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Dear John,

My husband and I have a couple we hang out with once in a while. I've become pretty good friends with both of them, but they are getting divorced. The wife has been trying to get me to side with her, but I think it's her fault that things have gotten so bad. She's been hanging out with a bunch of single people, many who are divorced and angry at men in general. I've watched as she morphed from a kind woman to a bitter angry person. She was trying to get me to join “the girls” when they went out. I never tagged along. I told her that I like to spend time with my husband. We can hang out together with her and her husband, but now they filed for divorce. She has been calling and messaging me about getting together. I've declined the invite and explained that I like to spend time with my husband instead of with “the girls” but she keeps messaging me. She said she wants to share “her side of things”. I invited her to spend time with me at my home with my husband. She apparently does not want to do that. Am I being stubborn for digging in my heels on this? Should I hear her side? I don't think any of this is any of my business at all. What should I do?

Signed - HappyWife

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Not getting enough sleep alters the way we see others, and not in a good way, according to a new study. Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden found that sleep-deprived subjects in an experiment rated angry faces as less trustworthy, and rated healthy-looking, neutral and fearful faces as less attractive, indicating that sleep loss is associated with more negative social impressions of others. They say this “could result in less motivation to interact socially.” The lead author explained: “Since facial expressions are crucial to understanding the emotional state of others, spending less time fixating on faces after acute sleep loss may increase the risk that you interpret the emotional state of others inaccurately or too late.” The scientists say the findings could have considerable implications for bar-going singles who are routinely sleep deprived.

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Canada is set to become the first country in the world to require that a warning be printed on every cigarette. Mental Health and Addictions Minister Carolyn Bennett said the measure is meant to reach more people — including young people, who often share cigarettes and never see the warnings printed on packaging. A 75-day consultation period began Saturday, with the requirement, along with changes to cigarette packs to include a longer list of smoking’s health effects, expected to come into force in the latter half of 2023.


Having secured victory for Johnny Depp in his legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, lawyer Camille Vasquez will once again be stepping into court to represent him. This time, Vasquez is one of the attorneys defending Depp against allegations that he assaulted location manager Greg “Rocky” Brooks on the set of “City of Lies” in 2017. Brooks claims that Depp punched him in the ribcage, then offered him $100,000 to hit him back. Brooks alleges he was fired from the film when he refused to promise not to sue. The trial is set for next month.

Amber Heard says she understands why a jury ruled against her in ex-husband Johnny Depp’s defamation trial – she sat and listened to the same testimony they did — and can’t “blame” them for their conclusion. In an interview with Savannah Guthrie of “Today”, Heard says: “How could they not come to that conclusion?” The “Today” show dropped a teaser on Monday, in which Heard divulges her point of view over the trial, saying Depp is “a beloved character and people feel they know him. He’s a fantastic actor.” Heard seemed to believe what her attorneys said after the verdict: that social media, heavily tilted in Depp’s favor, somehow influenced a jury that was instructed daily not to look at any of it. While the full interview will air Friday on “Dateline NBC”, portions will air Today and Wednesday on NBC’s “Today” show. LINK:

Squid Game” Season 2 is officially a go. Netflix announced the news with a characteristically creepy 10-second teaser that opens on an extreme close-up of the show’s “Red Light, Green Light” animatronic doll. The circle, square and triangle representing different designations of the Squid Game guards appears at the bottom of the screen as the number “2” takes the place of the robot’s eye. The streamer also treated fans to a sneak preview of the upcoming season from writer, director and executive producer Hwang Dong-Hyuk. 

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For the first time, scientists have been able to grow humanlike skin on a robotic finger. Unlike artificial skin that is commonly used when building robots, this skin is alive, says lead study author Shoji Takeuchi of the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo. In trials, the elastic human skin moved freely while the finger made different motions. The team put a collagen bandage on a part of the finger that had been inflicted with a wound to mend it, and the robot was able to move freely after the protein repaired the skin. The researchers hope making robots appear more human will help us relate to them more, so they can better communicate with us, serving in the medical, care, and service industries. There are plans make the skin self-sustaining by adding veins, and later hair, nails and sweat glands.

