Show Notes for Friday, September 30, 2022

Today we visit with actor Pej Vahdat (Shameless, Bones, Empire, Arrow, etc)

Tej just appeared in THE OLD MAN for FX/Hulu in a major role and is also appearing opposite Kevin Bacon in Showtime’s City on a Hill, plus he has a third series with Dynasty on The CW.

We will visit about his new show CITY ON A HILL. Corrupt FBI agent Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) is back, looking to exploit Boston's criminal justice system in a desperate attempt to salvage his own career. Unfortunately for Jackie, ADA Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) is onto his adversary’s latest misstep.

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September 30

National Chewing Gum Day

National Hot Mulled Cider Day

National Love People Day

National Mud Pack Day

Orange Shirt Day

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If you drink coffee, then you’ll identify with this. Three in 4 coffee drinkers say they wouldn’t be able to go a single day without their mug of joe. That’s according to a poll of 2,000 coffee-drinkers. Other findings in the OnePoll survey: We average 2 cups a day, each taking about 21 minutes to finish. And we refuse to pay more than $3 for a regular-size brew. And what do we like to enjoy alongside our coffee? Chocolate is the most popular thing to pair with it, enjoyed by 43% of coffee enthusiasts, followed by breads (34%), cheeses (31%) and fruits (26%). And maybe most tellingly of how important coffee is to those who “know”, when it comes to what parts of our usual routine we’d give up in order to relax and enjoy a cuppa, more than a third (34%) said they’d give up checking email. Watching the news came second (32%), followed by exercising (30%), morning meditation (30%), hair grooming/styling (28%) and even brushing teeth (25%).

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It would appear that men are much more superstitious than women — especially when it comes to money. A study from Erasmus University in Netherlands found men – even those who claim to be non-believers — are much more likely to take financial risks or gamble after receiving a positive reading from a fortune teller.


Kelly Clarkson has officially been honored with a Hollywood star. The first “American Idol” was celebrated Monday, surrounded by her team, friends, colleagues and her 2 children — 8-year-old daughter River Rose and son Remington, who is 6. The Walk of Fame ceremony also saw all 3 of Idol’s original judges reunite. Twenty years after Clarkson was crowned the first winner of the singing competition show by judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, they joined forces once again to pay tribute to the contestant that “validated” the show. In a press release, Cowell said: “Where we were very lucky with Kelly was that not only could we find someone with a hell of a good voice, but she also had this amazing sense of humor, personality, charisma”, and noted that the show wouldn’t have gained popularity without Clarkson. Paula Abdul also spoke during the ceremony, as did Clarkson herself, who said: “There are dreams you didn’t know you had and they end up happening and you feel super blessed.”

If you’ve ever wondered why Kevin Smith’s film “Dogma” isn’t streaming anywhere – the director has an answer for you – Harvey Weinstein. Smith noted in a recent interview that the rights to his 1999 religious satire starring, among others, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, are currently being held “hostage” by disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. And Smith said that for the longest time, “I don’t think he realized that he still owned that movie.” At one point, Weinstein finally approached the director about creating a Dogma TV series or sequel, but those plans were scrapped when Weinstein was embroiled in scandal. Since then, Smith says he has tried to buy back the rights, but says Weinstein was asking for too much. Or, as he put it: “My movie about angels is owned by the devil himself.”

Christmas has come early for Hallmark Media. Soap star Alison Sweeney (also star of Hallmark’s “The Wedding Veil” trilogy) has agreed to a multi-picture deal with the channel. As part of it, she’ll be starring in “A Magical Christmas Village”, which she also executive produces with Luke Macfarlane and guest star Marlo Thomas. The movie premieres this year during Hallmark Channel’s annual ‘Countdown to Christmas’ programming event and features Sweeney as ‘Summer’, an architect living in a small town where she’s raising her young daughter. When her mother moves in, she finds her orderly life turned upside down. Sweeney also hosted 13 seasons of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”.

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It's Pumpkin Spice season. And if you’re one of those people who want pumpkin spice in everything from your Oreos to your…pumpkin spice…here is some good news: The spices that are mixed together to create pumpkin spice each have their own health benefits. That’s right: Pumpkin spice is actually pretty good for you. The flavor is generally made up of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and allspice. Cinnamon is thought to help control blood sugar levels, nutmeg has been used to treat many afflictions including cancer and kidney disease, but more research is needed. Ginger seems to be an effective treatment for nausea and morning sickness. Cloves are used to treat toothaches, and allspice is good for things like intestinal gas, diarrhea, flu and colds. And let’s not forget pumpkin. While it isn’t actually an ingredient in ALL pumpkin spice products, if it is used, you’re in luck. Pumpkin is high in vitamin A, which is good for your eyes, skin, and fighting infections.

