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Dear John,

My situation is not great. I started dating a guy a few years ago. My kids are grown and gone, so I decided to sell my home and rent an apartment. At the same time my boyfriend's lease was up so he and I discussed it and we moved in together. We're both in our upper forties. We're both divorced with adult children. Looking back, I probably should not have made the decision to move in together, but I did it. That was ten months ago. Now we've split up, but we still love together. We have different rooms, but our names are both on the lease. I could probably move out, but I want to make sure he doesn't purposely ruin the place to hurt my credit. His is pretty much shot already, so he wouldn't care. I wish I would have gotten my own place and he could have stayed in his own place, but we didn't do that. Any ideas on how I can best wiggle out of this mess? Would love some good advice

Signed – Leased With And Ex

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A survey of adults from SMARTY revealed the top 30 ways the nation is pinching pennies – with many ditching household names in favor of own-brand products, and the most popular being to turn the heating down.

89 per cent claim they will 'go out of their way' to curb their spending, while 56 per cent will ‘use their old smartphone long past their contract’ to save money with sim-only plans.

The survey found more than a third have a financial 'spring clean' at least once a year to ensure their finances are in order and unused subscriptions are no longer active.

However, 41 per cent admit to forgetting to cancel a membership or a subscription, and one in five of these have left this running for up to three months without using the service.

To ensure their money stretches further, nearly half will spend the most time researching car insurance deals to save some cash – while three in 10 will devote a significant amount of time to seeking the best mobile phone deals.

Although, one in 10 also claimed they would find it difficult to sacrifice their gym membership.

Household repairs and replacements ranked as the most common barrier people face when it comes to saving as much money as they would like – while one in five struggle to put cash away following a new addition to their family.

Overall, 51 per cent feel it is now more acceptable to shop around and be clever with spending, rather than to splash the cash on luxury items.

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A new study says that just by pointing your bed and other furniture in the right direction, your physical and mental well-being could be greatly improved. A team from Maharishi International University in Iowa looked at 40 years of research into the practice of Maharishi Vastu architecture (MVA). Whether you want to call it “Zen” or “flow,” they found that the placement of certain objects are inside a building — as well as the direction they face — can impact everything from stress, to sleep, to mental health. According to the study, if your head is facing to the east or south when you sleep, you’re more likely to have a lower heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. They found that people with homes that have an entrance facing south display poorer mental health and have more financial problems. And apparently, facing east while you work leads to greater brain coherence and helps you complete tasks faster.


Netflix could be launching its cheaper ad-supported tier as soon as the end of this year, according to a note to employees. That’s also when Netflix plans to begin cracking down on password sharing, the New York Times has reported. Both the crackdown on password sharing and the ad-supported tier were ideas the streamer had already floated in response to the company’s Q1 loss of 200,000 subscribers. However, neither was expected so quickly. In the company memo, execs wrote: “Every major streaming company excluding Apple has or has announced an ad-supported service. For good reason, people want lower-priced options.”

The famous hammer Chris Hemsworth wields as ‘Thor’ is hitting the market, and the auction hammer is expected to slam when the bidding hits 6 figures. The movie prop, known as “Stunt Mjolnir Hammer”, is from the 2011 Marvel film “Thor”, is expected to fetch at least $100,000 next month in one of the world’s largest live auctions of film and TV memorabilia. Propstore will also be accepting bids on items from blockbusters like “Back to The Future”, “Cast Away”, and “Freddy vs. Jason”. The most expensive item is likely to be a “Red Leader’ X-Wing Starfighter model miniature from ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’”, which is estimated to go for up to $1 million.

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How well do you know your partner? A Portland OR therapist shared a video on TikTok called: “15 Small But Very Significant Things You Should Know About Your Partner 6 Months Into a Relationship”. According to Jeff Guenther, who has been a practicing therapist for over 15 years, it’s essential that you know certain things about your significant other, in order to “feel more confident and worthy in a relationship” (his words, not mine), and to give you an “intimate picture of who the person really is” (again, his words…). A warning from the doctor: “You probably won’t be able to answer all the questions, so it can also be a fun exercise to create closeness if you go through the list with your sweetie” Here it is:

How do they want to celebrate their birthday?

How much alone time, if any, do they need?

What’s their favorite food?

What turns them on and gets them in the mood?

How long do they need to get ready and head out the door?

What’s their favorite TV show, movie and band?

What’s their most controversial take?

Who’s their best friend and why?

What family member triggers them the most?

What will instantly make them laugh?

What’s their biggest insecurity?

What’s the best way to support them when they’re stressed or upset?

What do they ultimately want from this relationship?

What do they allow themselves to splurge on financially?

What’s their biggest guilty pleasure?

The video has over 4.1 million views and 613,800 likes, with TikTokers adding their own suggestions in the comments. LINK:


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In 1908, the New York Times advised readers to wash their hair “about every 6 weeks.”

Pollen can travel up to 500 miles (800km) in a day.

Coffee beans have very little taste until they’re roasted.

When you walk down a steep hill, the pressure on your knees is equal to 3 times your body weight.

Penicillin was originally called “mold juice”.

75% of people who use Q-tips stick them in their ear, even though the box says not to.

Penguin urine makes up about 3% of Antarctica’s glaciers.


Question: What percentage of conversation time do most of us spend talking about ourselves?

Answer: 60%... that jumps to 80% while chatting on social media.

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A British jet suit company is giving super-human powers to emergency responders. Great North Air Ambulance Service has embarked on a program using 3 trainees to fly the Gravity Industries Jet Suit in the steep hills of the Lake District. In a demonstration, Jet Suit inventor and developer Richard Browning flew a test route, completing a more than 2,000-foot (610m) climb over 1.2-miles (1.9km) in about 3 minutes and 40 seconds. The 3D printed suit consists of 2 small turbines attached to each arm and a larger one mounted on the back. It can reach speeds over 80mph (130kph), and is capable of reaching an altitude of 12,000 feet, but is flown much lower for safety reasons. The next stage of the project is to get the paramedics’ flight skills to a level where emergency assistance will arrive via Jet Suit paramedics in a matter of minutes, rather than hours. And for those concerned about the cost of this new technology, as the developer points out, when you consider the costs of a paramedic helicopter, its crew, plus maintenance, the price for a few jet suits is very reasonable. LINK:

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Your personal photos start showing up on billboards.

Singles who live near you begin knocking on your door.

You get over a million hits when you Google your credit card number.

Your account has uploaded pictures of you sleeping all by itself.

Meghan Markle says she’s glad she at least has more privacy than you.

You get ‘friend’ suggestions based on your annual salary.

Mark Zuckerberg is looking through your bedroom window.

You have a Facebook account.

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"When I was growing up I always wanted to be someone. Now I realize I should have been more specific." - Lily Tomlin

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Woman Calls Officer Her Son's Guardian Angel After Saving His Life