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August 30

National Beach Day

National Grief Awareness Day

National Toasted Marshmallow Day

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If picking a playlist was step #1 for you when you were getting set to study, you’re more likely to have had a high GPA. A survey of 2,000 people looked at the link between music and study habits — and found those who played music were likelier to have a GPA above 3.2 than those who studied in silence (84% vs. 78%). Results showed that half of respondents recall regularly listening to music while studying (49%), and 60% felt better able to study with something playing in the background. This percentage is even higher among younger students.

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The modern person leaves behind an online trail of 9,828 photos, 10,811 social media posts, and 126 email addresses over their lifetime. A OnePoll survey of 2,000 adults revealed that the average person shares over a third of their life online (36%) — which is still viewable long after they die. Researchers found that the average adult shares 276 posts on Instagram, 170 on Facebook, and 141 tweets every year. That amounts to 17,369 (Insta), 10,680 (F-book), and 8,911 (Twitter), respectively, over the average lifetime.


Friends fans”, get ready for some coffee! A Central Perk Coffeehouse is in the works and Central Perk coffee products are now available online. The brand is, of course, heavily inspired by the coffee spot and gossip headquarters in the TV show. The first location of Central Perk Coffeehouse will open in 2023, and will be “imbued with the same heart and soul as the iconic setting from the series,” according to Warner Bros., which says: “Central Perk Coffeehouse will be a place for fans (and friends) to slow down and come together over great coffee and eats.” But fans can get a first taste at home now. There are 3 available blends to choose from: the “How You Doin’?” medium roast blend, the “Pivot Blend” medium to dark roast coffee, and the “We Were on a Coffee Break” dark

When he’s not fighting Vecna, Noah Schnapp is protecting those in his city against another danger: drowning. The “Stranger Things” star has revealed that he has a part time job working as a lifeguard at his local pool. He told Flaunt that his part-time gig is “kind of a just-for-fun-thing.” While Schnapp is aware that he doesn’t exactly need this job, the 17-year-old feels it’s important for him to live like any other person his age. While he feels that he has grown up with a more-or-less “normal life and normal friends and stuff outside of Stranger Things,” the job serves to help keep him grounded. It’ll come to an end soon enough, though, as he has plans to head to the University of Pennsylvania this fall.

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Jimmy Fallon asked Twitter to share a “weird or funny story about a bad car you had…” Here are some of the most awesomely horrifying responses:

☞ “My ‘86 Jetta in high school. The horn would honk when you would turn left unless you held the lights halfway between regular and high beams.”

☞ “My mother had this ugly green Pinto and one day, while sitting at a red light, the engine literally fell to the ground. To get the attention of police, she took off her bra & tied it to the antenna!”

☞ “My college roommate had the ugliest ancient brown Toyota station wagon with a broken ignition, loud transmission, & mismatched doors. She lost the keys but could unlock & start it with a bent fork she stole from the cafeteria. We called it Mr Potato Car.”

☞ “I bought a 1981 Plymouth Horizon Miser back in ’84. It got to a point where the doors didn’t open from the outside, I had to crawl through the hatchback to get in…when I was 8 months pregnant.”

☞ “the wipers were broken. i tied strings to them & pulled on them when it rained. Sucked to be alone in bad weather.”

☞ “My car alarm would randomly go off as I was driving. People mistook for me for an undercover cop and would pull off to the side of the road to let me pass.”

☞ “My dad bought me a ’78 Chevette. It had no floor boards so he just put down a piece of plywood. One day, my sister and I were cruising around town when she told me to slowly pull forward. She lifted the board and picked up a $5 bill off the road.”

☞ “My first car was a Pontiac. I thought it was the cutest car on the street until it spontaneously combusted one night like a James Bond movie right in front of the house…Brand name of the car? Fiero.”

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To lose one pound of fat, you need to walk at least 35 miles [56km]

The average can of cat food has the nutritional equivalent of 5 mice.

75% of the world’s diet is produced from just 12 plants and 5 animal species.

Wearing headphones for an hour can increase the bacteria in your ear by 700%.

Only one out of every three people has 20/20 vision.

The flashes of colored light you see when you rub your eyes are called “phosphenes.”


Question: Stats show THIS is the type of person most likely to see a psychiatrist.

Answer: A married woman.

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A Tokyo clothing maker has teamed up with veterinarians to create a wearable fan for pets, hoping to attract the anxious owners of dogs – or cats – that can’t shed their fur coats in Japan’s blistering summer weather. The device consists of a battery-operated, 80-gram (3-ounce) fan that is attached to a mesh outfit and blows air around an animal’s body. It comes in 5 sizes and is priced at US $74.

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The average person tells 4 lies per day, says a new survey. And we believe that someone lies to us about 6 times daily. How can we tell? The poll, commissioned by Online Betting Guide and conducted by OnePoll, found that 53% of Americans believe they’re good at spotting when others are lying to them. 8% think they’re poor at it. Some other takeaways from the survey:

The tell-tale signs someone might be lying are avoiding eye contact and nervously talking.

24% believe they have an excellent ‘poker face’ for when they’re telling a fib.

3% think they have a terrible poker face.

The best times to employ bluffing skills include: when playing poker (32%), when someone asks if you like what they’re wearing and you don’t (30%), and when someone makes you a horrible meal (27%).

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