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June 18

National Go Fishing Day

National Splurge Day

National Wanna Get Away Day

June 19


National FreeBSD Day

National Garfield the Cat Day

National Watch Day

Father’s Day

Turkey Lovers’ Day

SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by

According to a recent survey conducted by The survey polled a cross-section of 1,850 adults, aged 18 and over.

Dad’s Day Decisions

Do you plan on celebrating Father’s Day this year?

Yes (75 percent)

No (25 percent)

With more than half of Americans (58 percent) planning on giving a gift to their father-figure(s), the top five gifts this year are:

Breakfast, lunch, brunch and/or dinner with family/friends (31 percent)

Gift card (29 percent)

Clothes/tie (28 percent)

Tools (20 percent)

Greeting card/acknowledgment I’m doing a good job (19 percent)

And dads/father-figures are seemingly on the same page with their number one answer:

What do you really want on your special day? (select all that apply) [top five responses]

Breakfast, lunch, brunch and/or dinner with family/friends (45 percent)

Experience [sporting event, concert, etc.] (25 percent)

Gift card (24 percent)

Technology [TV, phone, etc.] (20 percent)

Tools (19 percent)

Home is Where the Heart is

Out of the following, what would be your father-figure’s biggest pet peeve?

Leaving the lights on (27 percent)

Someone stealing the TV remote/changing the channel (21 percent)

Thermostat too high/low (20 percent)

Doors being kept open (17 percent)

Dirty dishes in the sink (15 percent)

Where does/did your father-figure spend most of their time in the house?

Living room/family room (38 percent)

Backyard (17 percent)

Anywhere as long as there’s a TV (15 percent)

Basement/garage (11 percent)

Home office (11 percent)

Kitchen (Seven percent)

Bathroom (One percent)

With 34 percent reporting that their father-figure(s) have/had a “man-cave” or something similar, here are the top five things found in this special space:

TV (57 percent)

Reclining chair (35 percent)

Crafting materials [wood, tools, scissors, etc.] (33 percent)

Refrigerator (25 percent)

Sports memorabilia (23 percent)

Out of the following, which TV dad is your father-figure most like?

Tim Taylor [from Home Improvement] (35 percent)

Homer Simpson [from The Simpsons] (18 percent)

Danny Tanner [from Full House] (16 percent)

Jack Pearson [from This is Us] (12 percent)

Phil Banks [from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air] (11 percent)

Johnny Rose [from Schitt’s Creek] (Eight percent)

And while there’s plenty of “pop” culture out there, 59 percent of Americans say that “dad jokes” are their favorite dad-ism. However, a quarter of Americans prefer “dad style,” while 10 percent chose “dad dance moves” and six percent favor “dad bods.”

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What would you do if you won the lottery? New house? New car? Quit your job? One thing that most of us say we WOULDN’T do is – tell others, even our own family, according to a new poll. A survey of over 1,100 people, commissioned by Play Pennsylvania, looked at people’s lottery playing habits and how they would react to hitting the jackpot. 83% said they would keep their winnings a secret to avoid the outstretched hands of their friends and family. On the other hand, 88% said they’d donate the money, giving a slice to charity or relatives in need. And interestingly, 2% said they’d walk away from their significant other if they were a big winner!


Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are officially Mr. and Mrs. — but it didn’t happen before some very serious legal legwork, to make sure her millions are protected down the road. TMZ reports that sources close to the newly married couple say they have an ironclad prenup in place where Asghari doesn’t get a dollar from the fortune Spears has made up to this point. Word is that lawyers were called shortly after the couple got engaged to start figuring things out. Britney’s worth a reported $60 million, with potential for serious earnings in the future. You might recall that at one point, Asghari joked that HE was the one who wanted the prenup — to protect his jeep and shoe collection.

Doctor Who” has found its latest villain. Neil Patrick Harris, the star of “How I Met Your Mother”, is joining the BBC sci-fi series. Harris’ character has not been revealed, though the British public broadcaster has unveiled a first-look photo of him on set, in an old-timey apron with what appears to be a pair of pliers. Showrunner Russell T Davies called his character the “greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced”. Harris, who is set to headline Darren Star’s Netflix comedy series “Uncoupled”, joins new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa and Heartstopper breakout Yasmin Finney, who will play ‘Rose’, as well as returning stars David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

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For parents, it’s often a shock to realize how much more cleaning is required once kids are added to the mix. From sweeping up spilled cereal to organizing a playroom full of toys, it can be overwhelming to manage day-to-day chores. But how old should your child be before you start asking them to help? According to Elizabeth Fraley, a Los Angeles educator and CEO of Kinder Ready, an education program focused on kindergarten readiness and private school preparation, here’s the rundown of what jobs are appropriate at what ages…

Ages 1-2:

put toys away in a toy bin

Ages 3-4

the above, plus:

feed pets

set the table

make the bed

put laundry in hamper

Ages 5-6

all of the above, plus:

load the dishwasher (with adult help)

set, clear the table

wash dishes (with adult supervision)

wipe countertops with wet wipes

match laundered socks

water indoor plants

Ages 7-8

all of the above, plus:

pack lunch for school

load and unload dishwasher

help with cooking

fold and put away laundry

sweep floors

rake leaves

Ages 9-10

all of the above, plus:


do laundry

clean mirrors, dust furniture

sweep porch, deck, garage or sidewalks

Ages 11-12

all of the above, plus:

wash dishes

clean the bathroom, kitchen

help with meal prep

wash cars

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The “butterflies” you feel in your stomach when you see someone you like is actually a stress response called adrenaline.

You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than a poisonous spider.

The tongue-twister “She sells seashells by the seashore” was written about a female paleontologist in the 1800s, who sold dinosaur bones and fossilized shells.

The creator of Lego made a policy of no military sets because he didn’t want war to seem like child’s play.

An iPhone contains about 0.018 grams of gold, worth about 59 cents.

Mexican scientists turned a shot of tequila into diamonds by heating it to 800˚C.


Question: For some reason, THIS item is given as a gift more often than it is purchased for ourselves. What is it?

Answer: A blender

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How would you like to sleep in Scooby’s van? Actor Matthew Lillard, who played ‘Shaggy’ in the live-action film version of “Scooby-Doo” 20 years ago, has partnered with Airbnb to give fans a chance to stay overnight in the “Mystery Machine”. Lillard will virtually host the guest experience, and says he “can’t wait to welcome guests into the world of the Mystery Inc. gang…and give them a summer vacation they’ll never forget…monsters not included!” For just $20 a night, guests will be able to stay in the Mystery Machine and get a view of the Southern California coastline from the parked vehicle. Fans will appreciate the attention to details, including exterior decals, a lava lamp, fairy lights, a square TV, and a Sugar Ray album that you can play on a portable CD player. There’s also an outdoor setup featuring a couch and hammock, and you can watch Scooby-Doo episodes with popcorn and movie candy. Airbnb will begin taking bookings for the Mystery Machine tomorrow. But Zoinks! There are only 3 overnight stays available.

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Chicago Man Who Saved Stranger From Train Tracks Is Surprised With New Car