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Dear John,

My daughter in almost nine. She asked for a cell phone and I told her no. Recently she spent the weekend with my mother-in-law and came home with a cell phone. Her grandma said she would pay for the phone, but that's not the point. I said she's not ready for a phone, but my mother-in-law decided on her own to get my daughter a phone anyway. What is the right thing to do? I was venting to my own mother about it and she said it was kind of a nice thing for her to do it, but she also agreed that there should have been a conversation before that happened. What should I do?

Signed – PhoneProblems

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May 26th

National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

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When people say they plan to “relax”, it turns out it’s simply a code word for “watch TV”. According to a new poll, most of us use the television as our #1 “chill-out” method, ahead of others that might seem more obvious, such as a walk, meditation or taking a bubble bath. The recent poll of 2,000 people concluded that 55% of American adults use “comfort” television and movies to self-soothe and distract themselves from anxiety or stress. But it turns out that’s not such a bad idea. Dr. Natalie King, a brain-health expert and neuroscientist who worked on the report said: “Watching your favorite TV series can encourage the release of dopamine, which creates a sense of euphoria. Dopamine essentially says to the brain: ‘You are enjoying this… Keep it up!’”

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Cats. You gotta love ’em. Even though we mostly associate a pets’ skill of recognizing its own name with dogs, it’s been proven that cats are good at it, too. But that’s not where it stops for our funny felines. In a new study, scientists in Japan discovered that in addition to knowing their own names, cats appear to recognize the names of other cats they’re familiar with — and may also know the names of people who live in the same household.


Jimmy Kimmel has tested positive for COVID-19 — again. The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host revealed Tuesday night that he still has the virus, after sharing earlier this month that he contracted COVID. He wrote on Twitter: “I’m such a positive person, I tested positive AGAIN. I am feeling fine,” before posting that John Mulaney and Andy Samberg would be stepping in for him on the show last night. Kimmel’s positive test result comes just over a week after returning to his hosting duties on May 9, following an earlier positive test.

Even before a single scene from “Top Gun: Maverick” unspooled at the film’s Cannes premiere on Wednesday night, festival-goers made it clear that they think Tom Cruise is magnifique. He received a thunderous ovation after being presented with a “surprise” Palme d’Or, which genuinely seemed to take him off guard. The extravaganza included the appearance of 8 fighter jets billowing red, white and blue smoke behind them as Cruise and other members of the film’s cast looked on from the red carpet. The movie opens May 27.

Dan Rather, whose broadcast journalism career has spanned 6 decades, including as anchor of CBS Evening News from 1981-2005, has been given the Peabody Career Achievement Award. The honor, for individuals whose work and commitment to broadcasting and digital media have left an indelible mark on the field and in American culture, was announced Tuesday. Dolly Parton presented Rather with the award virtually. Rather covered the Kennedy assassinations and the civil rights movement, and reported from Vietnam before being named CBS’ chief anchor. He also was a longtime correspondent for “60 Minutes”. Previous recipients of the career honor include Carol Burnett, Rita Moreno, Cicely Tyson and Sam Pollard.

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By now, you’ve seen those foldable smartphone screens from manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Microsoft, and you might think of them as an engineering marvel — allowing for a screen that’s twice the size of the phone when it’s in your packet or purse. But until now, most foldables have only bent in one direction, either inward or outward. But last week, LG showed off an 8-inch screen that claims to allow users to fold the phone along a full 360-degree axis. Yup, it folds BOTH ways. The flexible display could help make folding smartphones more versatile without the need for extra screens, in what LG calls a “comfortable and cutting-edge user experience.” The company says the screen is capable of withstanding 200,000 folds before showing signs of wear. No word yet on when this will become available, but it shows that companies believe that foldable phones could be a lot bigger in the future, if you’ll pardon the pun.

A company in the UK has scrapped its “unlimited holiday” plan. Why? The recruiting firm decided to do away with its policy that employees can take as many vacation days as they like because it found that under the plan, staff actually took fewer days off. Ollie Scott, the founder of “Unknown”, said in a LinkedIn post that “No one took more than 21 days in the year”, so the company will move to a more traditional system, where employees are entitled to 32 paid days of vacation annually. Scott wrote that the problem may have been that workers felt “guilty” about taking time off under the policy, or as he put it, “a general anxiety of ‘yeah but like, actually how much can I take’?” In the U.K., where Scott’s company is located, employees are entitled to 28 paid days off per year.

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To ensure viewers became fully immersed in the show’s fantasy world, “Game of Thrones” producers enlisted a linguist to create 9 languages for the series, including Dothraki and High Valyrian.

There are 177,147 different ways to tie a necktie.

99% of Finns take a sauna at least once a week.

The word “school” comes from the ancient Greek for “free time.”

It is only possible to dream about faces you have seen in real life.


Question: When women were asked to use one word to describe their spouse or partner, THIS was the #1 answer. What is it?

Answer: Messy

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The first-ever Zoom bride has now become the first-ever Zoom divorcĂ©e. 26-year-old Brit Ayse Reeves has revealed she has split from her American husband, 24-year-old Darrin Martin, 3 months after marrying over webcam — and they still haven’t met in person. The 2 first connected over the internet in July 2020, during the height of the pandemic. Due to travel restrictions, they were unable to meet in person, but their love only grew stronger, with Martin getting down on bended knee via video chat in July 2021 to propose. Alas, she told a reporter this week that in spite of her efforts to make things work, she has filed for an annulment after it turned out she “couldn’t trust” Martin, and saying: “It wasn’t the fairy tale ending I had hoped for.”

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I don’t know where your candy went.

Don’t swallow the seeds. You’ll grow a watermelon in your stomach.

I’ll think about it.

They don’t make batteries for that toy anymore.

The ice cream man plays music when he’s out of ice cream.

I only have five dollars.

You face will freeze like that…

It’s grape juice for adults.

You’ll understand when you’re older.

Your Mom and I were just wrestling.

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New Virginia Law Bans Police Arrest And Ticket Quotas