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April 19th

National Amaretto Day

National Garlic Day

National Hanging Out Day

National North Dakota Day

National Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day

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If you want to stay healthy, you should aim to keep your waist measurement to half your height. The UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says measuring body mass index (BMI) is also useful – but doesn’t take into account excess weight around the abdomen, which increases the risk of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Measure the waist midway between the bottom of your ribs and the top of the hips, and breathe out naturally first. As an example, if your height is 175cm (5’9”), your waist should be less than 87.5cm (34 inches) – or half your height.

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Women who make more money than their husbands still end up doing more housework than their spouse, according to a new study. University of Bath researchers looked into more than 6,000 marriages, and found that despite the fact that traditional division of household chores has been conventionally explained by men earning more and working longer hours, it seems that when the female in the relationship is the main breadwinner, “the more they earned over their partner, the more housework they did.”


The economics of TV can be somewhat murky. While it’s known that top stars like Ellen or Judge Judy can make $20 or 30 or even 50 million per year, what about the other hosts? Dr. Oz’s run for a U.S. Senate seat is shining some light on exactly that. His financial disclosure form reveals that Oz’s salary for his show was a more modest, but still lucrative, at $2 million per year. But that’s just small piece of the pie. He was also paid almost $200K for his role as a producer on the program. Add to that the fact that he owned a portion of his talk show, with that stake mixed with his other businesses, trademarks, websites and media assets, his compensation from the show was about $10 million. His companies also made tens of millions from investments, bringing his net worth to somewhere between $100-500 million, according to the filing. One more thing – for his 2-week stint as “Jeopardy!” guest host last spring, Dr. Oz was paid more than $268,000, but that money went to an unnamed charity.

Kim Kardashian says that Kanye offered to give up his career and work as her stylist in order to save their relationship — if you believe her new reality series isn’t scripted, that is. In the premiere episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu — a scene shows Kardashian in her closet, trying out looks for her upcoming “SNL” gig and talking to her friend about some other outfits Kanye recently selected for her to wear. That’s when she drops an extremely telling line, saying, “Kanye wants to quit everything and dedicate his life to being my stylist.” And in other news, whether you needed to know it or not, Kim claims she and Ye didn’t speak to each other for 8 months after she filed for divorce in February 2021.

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The world’s most popular soft drink has made it to the metaverse. Coca-Cola has announced it is launching a gaming-inspired version of its new soda virtually, before it hits shelves in the real world. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte will “bring the flavor of pixels to life”, according to the company. We’re not sure how that’s possible, but it’ll first be available on a metaverse-like world within the video game Fortnite. Those who enter “Pixel Point” in the game can play coke-themed mini-games as well as “try” the new drinks flavor – virtually, of course. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte will appear in US stores in physical form on May 2.

Shanghai to New York in just a few hours? China’s Space Transportation aims to make this prospect a reality with the development of a passenger-carrying hypersonic space plane that can hurtle across the skies at one mile per second – better than twice the speed of the Concorde. The firm released an animated video showing passengers board a 12-seater space plane that’s flanked by 2 titanic booster rockets. The vehicle launches vertically, and upon reaching cruise altitude, separates from its boosters and skims the edge of space at 7,000 kph (4,350 mph). It lands vertically with the aid of a tripod-type undercarriage. The company plans to launch a test flight in 2025, and “complete full-scale global hypersonic vehicle flight by 2030.”

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Disney World is the second-largest purchaser of explosives in the United States, the first is the U.S. Department of Defense.

The symbols used by cartoonists to indicate swearing are called “grawlixes”.

In Mel Brooks’ “Silent Movie”, the only actor with a speaking role is mime Marcel Marceau.

The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

Pain travels through the body at 350 feet (107m) per second.

An iceberg contains more heat than a lit match.

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Question: In a survey, parents listed the top 10 things they miss about before they had kids. #1 was enjoying lazy weekends. What came in at #8?

Answer: Going to the bathroom uninterrupted

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A Florida man had a creative excuse for speeding: Russian President Vladimir Putin. The unidentified driver was pulled over in Palm Coast for allegedly running a stop sign and going 50 in a 30mph zone. Bodycam footage shows Florida man giving the deputy a number of reasons as to why he was speeding, including that he was trying to get it out of “sport mode.” Finally, he tells the cop what he claimed to be ‘the truth’: “I just found out that Putin just said he’s gonna launch nuclear thermal war against the world, and I was trying to get back to my house to find out what’s going on. I’m freaking out.” The traffic stop took place Feb. 24, the same day that Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine. The driver was issued 2 tickets.

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• “Has the school called yet?”

• “I’m glad you guys are so open-minded because …”

• “I know you don’t usually like tattoos, but …”

• “You know, you’d make AWESOME grandparents …”

• “The important thing is no one was hurt …”

• “Do you still have full coverage on the car?”

• “Now don’t overreact like the other parents did …”

• “First of all, I was an innocent bystander …”

• “How quickly can you liquidate your retirement plan?”

• “I love you. I really, really love you.”

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“Good parenting means investing in your child’s future, which is why I am saving to buy mine a hoverboard someday.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Firefighters All Over The US Are Helping A Daughter Make A Special Gift For Her Dad