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March 29

National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

National Nevada Day

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

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How do you feel about breakfast for dinner? In a poll of 2,000 Americans, 65% said that traditional breakfast foods like fried eggs, waffles, cereal or bagels taste even better when enjoyed for dinner, or “brinner.” And two-thirds (65%) also admitted to making dinner leftovers into their next-day breakfast. Monday ranks as the most-common day for breakfast-eating, and Sunday the least likely day to eat breakfast. When asked which one breakfast food they’d be willing to eat for the rest of their lives, the #1 choice was pancakes (11%).

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How often have you heard the anguished cry from your partner: “I’ve got nothing to wear!”? Despite that common plea, a recent survey found that people have an average of US $268.44 worth of clothing sitting in their closet – that they have never worn. About 80% of the 2,000 UK respondents to the survey said they regularly wear the same clothes, and just 6% said they have worn everything in their wardrobe at least once.


Daniel Radcliffe is denying speculation that he could play ‘Wolverine’. He’s been suggested as a potential replacement for Hugh Jackman as the superhero, but he doubts that Marvel will choose him to play the character. Radcliffe has previously suggested that he doesn’t want to play Wolverine because his love for the ‘X-Men’ films means he doesn’t want to see them remade.

Hailey Bieber was reportedly involved in a serious medical emergency, and was hospitalized with a brain condition. Shortly after the news broke Thursday, Bieber herself took to social media to share that she was taken to the hospital after experiencing “stroke like symptoms.” Medical personnel ran a number of tests, attempting to determine whether it had anything to do with COVID-19, particularly as her husband, Justin Bieber, battled the illness in February. According to Hailey’s post, it was eventually determined that she suffered from a “very small blot clot” in her brain. She wrote that her body passed the clot on its own and that she “recovered completely within a few hours.”

Deadpool 3” has been in development for years, but the superhero film has finally taken a major step forward with the announcement that Shawn Levy will be directing. This choice in director is significant given that star Ryan Reynolds has worked with Levy on last year’s hit comedy “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project”. The Deadpool films are the top-grossing X-Men films of all time, with the original earning $783 million, and the sequel bringing in $786 million. Deadpool 2 came out in 2018, with Reynolds starring alongside Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin. No release date for Deadpool 3 yet.

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Hiccups. Everyone has a cure, and some of them might even work. CNN recently asked its online audience to submit their best hiccup cures, and had a team of experts determine if science backs them up. Here are some highlights . . .

Suggestion: Breath tricks such as taking a deep breath while titling your head back, exhaling until you can’t any longer, or holding your breath and gulping.

Answer: These are scientific. Intense breathing involves activity of the diaphragm, which may ‘trick’ it into no longer spasming.

Suggestion: Sipping water while bent over, or while plugging ears, or from the wrong side of the glass.

Answer: Any time drinking water is involved, it may help. Swallowing triggers the vagus nerve, which is connected to hiccups. Plugging ears can also help, believe it or not…

Suggestion: Eating a spoonful of sugar or peanut butter, or sucking on a lemon slice.

Answer: These can help. Citrus or acidic things also activate the vagus nerve. And sugar and peanut butter take effort to go down, which activates the swallowing muscles, and the good ole vagus nerve.

Suggestion: Thinking about cows, naming men you know who are bald, or scaring the victim.

Answer: Distraction can help. You guessed it – being scared can trigger the vagus nerve, and those other methods can put concentration elsewhere, thus “resetting” the urge to hiccup.


Find a partner and extend your index fingers toward each other at a distance of 6 inches. Move fingers toward each other as slowly as possible (good – it’s a distraction)

Sticking a cotton swab of KY Jelly up your nose or down your throat and twirling (maybe, could reduce irritation)

Tip your head back, relaxing your jaw. Let your tongue fall back and breathe through your nose. Hold for about a minute

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If you type the word “askew” into Google, the entire page will tilt slightly.

When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.

From birth to toilet training, a baby goes through an average of 8000 diaper changes.

The space between the eyebrows is called the “glabella,” derived from the Latin word “glabellus,” meaning “smooth.”

The word “porcupine” means “spiny pig” in French.

Women have more taste buds than men.

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Question: 24% of us admit we have actually cried over THIS. What is it?

Answer: A bad haircut

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An Ohio bodybuilding contest has debuted an unusual new event: the “Slap Fighting Championship”. The Arnold Classic, an annual bodybuilding competition in Columbus founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, held its first Slap Fighting Championship, following an announcement by Schwarzenegger and YouTube star Logan Paul. It featured male and female competitors in different weight classes taking turns hitting one another in the face with open hands, in a battle for slap fight supremacy. The women’s category was won by Adrianna Sledz, while Dawid “Zales” Zalewski won the men’s super heavyweight contest via TKO. LINK:

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A recent Reddit thread asked: “Older women: What are some underrated ways to take care of ourselves now, to make things easier when we get older?” Here are the best responses . . .

☞ “MOISTURIZE everyday, head to toe, no matter how yucky it feels. Your old skin will reward you!”

☞ “Keep making friends. My retired former boss has a group of girl friends. They vacation together, go golfing, shopping, dining, etc.”

☞ “Nurture your old friendships. The older you get, the more precious it becomes to have friends who knew you in different stages of your life.”

☞ “Financial stability is so important. Make sure you’re putting something away now for the future.”

☞ “Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and go to bed at a regular time.”

☞ “Sun protection! Not only will it help you look more youthful, but it will also aid in skin cancer prevention.”

☞ “Get rid of things you don’t need.”

☞”If you have the means, go see a therapist if you are even entertaining the idea. It WILL help you.”

☞ “Don’t be afraid to edit your life…After being upset when friends posted yet another unsettling untrue thing on Facebook…I realized I just don’t want to be a fact checker for my friends.”

☞ “Embrace and enjoy the body you have right here, right now. You know who thinks you look great? You, 10 years from now.”

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Louisiana Man Rescues Boy From Alligator-Infested Waters