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Dear John,

My wife and I were married 20 years ago. Our anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and we're taking a little vacation to the same place we had our honeymoon. I wanted to bring our kids along, but she said that would be weird. I secretly want to renew our vows and make it another whole celebration. We've been through quite a bit in our twenty years. I stood by her side through some tough medical issues. She was with me through the loss of my mother and father. We've had ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. How do I convince her to let the kids come with us? I would have a separate room for them. We can finally afford to do this. DO I just tell her why I want to bring them? It would ruin the surprise, but would that be better?

Signed – Madly In Love

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August 18

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Scientists say they’ve finally discovered why thinking too hard makes you tired. In the study, published in the journal Current Biology, researchers used magnetic resonance spectroscopy to monitor brain metabolites over the course of 6 hours – roughly a workday – for 2 groups of people: one given mentally taxing tasks to complete, and another given easier versions. As expected, the first group started showing classic signs of fatigue: pupil dilation, loss of self-regulation, saying things like “I’m totally exhausted,” etc. But the MRS showed another symptom too: higher levels of the amino acid glutamate in the prefrontal cortex. Having glutamate in the brain is normal, but it’s also toxic to nerve cells, and the researchers think this may be what causes the tiring effect of thinking too hard. The theory is that cognitive work results in an accumulation of these noxious substances – so fatigue signals to us to us that it’s time to stop working in order to rest and regenerate the brain, rather than carrying on and making careless mistakes and lapses in judgment.

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Richer people are dining more often at family-style chain restaurants like Applebee’s and IHOP these days. In the quarter ending June 30, sales at the 2 chains grew 8% among households earning over $75,000 per year, as cash-strapped American consumers swap higher-priced goods for more affordable alternatives. And while that can be good news for Applebee’s and IHOP, there’s also a flip-side: Both brands saw their sales drop among households earning under $50,000 a year. Why? Dine CEO John Peyton, whose company owns both restaurants, says: “We assume that they’ve left us for lower-cost options.”


If you’re already missing “Better Call Saul”, I’ve got some bad news…with a bit of wiggle room. Co-creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan said at the Television Critics Association 2022 summer press tour that they don’t want to overdo the “Breaking Bad” universe, so we shouldn’t be holding our breath for more from the likes of ‘Walter White’ and ‘Saul Goodman’. Gilligan said that they “probably pushed it doing a spinoff of Breaking Bad”, and although he couldn’t be happier with the results, he also oversaw the sequel film “El Camino”, but it’s best to “know when to leave the party.” That’s said, the creators agreed that although they intend to create a new, unrelated series using much of the same crew behind the scenes, we shouldn’t completely close the door on Breaking Bad. Gould said: “Never say never. Who knows how we’re going to feel in a couple of years?”

Get ready to learn a lot more about Steve Martin. A new documentary is in the works about the life and career of the iconic comedian and star of the “Father of the Bride” movies. The 2-part film is being helmed by Oscar-winning director Morgan Neville. The still-untitled documentary will be released on Apple TV+. No release date has been announced. By the way, Martin, who turns 77 Sunday, has said that he is considering retiring after he finishes work on “Only Murders in the Building”, his acclaimed Hulu series co-starring Martin Short and Selena Gomez.

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You probably tip the person who cuts your hair. And the person who delivers your dinner. How about the person cutting your lawn? More and more often, we’re seeing a gratuity option on card payment machines in industries where tipping didn’t used to be customary. Think: Fast food chains. And auto mechanics. This modern phenomenon, known as “tip creep”, is causing some online discussion. Some, for whom the practice leaves a bad taste in their mouth, are venting about being asked if they’d like to pay an extra 15% or more on top of the price of takeout pizza, and oil change, or propane tank refill. Why now? For one, as customers shift away from carrying cash, it’s easier than ever for any business to ask for a bit extra by adding the automatic prompt to the card payment machine — what psychologists call a “tip nudge”. For another, as we learned in the depths of the pandemic, people who perform an essential service are sometimes undervalued – and very important. Inflation is another likely driver: faced with rising costs, employers may view tips as a way to address workers’ demands for higher pay without actually increasing their wages.

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Official temperatures used in weather apps are taken in shade, not under sunlight.

Likely due to climate change, allergy season is getting longer and more intense each year.

The human body becomes partially paralyzed during sleep to prevent harming itself when dreaming.

Wet hay bales can spontaneously combust when stored improperly.

Under extreme high pressure, diamonds can be made from peanut butter.


Question: 85% of us love the smell of this, but the rest think it stinks. What is it?

Answer: The ocean

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Weather experts have given names to hurricanes and tropical storms for years. Now, they’ve begun doing the same for extreme heat waves, after scientists decided to call the recent heat wave in Seville, Spain “Zoe.” An associate professor at Sevilla University — José María Martín Olalla — shared Zoe was recorded from July 24-27, when temperatures in the area reached 44°C (112 °F). Because of the hot temperatures the locals have endured this summer, a program called the proMETEO Sevilla Project was launched to bring awareness about the heat waves with the support of Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center of the Atlantic Council — a Washington-based nonprofit research center. In the naming process, scientists usually switch between female and male names starting backward in alphabetical order. The system is expected to become a model for other countries and governments.

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1. iphone is disabled, won’t connect to itunes (42,000 searches per month)

2. forgot iPhone passcode (38,000)

3. face id not working (32,000)

4. iphone stuck on apple logo (31,000)

5. iphone not charging (31,000)

6. iphone virus (18,000)

7. liquid detected in lightning connector (17,000)

8. iphone won’t turn on (16,000)

9. carplay not working (15,000)

airpods not connecting to iphone (13,000)

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A caregiver surprised the adults she supports by asking them to be her bridesmaids. Kayrin Callaghan of Cornwall, England, says when her fiancé proposed, she instantly knew she wanted the adults she supports, all of whom have Down syndrome, to be a part of her special day. She has struck up a special relationship with Jamie, Daisy, Francesca and Chloe, who range in age from 18-26, by enjoying trips to the local swimming pool and cinema together. She asked the 4 of them to be her “flowermaids” by getting them to open boxes full of balloons. All 4 were ecstatic and are already planning a bachelorette party for bride-to-be. Callaghan says there were plenty of happy tears when asked them to participate in her wedding, and she’s planning a “Disney-inspired Halloween wedding, so they’ll get to wear princess dresses.”