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March 1

National Dadgum That’s Good Day

National Fruit Compote Day

National Horse Protection Day

National Minnesota Day

National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

National Pig Day

Self-Injury Awareness Day

National Pancake Day

Fat Tuesday

Paczki Day

Fastnacht Day

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A survey was given to 1,000 moms to see what sorts of things they crave most now that they have a new baby in the house. The number one craving was a good night’s sleep. In an informal online survey, some new moms say they also crave:

A maid

Long, hot showers — preferably once a day

Day at the spa

Sexy underwear

Time to use the bathroom

A personal chef

In a survey, air travelers said complimentary snacks are not important to them if they can save money on their flight.

A survey found that at least ten percent of die-hard Star Trek fans take the show too seriously.

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For the first time, chimpanzees have been spotted applying “medicine” to each others’ wounds. In what may be an example of empathy among animals, the chimps were seen capturing insects and applying them to their own wounds, as well as the wounds of others, possibly as a form of medication, during a study conducted in Gabon. The study lead said: “Our 2 closest living relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos . . . swallow leaves of plants with (antiparasitic) properties and chew bitter leaves . . . to kill intestinal parasites, but this is the first recorded instance of animals applying other animal matter — the insects — to open wounds.”


Spider-Man: No Way Home” has officially unseated “Avatar” to become the third-highest grossing domestic release in US history. After weeks of speculation over whether ‘Peter Parker’ had the legs to bump the people of Pandora from bronze, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” collected the remaining $1 million on Monday to push “Avatar” — and its mighty $760.5 million at the North American box office — to fourth place in the record books. It would require an additional $100 million in domestic ticket sales to catch “Avengers: Endgame” ($858 million) at #2, and even more to match “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ($936 million) in first place.

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If winter’s got you down, hang in there — we’re about a month away from the start of spring. A survey finds that one-third (33%) of American adults see that as a good thing since spring is their favorite season. Almost as many (29%) will be happiest in four months when their favorite season, summer, starts. (27 percent like fall the best, but just 6 percent prefer the colder months of winter.

Competitive eaters aren’t just good at stuffing their faces: Their digestive systems actually function differently from everyone else’s. A researcher (University of Pennsylvania) compared the eating habits of a leading competitive eater and a man who weighed 45 pounds more than the champion did. He scanned the two men’s stomachs during a hot-dog-eating contest. Normally, the digestive tract makes “wavelike” contractions, even when there’s no food in it. The process, called peristalsis, pushes food through the body. But the competitive eater’s body showed hardly any peristalsis, even after he’d eaten 36 hot dogs. Researchers said his stomach behaved “more like an expanding balloon than a squeezing sac.”

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There are no seagulls in Hawaii.

In 1926, jewelers paired with advertisers to sell the concept of the male-engagement ring. They had names like ‘the Pilot’, ‘the Stag’ and ‘the Master’.

Beavers can hold their breath underwater for 45 minutes

On average, it costs twice as much to dine out as it does to eat at home.

The crossed bones on a pirate flag are human thighbones. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... CHINA

A guy in China visited a police station to pay some traffic fines when he realized he was out of cash. The man rushed out to get money at a nearby bank but left behind his phone. Not sure if the guy would return, police looked in the phone for some sort of ID and found it actually belonged to another man who had just reported that his phone had been stolen. That guy was in the police waiting area filling out paperwork for police. When the first guy came back to pay his fines he was busted for the stolen phone.

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Can you imagine taking 20 minutes to eat three raisins? That’s one of the exercises associated with the increasingly popular trend of “mindful eating.” Mindful eating is basically meditation with food, and it started, of course, at Buddhist monasteries. Health experts tout its benefits in everyday life. At one time Google even had one mindful lunch hour per month. It’s not a diet — you can even eat a cheeseburger mindfully — but the act of taking the time to thoroughly chew each bite, experience the flavors, and really think about the food before chowing down on the next bite may cause you to make healthier choices.

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These are real…

Psycho Path – Michigan

Divorce Court – Pennsylvania

Farfrompoopen Road – Tennessee

Zzyzx Road – California

Unexpected Road – New Jersey

Tater Peeler Road – Tennessee

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