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Dear John,

I have been single for about three years after losing my wife of over twenty years to cancer. I decided to get back out there start dating again. I met a young lady that connected with me. We had an amazing date. We both had a great time. I could tell she was having a fun time. When I paid for dinner I used a coupon. I noticed that her demeanor changed. I didn't bring it up, but the date certainly changed. When we parted ways everything was OK. I've tried to connect with her for a second date and she ghosted me for about a week. I finally called her instead of texting. When I offered to take her out for dinner, she asked if I had a Groupon or something. I thought that was rude, but I chuckled a little. I asked why that was such a big deal. She said she doesn't want to date a broke guy. I'm not broke at all. I have over a million dollars in my bank account right now and more in savings. But I have that because I have spent money in a smart way. Do I tell her that? At this point we have not made plans. I feel like maybe I should not have used the coupon at dinner. Should I avoid that on future dates? What is the right thing to do these days?

Signed – Lost And Lonely

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September 8

National Ampersand Day

National Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day

National School Picture Day

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The science-backed benefits of smiling…

😊 Smile the pain away: Research shows that smiling while running can make you more efficient and make the run feel more manageable. It can also help you tolerate the pain of a needle. Smiles send cues to our brains that we’re okay.

😊 De-stress: When you smile in a tense situation, your heart rate slows down, and stress starts to melt away — even if you’re not actually feeling smiley.

😊 Look your best: It’s a fact — we find people more attractive when they smile.

😊 Make a friend: People often rely on nonverbal communication. Smiling makes you appear more trustworthy and can help deepen bonds with people faster.

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Netflix has denied a report that it plans to price its upcoming ad-supported tier between $7-9 per month. The streaming giant said that the report from Bloomberg News was “speculation” and that execs are still mulling a price for the tier, which will be rolled out to select markets before the end of the year. A Netflix rep said: “This is all just speculation at this point.” Bloomberg reported Friday that the streamer, known for hits like “Stranger Things,” “You” and “Bridgerton,” is looking to price its commercial-supported offering between $7 and $9 to compete with rival Disney, which said earlier this year that its ad-supported tier for Disney+, named “Disney+ Basic”, will cost $7.99 a month when it launches on Dec. 8.


Dwayne Johnson is known for his intense workouts and strict diet, but a director who previously worked with him has revealed just how truly dedicated he is to maintaining his shredded physique. Stephen Merchant, who directed 2019’s “Fighting With My Family” starring Johnson, spoke about the former WWE wrestler’s “regimented” eating schedule. He says that “someone told” him that when Johnson goes out for dinner, he brings his own food to the restaurant and has them heat it up, because his diet is so structured. Merchant also told the tale of a meeting with Johnson in Texas just before WrestleMania, when, according to him, The Rock’s “alarm would go off at like 3:17 p.m. and he would go to the fridge and there would be turkey and rice with ‘3:17 p.m.’ written on it, and he would microwave it.”

Former “America’s Got Talent” quarterfinalist Hans, also known as Matt Gilbertson, is recovering after he suffered numerous injuries after falling from a stage on a cruise in Europe. The Australian cabaret star, who performs under the alter ego of camp German accordion player Hans, was airlifted from Turkey to London for treatment last Thursday. Hans opened up about the terrifying incident in post shared to his Instagram and Facebook accounts. Alongside a video showing emergency crews at the scene, he wrote that while he didn’t “want to alarm anyone, I do want to let everyone know what’s happened”. According to Hans, on the evening of Aug. 25, while he was performing on a ship’s stage, he was “involved in an incident on stage…that saw me falling 4 meters into an orchestra pit.” LINK:

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An Australian has been convicted of murdering his wife 40 years ago – thanks to a crime podcast. 74-year-old Christopher Dawson faces a possible life sentence after a renewed police investigation was triggered by the popular podcast “The Teacher’s Pet”. Dawson had opted for a trial by judge instead of a jury in Supreme Court due to his notoriety from the podcast, which 60 million people have listened to. An episode of The Teacher’s Pet set out a circumstantial case that Dawson had murdered his wife, Lynette in 1982. At the time, Dawson was a high school teacher who was in a relationship with a teenage former student and babysitter for his 2 daughters. The judge found the husband killed his wife because he feared losing his lover. The podcast, which sparked headlines around the world, received a journalism award for uncovering “long-lost statements and new witnesses”, and prompting Australian police to renew the search for Lynette’s body.


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The unique smell of rain actually comes from plant oils, bacteria, and ozone.

Honey is so easy to digest because it has already been digested by the bee.

If you heat up a magnet, it will lose its magnetism.

Only female ducks quack (Males coo, hoot, honk and grunt, but they don’t quack).

The world record for the heaviest pumpkin is 1,190 kg (2,625 lbs.).


Question: With kids going back to school, 28% of parents are looking forward to THIS again. What is it?

Answer: Packing their lunches

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We’ve got synthetic meat, so why not synthetic milk? Apparently, it’s a thing, and it’s coming. Synthetic milk does not require cows or other animals. It can have the same biochemical make up as animal milk, but is grown from cells using an emerging biotechnology technique know as “precision fermentation.” Synthetic milks offer dairy milk without concerns like methane emissions or animal welfare. And here’s another great thing: Unlike synthetic meat – which can struggle to match the complexity and texture of animal meat – synthetic milk is said to have the same taste, look, and feel as normal dairy milk. Although it still has a few obstacles to overcome to become a sustainable and viable alternative to animal-based milk, synthetic milk is not a sci-fi fantasy; it already exists. In the US, the Perfect Day company supplies animal-free protein, which is then used to make ice cream, protein powder, and milk. And an Australian company projects that within 7 years, its synthetic milk will be cheaper than cow milk.

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Most watched Netflix shows
(based on hours watched)

1. Squid Game season 1: 1.65 billion hours

2. Stranger Things season 4: 1.35 billion hours

3. Money Heist part 5: 792.2 million hours

4. Bridgerton season 2: 656.2 million hours

5. Bridgerton season 1: 625.5 million hours

6. Money Heist part 4: 619 million hours

7. Stranger Things season 3: 582.1 million hours

8. Lucifer season 5: 569.5 million hours

9. All of Us Are Dead season 1: 560.8 million hours

10. The Witcher season 1: 541 million hours

11. Inventing Anna: 511.9 million hours

12. 13 Reasons Why season 2: 496.1 million hours

13. Ozark season 4: 491.1 million hours

14. The Witcher season 2: 484.3 million hours

15. 13 Reasons Why season 1: 475.6 million hours

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May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.” – George Carlin

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Bodycam Footage Shows Police Officer Save Child Who Was Not Breathing