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Dear John,

A lifelong friend is coming to visit. We've been friends since first grade. He and my wife are polar opposites when it comes to politics and about everything else. I already offered to let him stay with us, but now my wife is saying he should get a hotel room. I'm trying to figure out what makes the most sense. He will be here for three days and only two nights. I know the weekend is a busy weekend and I'm not even sure he would be able to get a room at this point. What do I do? Should I convince my wife to just let him stay here, but promise that we will not let politics or anything else cause an issue? Should I just tell him now, so he can decide if he still wants to join us?

Signed – Stuck Between My Wife & My Friend

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July 14th

National Grand Marnier Day

National Mac & Cheese Day

National Nude Day

National Tape Measure Day

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A recent study found 72% of Americans have traveled, or plan to travel, in 2022. However, a big consideration for those returning to travel is remembering the proper etiquette. The nationwide survey of more than 1,000 people asked Americans about their thoughts on basic travel etiquette and the do’s and don’ts of behavior when flying on an airplane. Here’s some study highlights:

Nearly half (45%) think travelers have become more rude, and less self-aware since the pandemic

90% think it is unacceptable to take your shoes and socks off on a plane (meaning 1 in 10 think it’s okay)

94% think it’s acceptable to take smelly food on a flight

65% say it’s okay to talk to someone next to you on a plane, whereas 35% believe it’s annoying and would rather not

2 in 3 people say they’ll continue to wear masks on planes in 2022

Regardless of how people get to their destination, hotels are the preferred accommodations for 46% of respondents. But are people on their best behavior after checking in? When it comes to hotel etiquette, the study revealed 28% of people believe it is acceptable to leave a hotel room messy or dirty when they check out, and only 31% of people leave a tip behind.

The full report -

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Jon Stewart quickly shut down the thought of him becoming president after a viral op-ed suggested he should run for office during the 2024 election. Stewart responded on Twitter: “Ummm… no thank you,” following the opinion piece published by Politico. The article, titled “If Tucker Runs in 2024, Here’s Who the Democrats Need,” declared that Stewart is the Democratic Party’s best chance of keeping hold of the White House. The author, Juleanna Glover, insists that Stewart is “a better fit than most politicians for what modern politics has become.”


Hugh Bonneville doubts that another “Downton Abbey” movie will be made. The 58-year-old, who played ‘Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham’ in both the period drama TV series and the 2 movies believes that the franchise has “probably run its course”. Speaking to Screen Rant, Bonneville said: “I was thinking for a while that (there) would be; we’re all up for it, and let’s go. But I think it’s probably run its course now. And it’s been a fantastic 12 years on and off that we’ve visited this family. But I think probably enough is enough.” He doesn’t’ regret his involvement in the movie sequel, though, saying that it “was a huge jolly” to film in the south of France.

A documentary about the life and career of ‘Captain Kirk’, William Shatner, is in the works. Alexandre O. Philippe is directing the untitled documentary film that’s being billed as the definitive movie about the 91-year-old “Star Trek” and “Boston Legal” icon, and the producers plan to debut footage from the film at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Shatner will speak on a panel moderated by “Clerks” director Kevin Smith. The doc is being produced by Legion M, an entertainment company with 35,000 shareholders that allows fans to invest directly in a project. Fans can do that with the Shatner documentary, and own a physical share in any potential profits the documentary earns.

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An Indiana personal trainer claims that running on all fours like a dog every day for nearly a year has done wonders for his physical fitness — and he says others should follow his lead. Videos showing off his unique form have amassed millions of views on TikTok. 31-YEAR-OLD Nathaniel Nolan says he came up with the idea himself, and since last August, he has set aside about 30 minutes each day for walking and running on his hands and feet. In one video from June with more than 21 million views, the Indianapolis native can be seen using his hands and feet to canter effortlessly across the grass. Nolan says his level of fitness has improved by literal leaps and bounds, his joint and back pain have dissipated, and his physique has become much more well-defined, as evidenced in his videos. Aside from his peculiar fitness regime, Nolan says he lives “a completely normal life”. LINK:

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Matt Groening named his show “The Simpsons” because he thought it was funny to have the word ‘simp’ (short for simpleton) in their name.

Scottish band The Bay City Rollers chose their name after sticking a pin in a map of America, which landed on the Michigan city.

Jamaica is the only country in the world whose flag does not contain the colors red, white or blue.

When you’re 31 years old, you’ll live your billionth second.

Hamsters can store half their own weight in food in their cheeks.


Question: 58% of people said they would do nearly anything to avoid doing this!

Answer: Returning something to the store

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A Japanese man who spent a whole year fishing small stones out of the soles of his sneakers may have inspired a new hobby. Neruno Daisuki, an illustrator and manga artist, recently got his 15 minutes of fame on Twitter after showing off the collection of pebbles and glass fragments he picked out of the soles of his shoes over the last year. You know how those small stones get stuck in the grooves of your shoes all the time — but who would ever think of collecting them? Well, this guy did, and after a year of painstaking work, Daisuki showed off his collection of 179 pebbles, 32 glass fragments, and 1 nut.

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A Reddit thread asked what rational sentence people could say today that would sound totally crazy 20 years ago. Once again, the internet didn’t disappoint . . .

⇒ “I store my contacts in the cloud.”

⇒ “The 2020 Olympics were held in 2021.”

⇒ “128 GB of storage is tiny.”

⇒ “Always put your mask on before going into a crowded bank.”

⇒ “Uber is when you give a stranger your location over the internet so you can get in their car.”

⇒ “Unplug your book so I can charge my cigarette.”

⇒ “Officer, where do they sell weed around here?”

⇒ “Betty White will outlive Michael Jackson & Prince.”

⇒ “Home Alone 2 has a future U.S. President in the movie.”

⇒ “I hate Bill Cosby.”

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Mississippi Teen Saves 3 Girls And Police Officer After Vehicle Sinks In River