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Dear John,

My daughter was invited to a sleepover with a friend. I told her no because the girl has an older brother who kind of gives me the creeps. He said some pretty inappropriate things to my niece a few months ago at school. He never got in trouble for it because my niece never did anything about it. I only know because my sister and I talked about how bizarre kids are these days. Now my daughter is upset with me because she can't go to the sleepover with her friends. I told her she could have the girls sleep here, but I'm not OK with her, or any of them really, sleeping there where this older boy will be. I'm probably making this a much bigger thing that it really is, but I'd rather be cautious that sorry that I didn't do something when I knew there was a potential issue. Am I being ridiculous? Should I be doing more? I'm not sure what I should be doing on this!

Signed – Momma Bear

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March 24

National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

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Scientists say that being agreeable may be the main key to success in life. University of Arkansas researchers carried out a study on how personality affects job performance, focusing especially on agreeableness. They found that agreeableness offers “a desirable effect on hundreds of physical, psychological and occupational metrics” impacting both career and overall life success. Among the important findings of the study was that people who had high levels of agreeableness had a 93% success rate in psychological health, physical health, personal relationships, leadership effectiveness, and performances in both educational and organizational environments. The team concluded: “Agreeableness is the personality trait primarily concerned with helping people and building positive relationships, which is not lost on organizational leaders.”

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Here’s something the word could definitely use right now. New Dr. Seuss books are dropping soon! Dr. Seuss Enterprises, with Random House Children’s Books, will publish a line of books for readers ages 4 to 8 that build on Dr. Seuss’ work, but are written by an “inclusive community of authors and illustrators,” according to Seuss Enterprises. The books are inspired by Seuss’ unpublished illustrations, like the big-eared rabbit or a little doodle you may have seen online, that’s labeled “assorted humming birds.” The new publications will be a part of the new Seuss Studios and are said to “reflect Seussian whimsy and the diversity of his readership.”


Bob Odenkirk has said that working out for the 2021 film “Nobody” helped save his life. He spoke about suffering a heart attack on the set of “Better Call Saul” on July 27. When asked whether all the intense training for his action-hero role contributed to his heart attack, Odenkirk said: “It saved my life.” He went on to explain: “you kind of enlarge some of the… other veins around your heart, if you work out a lot. And I had done that and, as a result, I was told that more blood was able to go to my heart during CPR.” He also pointed out that he would be dead anyway if “somebody hadn’t immediately screamed and got someone there to give me CPR.”

Friends” was the show that turned Courteney Cox into a star, but she recently revealed that her memory of working on it is pretty spotty. In an interview, Cox joked that she should’ve rewatched the series before appearing on “Friends: The Reunion” in May 2021. Quote: “When I did the reunion and was asked questions, I was like, ‘I don’t remember being there.” She went on to say that sometimes she catches the show on TV, and says to herself: “’Oh my God, I don’t remember this at all, but it’s so funny.’”

Kenan Thomson marked a major milestone on Saturday’s episode of “SNL”. He took part in his 1,500th skit (yes, you heard that figure correctly). Thompson has been a mainstay on the show since he first joined the cast in 2003. He currently holds the title for the longest-standing player in Saturday Night Live history and has been nominated for 5 Emmy Awards over the years for his work on the program.

Johnny Carson Biopic Series Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt From David Milch & Jay Roach Hits Marketplace.

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As if the skyrocketing prices of food and fuel weren’t bad enough (and they are), get set for the latest commodity to soar in cost: Perfume. Yup. The price of premium perfumes recently jumped to levels never before seen. Stats show the average price for fragrances rose by 15% in 2021, triple the average 5% increase during the prior 2 years. But don’t blame general inflation – or the situation in Ukraine. It has a lot more to do with consumer behavior in times of stress and uncertainty. Larissa Jensen, who is VP of the research firm NPD, says the sector started to see a swell of growth during the pandemic “where consumers were willing to trade up to more premium fragrances.” Her company’s theory is that “people were looking to treat themselves with little luxuries during these difficult times.” She says that fancy scents “allow us to escape, even momentarily, and experience a different emotion.” The increase in demand, naturally led to an increase in the prices that consumers would up paying.

Many players feel that since The New York Times bought Wordle in late January, the viral word game has become more difficult. But so difficult that it causes you to cheat? Word games reference tool “WordfinderX” did a study using Google Trends data to show how many people are searching online for the answer to the daily Wordle. It found Google searches for “today’s Wordle” have increased by 196% since The New York Times bought the game. The two most difficult words — and most popular days for cheating — appear to be Feb. 15’s “AROMA,” and Feb. 19’s “SWILL.” WordfinderX says that cheaters most commonly play in the morning, most often searching for the answer between 7 and 8 a.m. But keep in mind: yes, cheating has become more prevalent since the New York Times takeover, but that also may be due to the game’s rising popularity — since more people are playing, more are likely to cheat.

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More people are allergic to cow’s milk than any other food or drink.

Technically speaking, brides don’t walk down the aisle – they walk down the ‘nave’.

The bird on the Twitter logo is named “Larry.” It was named after NBA player Larry Bird.

Laughter synchronizes the brains of both speaker and listener so that they become emotionally attuned.

Eating garlic improves your body odor.

About 3lbs. (1.4kg) of your body weight is bacteria and parasites.

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Question: In a survey, 3 out of 4 people admitted to sharing THIS with their pet. What is it?

Answer: Ice cream cone

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Police were left scratching their heads when a boat was found abandoned in a street — tied to a “No Parking” sign. The Irwindale Police Department tweeted that an officer found the boat parked without a trailer at the side of Los Angeles Street. Or, as they put it in their Twitter post: “Ahoy, you can’t park there! At least the captain was kind enough to anchor his boat to the street sign before he abandoned ship.” The boat was removed by city crews and taken to the local tow yard. Sgt. Rudy Gatto said the boat’s registration was out of date, and a notice will be sent to the owner. The boat was not apparently stolen.

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A Reddit user recently posted the question: “What scam is so normalized that people don’t even notice?” The thread quickly went viral with over 23,000 comments . . . and here are some of the top-voted responses:

☞ “‘Service fees’ are just an artificial way to pretend prices are lower than they really are. ‘That’s only $15!’ (plus $10 in service fees). Just say it’s $25!”

☞ “The fact that someone cut a chicken wing in half and managed to convince everyone it was two wings.”

☞ “Insurance. You spend most of your life giving them money; then, when you need it, they turn over every stone to figure out how to deny you.”

☞ “So many scams in dentistry. I’ve been in the industry 12 years, and it’s amazing how common it is. So easy to tell someone they need a bunch of treatment they don’t really need.”

☞ “Cups with so much ice that you only get 4 ounces of a drink in a 20-ounce cup.”

☞ “Fast fashion. The reason your clothes don’t look good after you start wearing them is they were meant to break/fade after the first wash so you can keep buying more and more.”

☞ “College bookstores. They are the worst. Why distribute a PDF and cut your overhead to a fraction when you can charge hundreds for a textbook?”

☞ “Free trials that auto-enroll you at the end. And for some, you have to call them to cancel.”

☞ “Employers not giving raises that at least match inflation. Essentially paying you less money compared with the last year.”

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“I prefer not to think before speaking. I like being as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth.” - Anonymous

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3 Strangers Help Woman Evacuate 86 Cats From Shelter During Fire