It turns out that when Granny told you as a kid that you shouldn’t shower or bathe during a thunderstorm, she was right. Where there’s thunder, there’s lightning, and lighting can kill or maim in ways you’d least expect, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency cautions that since lightning can travel through plumbing, “it is best to avoid all water during a thunderstorm”, including showering, bathing washing dishes and washing hands. It notes that the risk of lightning traveling through plumbing is probably less with plastic pipes than with metal pipes, but “it’s best to avoid any contact with plumbing and running water during a lightning storm to reduce your risk of being struck”. And the CDC says that’s not the only danger. You should stay off porches and balconies, don’t go near windows and doors, and don’t “lie down on concrete floors or lean against concrete walls.” Furthermore: don’t “use anything connected to an electrical outlet, such as computers or other electronic equipment.” The CDC says you should “Stay off corded phones”, but cell phones and cordless phones are safe, “if they are not connected to an outlet through a charger.”


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The US National Hot Dog and Sausage Council ruled that hot dogs aren’t sandwiches.

The more features your phone has, the more time you spend in the bathroom.

UPS was started by two teenagers with one bicycle and $100 borrowed from a friend.

Cats lose almost as much fluid through grooming as they do through urination.


Question: In a survey, 29% of people said THIS their favorite thing about Fall. What is it?

Answer: Lower electricity bill

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A grieving woman is spending $4,000 and traveling over 7,000 miles (11,265km) so her beloved hamster’s ashes can be spread in Hawaii. ‘Spud’ passed away in March at the impressive age of 3 years, 7 months. And owner Lisa Murray-Lang of Birmingham UK wants to give the Syrian hamster a special send-off. Why Hawaii? She says doted on the hamster throughout his life, and often created lifelike locations for him to visit. She recreated cardboard versions of London, Paris and Coronation Street during lockdown and let the hamster play in them. Spud particularly liked to visit the model version of Hawaii while he was alive, so Lisa and her husband are “going to take him down to the beach (and) play BeyoncĂ©’s ‘I Was Here’” while they scatter his ashes, and plan to leave a message in the sand saying ‘Spud visited’”. She feels it’ll be the perfect send-off because “He’ll finally get to come along on a real holiday for once.” They plan to fly via Amsterdam – or “Hamsterdam,” as she calls it.

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Whyzit ‘tug’ boats push their barges?

Whyzit the least experienced fisherman always catches the biggest fish?

Whyzit there is always one or two ice cubes that won’t pop out of the tray?

Whyzit ‘palindrome’ isn’t spelled the same way backwards?

Whyzit the bus is always late … unless you are?

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Crossville High School had their annual homecoming football game on Friday evening and it turned out to be anything other than ordinary. Senior Juleydi Franco Ramos was crowned homecoming queen during halftime and with upmost humility, kindness and selflessness, relinquished the crown to fellow classmate and first alternate Lilliana Pahaumba Roque. Roque, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and spends most of her time in a wheelchair, is always smiling and is one of the most inspiring students at the school.

Watch here.

Original social media post from the school principal here.

Check out an interview of Ramos, Roque and the principal on WBRC-TV's Good Day Extra today here.

(Starting at 26:30)

When I received the crown I immediately knew I had to present it to Llilliana,” says an emotional Ramos. “Lilliana is such a light to everyone she comes in contact with and she deserves this more than anyone.”

It means so much to me because I have never experienced anything like that,” says Roque. “It made me want to cry. I have been in hospitals and awful places since I was little girl but I have never seen a person doing that for me.”

Mr. Peppers, the principal of the school, is a committed example of how the students should present themselves and he couldn’t be more proud of their actions.

It came to my attention several weeks ago that the senior girls were discussing giving Lilliana the crown,” explains Mr. Peppers, Principal of Crossville High School. “When Juleydi was crowned, I didn’t know if that would come to fruition but she nodded at me and I knew she wanted to present it to Lilliana. It was such an emotional moment for everyone.”

Mr. Peppers continues, “I am so proud of these students. They exemplify outstanding character, generosity and kindness. Juleydi is always thinking of others and Lillian is a bright spot in our lives every day through the smile on her face. We are so blessed to have these types of students in our school.”