the machine” if the employee suspects that the customer is stealing. On the TC devices, there’s a simple button to “pause transaction.” From the customer perspective though, the self-checkout register’s screen will either freeze or show an error message. Then the customer can’t scan any more items. Athenia says: “At that point, you have no choice but to call for help, and once we come over, we pretend like something is wrong with the machine.”

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Hummingbirds shake themselves dry in the rain, similar to the motion a dog uses to do the same with its fur. The birds shake using 30 times the force of gravity to complete the drying.

The longest underground river, running for almost 3,800 miles at a depth of nearly 2½ miles, is beneath Brazil, flowing west-to-east from the Andean foothills to the Atlantic coast.

People who own dogs are healthier than non-dog owners or cat owners. A British psychologist says dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, partly due to regular walking. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... SIBERIA

A marathon in Siberia may have broken a Guinness World Record when runners braved temperatures of 63.4° below zero F (-53°C). Organizers of the Pole of Cold Marathon in Yakutia, Russia, said the start time for the race was pushed up to the early morning Jan. 21 after weather forecasts indicated the temperature would dip to 76° below zero F (-60°C) in the afternoon. Guinness currently lists the world’s coldest marathon as 2001’s Siberian Ice Marathon, where the temperature was about 38°F below zero (-39°C). Russian runner Vasily Lukin won the Pole of Cold Marathon in 3 hours, 22 minutes.

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A Minnesota mom sparked quite a reaction on TikTok after revealing she has been celebrating her son’s birthday on the wrong day. In Emily Vondrachek’s viral video, she tells how she recently brought her 3-year-old, Henry, to a pediatrician’s office. Later, the receptionist called, saying the insurance company wouldn’t cover the visit because the birthdate they had on file for Henry didn’t match the one on file with the doctor’s office. Vondrachek said that instead of “digging” for Henry’s birth certificate, at that moment, she scrolled back in her Facebook and Snapchat posts and noticed that for the past 2 years, she and her family had shared photos on Feb. 26 announcing Henry’s birthday. When she scrolled further back to Henry’s birth, she found he was born on Feb. 25. Vondrachek said she must have given the wrong date-of-birth to the doctor’s office, which is why it had on-record that he was born on the 26th and not the 25th.

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Write something down for which you’re grateful: It could be something as simple as a good night’s rest. Practicing gratitude can enhance your mood, promote positive feelings, and improve your sense of well-being.” (Yes, even on a Monday!)

Drink water: We tend to become dehydrated while sleeping. And we tend to forget to drink water throughout the day. Water can help curb your appetite and decrease the number of calories you consume throughout the day.

Meditate: A quick 10-minute meditation sets the tone for positivity, less stress, and wellness. This can help with anxiety, depression, and even blood pressure.

Make your bed: Those who do, are happier and more productive. The slight sense of pride will make you want to accomplish more tasks as the day goes on.

Get some natural light: Sunlight can improve mood, and getting natural light in the morning is an easy way to get a healthy head start on the day. Even better, go for a walk in nature. (Oh…I thought you meant the beer…)

Exercise: Even if it’s not a full workout, do at least a minute of movement, like stretching, body weight activity or a burst of cardio. It’s a mood enhancer, and a great way to stay happy and healthy.

Do something you enjoy: Listen to music, or a podcast while getting ready. Or find a few minutes to read. It’s great for your mental health. (If I was going to do something I enjoy, I’d still be sleeping!)

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“There’s nothing simpler than avoiding people you don’t like. Avoiding one’s friends, that’s the real test.”

Dowager Countess Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith), Downton Abbey

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Amazon Delivery Driver Shovels Snow For 90-Year-Old Woman