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May 17th

National Cherry Cobbler Day

National Graduation Tassel Day

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Millennials are twice as likely as older generations to clean their bathrooms only once a month, according to a new survey. The poll about routine household chores, conducted by Mulberrys Garment Care, found that more than a fifth of people born after 1981 scrubbed their toilets every four weeks, compared to just over a tenth of Gen Xers and baby boomers who do the same. Across all age groups, the dreaded bathroom duty is most commonly done once a week, with 54 of responders choosing this option. Just over a fifth of men admitted to washing their linens just once a month. Baby boomers were the most fastidious sheet changers, with nearly 52 percent completing the task every week, compared to 36 percent of millennials.

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Some scientists are theorizing that it may take 400,000 years to communicate with an alien civilization. Two Astrophysical Journal researchers estimated the number of ‘communicating extraterrestrial intelligent civilizations’ (CETIs) out there, taking into account the probability of life appearing on a planet, and the stage of the planet’s host star’s evolution. The researchers created 9 scenarios where CETIs were either rare or common. If they are rare, then a communicating civilization (us) might have to survive for 400,000 years before it gets a signal from another. In the best-case scenario, it would take at least 2,000 years for a communicating civilization to get its first cosmic hello.


New details for the sequel to 1987’s “Dirty Dancing” have emerged, and the story will involve some ’90s hip-hop. Jennifer Grey will be reprising her role as ‘Frances “Baby” Houseman’ and will also produce the movie, which is set in the Catskill Mountains. “50/50” director Jonathan Levine is directing. While music from the original film will also pop up, the sequel will incorporate hip-hop as well as the likes of Alanis Morissette and Liz Phair — and Levine promises “we will not ruin your childhood.” The Dirty Dancing sequel is set for a 2024 release, and production will begin later this year.

Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams and “The Good Doctor’s” Freddie Highmore are set to co-star in the comedy “Sinner v. Saints” from director Tim Kirkby (“Veep”). Set in 1970s L.A. and London, the film is based on the real-life scandal that made headlines worldwide, involving an eccentric MENSA beauty queen who goes to extreme lengths to stop the Mormon church from stealing her sexual obsession: a nebbish Mormon missionary. Shooting will begin next year.

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The concept of multitasking is dead, according to productivity experts. Recently, perhaps fast-tracked by the pandemic, conversations about “hustle culture” and multitasking ourselves into a tizzy have gained momentum. And research tells us that multitasking can actually people less productive, and “monotasking” is much better for our health and productivity. The problem is that our brains aren’t wired to tackle more than one thing at a time. Thatcher Wine, author of “The 12 Monotasks: Do One Thing at a Time to Do Everything Better”, says: “All that task switching comes at a cost. It overloads our brains and causes a significant amount of stress. [Additionally], studies have shown that tasks take longer and we make more mistakes than if we had done one thing at a time.” Multitasking can also impact important relationships. For instance, if you try to watch TV during a family dinner, or scroll through social media while out with a friend, you can miss prime opportunities to connect with loved ones. While it won’t be an easy adjustment, the main thing to keep in mind when deciding to monotask is to concentrate on doing one thing at a time, completing it, THEN moving on to something else.

HERE’S a concept: If you’re wrong, just admit it. Researchers from University of Houston say if you want to make a good impression when debating others online, you should practice “intellectually humble behavior”. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are fertile ground for disagreements, but just like in face-to-face confrontation, no one likes a sore loser. After conducting a series of 4 experiments, the psychologists found: “Willingness to engage in ‘wrongness admission’ is positively correlated with agreeableness…honesty/humility and emotional intelligence. With potentially hundreds (or more) of passive witnesses…the user’s best course of action is to publicly admit that they are wrong.”

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Amazon has a “two pizza rule”, which stipulates that no meeting should involve more people than can be fed by 2 pizzas.

YouTube was created by 3 former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for $1.65 billion.

Your hair grows faster in the morning than at any other time of day.

Toads don’t have teeth. Frogs do.

Octopus’ hearts sometimes skip a beat (literally) when they’re around a potential mate.

Babies sometimes smile, not because they’re happy, but because they know it makes their parents happy.


Question: 53% of people under 25 say they have never bought one of THESE. What is it?

Answer: A cup of coffee

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A new study finds that using a footstool to prop up your feet while sitting on the toilet helps ensure more comfortable bowel movements and can lead to far less pain for people battling constipation. The authors found that after using the footstool, 71 percent of participants reported needing less time to complete a bowel movement, and 90 percent felt less straining. And there was a significant increase in bowel emptiness after using the stool.

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The small metal or paper cup that restaurants provide to hold condiments such as ketchup or BBQ sauce: “SoufflĂ© cup” (named after the egg-based dish they were designed to hold)

The space between your forefinger and thumb: “Perlicue”

The “You are here” mark on a map. “Ideo-locator” (They usually look like a red, upside-down teardrop)

Those annoying banana strings: “Phloem bundles” (A phloem is a vascular tissue that transports nutrients to plants)

The tiny “plastic table-looking” thing in the middle of a pizza: “Pizza saver” (Who “saves” pizza?)

The armhole in clothing: “Armscye” (pron: Arm’s eye)

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