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July 5th

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How do you feel when you’re riding in a car while your significant other drives? If your first thought was “anxious”, you’ve got company. A survey of 2,000 adults that looked into how people are generally being more careful while on the road found that over half of drivers “always” or “often” feel anxious about other drivers’ behavior (53%). Three in 5 agree that the pandemic has made people drive more unsafely (61%). Maybe that’s why 60% say they even keep their eye on the speedometer when someone else is driving. But here’s the big takeaway: Most of those in relationships admitted they get nervous when their partner is driving (63%). But all this nervousness about being on the road isn’t stopping us from hitting the highway. According to the OnePoll survey, 53% of us plan on taking more road trips this summer compared to 2019, before the pandemic.

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It looks like one heckuva summer for Gen Z and millennials. A new survey asked 2,000 of them about their summer plans and two-thirds said they’re going to be the busiest they’ve ever been. How busy? 67% of Gen Z respondents and 65% of millennials have overbooked themselves, saying they RSVPed to almost every event they’re invited to this season. The survey, by OnePoll, found that on the average person’s calendar, there are already 3 weddings, 3 birthday parties and 3 family getaways, among other events.


Wendy Williams, whose TV talk show ended on June 17, has already lined up some big names help launch her next venture, podcasting. According to her manager, Williams has talked to Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe about being guests — as she’s planning to focus more on her own personal favorites from the worlds of celebs, food and fashion. In addition, she is rumored to have had discussions with the Kardashians, and even a member of the Trump family, but it hasn’t been revealed which one. No timetable has yet been announced for her podcast debut. Meanwhile, Williams’ replacement on TV, Sherri Shepherd’s new daytime talker “Sherri” has been given a Sept. 12 premiere date.

Jason Momoa’s kids are his biggest supporters! On Monday, the “Aquaman” star was named the UN Environment Programme’s Advocate for Life Below Water at the UN Ocean Conference in Portugal. Momoa’s teens Lola Iolani and Nakoa-Wolf attended the special event with their dad. He posted a series of pics on Instagram that showed his kids intently listening to his discussion at the conference. He wrote: “I join the UN family and commit to the critically important work: to manage, protect and preserve the Ocean and all living creatures on our beautiful, BLUE planet.” Momoa concluded by giving a shout-out to his kids, who he shares with ex Lisa Bonet, writing: “Papa loves you babies, mahalo for standing by my side. LINK:

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It’s a common expression among cat owners: “She’s sitting there, judging me.” So common, in fact, that the internet is currently going wild for photos of “judgemental cats”. Tons of Reddit users are sharing pics of their critical creatures, who appear to be silently casting judgement on their owners with curled lips and squinting eyes. Felines with furrowed brows are also showing up on other social media platforms. The hashtag #judgmentalcat has more than 388,000 posts on TikTok. The but truth is, in spite of how it appears, “cats are not judgemental” says certified cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger. According to her, “there might be other things causing that expression. Perhaps the cat is feeling cornered…or maybe there’s a slight pain, or another animal [around]. People judge. That’s a human characteristic, not a feline characteristic.” And oddly, the feeling that our kitty is looking down at us actually has an upside: “A lot of people…think it’s cute and it will make them feel more warm and fuzzy towards the cat.” LINK:

Most people might think that successful people with humble roots empathize more with the poor. But according to new research, people born into wealth are the ones who are more sensitive to those who are barely getting by. The study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, found that those who fought their way up the economic ladder to become wealthy, tend to see social mobility as being easy, and therefore have less sympathy for those unable to follow them. The results of the research run contrary to the popular belief that coming from a privileged background makes you more indifferent to the economic plight of others.

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Of every 1 million Lego pieces produced, only 18 are defective.

There’s a mountain in Australia named Mt. Disappointment because the explorers were unimpressed with the view from the top.

The magic word “abracadabra” was originally intended to be spoken to cure hay fever.

The movie “Dumb and Dumber” was 10 times more popular than “Sense and Sensibility”.


Question: One-third of us enjoy eating THIS, but don’t like to admit it. What is it?

Answer: Hot dogs

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This summer marks the 3rd anniversary of the Summer of White Claw and the Great Hard Seltzer Boom that followed, where countless companies pumped out an impossible number of different offerings. Well, here’s one they HADN’T come up with – until now: Martin House Brewing Company in Fort Worth TX is using the water used to cook 52 pounds of hot dogs to whip up a new boozy concoction. The hard seltzer, dubbed “Bun Length,” is the latest addition to Martin House’s “The Awesome Sauce” hard seltzer line, and will clock in at 5.2% alcohol. If you want to try what we can only guess is the world’s first ‘Hot Dog Water Seltzer’, it will make its debut at the brewery’s Glizzy Fest on July 16.

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✓ “The fact that someone cut a chicken wing in half and managed to convince everyone it was 2 wings.”

✓ “‘Service fees’ are just an artificial way to pretend prices are lower than they really are. ‘That’s only $15!’ (plus $10 in service fees). Just say it’s $25!” (…and “no service fee!”)

✓ “Cups with so much ice that you only get 4 ounces of a drink in a 20-ounce cup.”

✓ “The fact that existing customers aren’t automatically moved to better deals once their contract ends. They hope you won’t switch companies and will pay the premium.”

✓”Insurance. You spend most of your life giving them money; then, when you need it, they turn over every stone to figure out how to deny you.”

✓ “Fast fashion. The reason your clothes don’t look good soon after you start wearing them is because they were made to break/fade after the first wash so you’ll keep buying more and more.”

✓ “Free trials that auto-enroll you at the end.”

✓ “Employers not giving raises that at least match inflation. Essentially paying you less money compared with the last year.”

✓ “Needing experience for an entry-level position.”

✓ “Women’s razors and other unnecessarily gendered products.”

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Drones Are Collecting Tons Of Plastic Waste Before It Reaches The Ocean