Researchers say that within a decade, it may be possible for doctors to simply print a kidney, using cells from the patient, instead of having to find a donor match and hope the patient’s body doesn’t reject it. It could happen, thanks to 3D organ bioprinting, according to Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. Organ bioprinting is the use of 3D-printing technologies to assemble multiple cell types, growth factors and biomaterials in a layer-by-layer fashion to produce bioartificial organs that ideally imitate their natural counterparts.

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A Los Angeles man who became airborne by attaching balloons to his lawn chair was fined $4,000 by the FAA for disrupting air traffic.

The lowest temperature of the day is usually right after sunrise.

The telephone was originally called a “harmonic telegraph”.

Liars blink less frequently than normal during the lie, and then speed up to around 8 times faster than usual afterwards.

In the UK, carousels rotate clockwise; In North America, merry-go-rounds go counter-clockwise.

For his scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, Charlie Sheen stayed awake for 48 hours to get the desired ‘wasted’ look.


Question: In a survey, just 3% of Dads said they’d love to get THIS for Father’s Day. What is it?

Answer: Flowers

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A British woman says she was left “shaking with panic” after accidentally including a naked selfie in her air fryer listing on eBay. 26-year-old Emma Jones was perplexed when she received hundreds of new followers and friend requests on social media last month after listing her Ninja Foodi Max. That turned to horror when she realized that the 5th image of her listing was a topless photo of herself standing in front of a full-length mirror. That pic, intended for her eyes only, was a ‘before’ picture for a diet she was on. She believes she accidentally clicked that pic as she was selecting photos for the ad. The listing — which subsequently went viral — describes the product as being “previously used” and having “some signs of wear and tear.” It quickly racked up 117,000 views and a top bid of more than $1,250, along with many crude messages, and some notes from people who just wanted to alert her to the boo-boo. Jones quickly deleted the photo, and eventually took down the entire listing after it continued to rack up thousands of views. Now, she says: “I’m too afraid to list it again. I’ll try and give it to a friend.”

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(According to an analysis by of internet searches that include a film title followed by “explained”…)

1. “Tenet” (2020) – Christopher Nolan’s latest film results in an astronomical 70,000 searches per month.

2. “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” (2020) – Charlie Kaufman’s Netflix movie reaches 50,000 searches per month.

3. “Shutter Island” (2010) – Martin Scorsese’s psychological thriller confuses about 31,000 people per month.

4. “Donnie Darko” (2001) – Richard Kelly’s film prompts 18,000 searches per month.

5. “Mulholland Drive” (2001) – David Lynch’s notoriously confusing thriller reaches 9,700 searches per month.

6. “Interstellar” (2014) – Nolan again. 7,100 searches per month.

7. “Nocturnal Animals” (2016) – Tom Ford’s dramatic thriller achieves 6,600 searches per month.

8. “The Shining” (1980) – Stanley Kubrick’s film prompts 6,300 searches per month.

9. “Arrival” (2016)- Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi drama reaches 6,000 searches per month.

10. “Fight Club” (1999) – David Fincher’s adaptation reaches 5,900 searches per month.

Numbers 11-15, in order: “Predestination”, “The Matrix”, “Memento”, “Inception” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”

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“Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it is marchin' across your face.” - Truvy Jones, Steel Magnolias

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A mother was left devastated after discovering that only a handful of kids had signed her son’s yearbook. When Cassandra Ridder’s 12-year-old son Brody, who struggled to make friends and has been subjected to relentless bullying, only brought home a few signatures, the Colorado mom decided to act. She shared a screenshot in a private Facebook group with the parents of the school, expressing her sadness. As word got out in the school community, more and more older students rallied behind Brody. They had even paid him a visit to his homeroom to sign his book. As many older children urged their friends to sign, Brody’s yearbook suddenly became full of countless heartwarming messages. After the story broke, even more people reached out to Brody, including “Ant-Man” himself, actor Paul Rudd, who video chatted with the boy, and the cast of “Dear Evan Hanson”, who gifted him with tickets to one of their performances. After the sweet gesture of the students, Cassandra said it made her “feel like there’s still hope. Not just for Brody, but for humanity.”