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Dear John,

My wife and I went on vacation for a few weeks. While we were gone, my neighbor's son had been parking his car in our driveway. He didn't ask for permission, and I normally wouldn't care, but he apparently had some sort of leak and left an oil stain in the driveway. I've tried to wash it away, but it's still there. I have a security camera that points to the driveway and you can see his car there and you can see there was no stain before and over the course of the week, it got worse and worse. I want to get him to pay to remove the stain. My wife said it really doesn't matter and it's not worth starting a feud with the neighbor over this. What do you think? Should he be responsible to fix this? Should I leave it alone?

Signed – Upset Neighbor

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A study of adults found 55 per cent had been delighted with a product’s low price, only to realize it reflected the quality of the item bought. And 45 per cent have rushed home with a bargain picked up in a sale – only to deem it ‘useless’ later down the line. Common issues include buying a cheap item of clothing only for it to become misshapen in the wash after one wear or getting damaged the first time it is worn. An item not lasting as long as expected also leads to frustration, as does an upgrade being released just after buying a new piece of tech. 35 per cent have seen the same item elsewhere for even cheaper, after picking up something at what they thought was a knockdown price. Bargain hunters estimate they spend three hours and 20 minutes each month hunting for bargains, either online or in-store. More than four in 10 (44 per cent) even describe searching for reductions as a ‘vital’ part of their life. And just under six in 10 consider being savvy when scouring price stickers for bargains as something particularly British. A little under a fifth of those polled (16 per cent) have even camped outside a store overnight to ensure they were in pole position for a bargain. To keep abreast of the best possible savings, 29 per cent rely on consumer websites, while 19 per cent get their info from Instagram. The research conducted via OnePoll also found the average adult will spend $450 on sale items in any given year, with 53 per cent putting their purchases on a credit card.

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Soon, you’ll be able to play “Wheel of Fortune” at home…and win stuff! The famous TV game show is set to become an online casino game. Production company Sony Pictures has joined forces with BetMGM, the mobile gaming company, and International Game Technology to produce the online “Wheel of Fortune Casino”, expected later this year. The online gaming extension, with real money wagering on branded Wheel of Fortune slot machines, comes as the TV game show franchise gets set for its 40th season, and the launch of about 250 Wheel of Fortune slot games. The long-running show will also be going on tour this fall, visiting 60 cities across the continent, beginning Sept. 8. Guests will have the chance to spin a replica of the legendary “Wheel of Fortune” and solve puzzles to win cash, gifts and trips.


Elvis” is in a virtual tie for #1 at the box office with “Top Gun: Maverick,” with both movies earning a projected weekend total of $30 million. That would mean Baz Luhrmann’s biopic on The King of Rock and Roll would match pre-weekend projections, but Elvis still has a way to go before it reaches profitability, with a reported $85 million budget. The film is performing consistently with other summer music biopics by attracting older audiences. Warner reports that 60% of opening day crowds for “Elvis” were over the age of 35 while 43% were over 50.

The Voice” may be making a big change to its schedule. Reportedly, while The Voice moved to one cycle per year for 2022, NBC is considering going back to 2 seasons per year. According to Monsters and Critics, there are a few indicators: The show that served as The Voice’s replacement in the spring, “American Song Contest”, didn’t do very well in the ratings. So, it is rumored that NBC wants to bring back The Voice in its previous spring timeslot. Additionally, The Voice announced an open call for contestants on various June dates. Even though it may appear as though this would be for the upcoming fall season, that’s apparently not the case, as casting for the fall season has already been completed and filming for blind auditions has begun.

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Canadians craving a pop of dough this year reached for Chocolate Glazed the most, Tim Hortons says, as the company’s Timbits mark their 45th anniversary this year. Birthday Cake, Honey Dip, Old Fashioned Plain and Sour Cream Glazed rounded out the top five in Canada overall. A regional breakdown also found Chocolate Glazed at the top — except in Atlantic Canada, where Old Fashioned Plain was the main choice. The country’s other four favourite flavours shuffled order but rounded out the top five lists in Western Canada, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. In Quebec, however, Tim Hortons customers were reaching for Strawberry Filled and Old Fashioned Glaze instead of Sour Cream Glazed and Old Fashioned Plain, according to the province’s top five list. When it comes to Timbiebs — the recently released Timbits flavors developed in collaboration with Stratford singer Justin Bieber — the company says Chocolate White Fudge has emerged as Canada’s top pick.

The role of chef, the amount of mess - and the amount of hot spices added to meals are among the most common dinner disputes, according to a study. Researchers also discovered things can get heated amid bust-ups over someone's attempt to interfere in their other half's culinary creation - and even what is for dinner. A study of men and women in relationships revealed the top 20 disagreements couples have on a daily basis including who should have to wash up and whether the meal is 'unhealthy'. Lack of inspiration and variety when it comes to what to eat for dinner are at the heart of many dinner time disagreements with many couples complaining they eat the same meals time after time, and the dishes are always boring. It also emerged the average couple will talk about what to eat for the evening meal for at least 10 minutes every day – or the equivalent of 61 hours across the average year.

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Australia has pink and purple lakes.

At least one of the colors of the Olympic flag appears on every country’s national flag.

It’s scientific fact that chicken noodle soup helps relieve symptoms of the common cold.

The green falling code in “The Matrix” movie is just loads of sushi recipes.

The Brazilian wax was invented in New York.


Question: 72% of us have responded to someone in public we thought was talking to us — only to discover they were doing this. What is it?

Answer: Talking to someone on their phone with bluetooth ear buds

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This started as a really neat, fun story. Then it took a dark turn. Your Amazon Alexa may soon be able to replicate real, human voices. That sounds great. Until you realize that includes the voices of dead people. Amazon announced the new feature at the annual Re:Mars conference, which focuses on innovation in artificial intelligence. The update to Alexa’s system would allow the virtual assistant to mimic the voice of any person, based on less than a minute of recording. In a demonstration, the company played a video showing a young boy asking: “Alexa, can Grandma finish reading me the Wizard of Oz?” Alexa acknowledges the request, and switches to a voice mimicking the child’s grandmother to read the book. Amazon says it began working on this feature to put more “human attributes of empathy” into the Alexa system, but online reaction wasn’t having it, with one woman tweeting: “one of the creepiest suggestions I’ve heard in a long time. A key part of processing loss is letting go. Having my dead father tell me its time to take a cake out of the oven or that 2m is 6ft 7″ would be incredibly weird.”

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After Netflix, before chill….

After telling her to calm down.

When someone asks who stole their Ambien.

Right after making Freddy Krueger mad.

Right after your Mom yells “Are you up?”

During the big, “two chainsaws and a live grenade” finale of your juggling act.

Before you go-go, ’cause I’m not planning on going solo.

During sex, apparently.

In the middle of a….Zzzzzzz....

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You’ve probably already heard this story, but if anything qualifies as ‘good news’, it’s this: Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov auctioned off his Nobel Peace Prize to help Ukrainian children and families displaced by Russia’s invasion, and an anonymous buyer won the bidding with an unexpectedly generous offer of $103.5 million. UNICEF said it received the funds minutes after the bidding ended. The previous record for a Nobel was $4.76 million.