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Dear John,

I'm a single parent and my teen-age son is pushing my buttons. He's been lashing out for several years. He's been in trouble at school and it seems to be getting worse. I'm about ready to give up and let him find out what it's like in the system. Any advice? I think I may need professional help!

Signed – Mad Momma

We are going to visit with Dr. Charles Sophy about this. He is the medical director for Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services, and has been a regular guest on Dr. Phil for 20 years. He has a new book out right now. FAMILY VALUES: Reset Trust, Boundaries, and Connection With Your Child -

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October 6

National Coaches Day

National German-American Day

National Mad Hatter Day

National Noodle Day

National Orange Wine Day

National Plus Size Appreciation Day

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Most people have a magical amount in their head, believing “if only” they had that much money, they’d be truly happy. But it seems it’s not quite as easy as that. When they reach that number, the target changes and becomes higher. That’s human nature. Here are 2 overarching truths about money and happiness…

Earned money results in higher levels of happiness: This is true at all income levels but is especially true for the highest earners. Coming into a windfall, such as an inheritance, quick stock-option wealth, or winning a lottery, is unlikely to give you the happiness that earning your affluence brings.

How you spend money also influences happiness: Research shows that spending money on others results in greater satisfaction and joy than spending it only on yourself. While we may believe that we will gain happiness from retail therapy, indulging, or rewarding ourselves, happiness actually increases when we spend money on others. Even spending small amounts on others, including strangers and those in need, increases our happiness and life satisfaction.

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Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dog breed, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has surged in popularity following Her Majesty’s death. New data shows that searches for Corgi puppies have increased tenfold since her passing, with some breeders selling the dogs for as much as £6,000 (US $6,400). The Queen first fell in love with the breed in 1933 when her father, King George VI, gifted a corgi to Elizabeth and Margaret. They have been in the royal family ever since.


Kate Moss is selling products made out of…sea moss. A few weeks ago, the supermodel launched her Cosmoss wellness brand, and is now planning to release her “medicinal” beauty products line, containing Chondrus crispus, which is more commonly known as Irish moss or carrageen moss. Documents obtained by the Sunday Mirror claim that she’ll be selling “moss for medicinal purposes” amongst a host of other cosmetic products.

Buckingham Palace is reportedly taking steps to protect King Charles ahead of the latest season of “The Crown”. The upcoming 5th season, which launches on Netflix Nov. 9, is set to focus on Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce in the ’90s, as well his affair with his now-wife Camilla. Diana is being played by Elizabeth Debicki, while Dominic West takes on the role of the then-Prince of Wales. A friend of the King allegedly spoke to The Telegraph, accusing Netflix of having “no qualms about mangling people’s reputations,” and calling the show “exploitative.” They told the paper, “What people forget is that there are real human beings and real lives at the heart of this,” and insisted the show is a “drama not a documentary”. The comments come after a trailer was released, showing Debicki and West preparing to give TV interviews about their relationship. LINK:

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has opened up about not recasting the role of ‘T’Challa’ in the upcoming Black Panther sequel “Wakanda Forever” after Chadwick Boseman’s death. In an interview with Empire, Feige said he felt Boseman needed to be honored, not replaced, in the follow-up film. Feige said: “It was much too soon to recast…The world is still processing the loss of Chad. Once that decision was made, Feige said “The conversations were entirely about ‘What do we do next? And how could the legacy of Chadwick continue?”

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General Motors is going from electric cars to electric carts. The automaker is launching a battery-powered cart designed for grocery pick-up services. It is being marketed under GM’s new BrightDrop brand, which sells its electric commercial vans and other tech. The BrightDrop Trace Grocery features 9 temperature-controlled drawers, and is weatherproofed for use in all seasons. It can handle loads up to 350 pounds (160kg) and reach speeds of 3 mph (5kph). The idea is that Trace Grocery allows employees to place a customer’s order directly into specific compartments of the unit before it is parked curbside for pick-up. The customer then pulls up to the eCart, and gains access to their groceries using a verification code through the store’s app. Grocery retailer Kroger has been testing the Trace, which is expanding to other retailers, and will be widely available in 2024.

Picture this: you’re standing on a bus, wearing a face mask, and an alert pops up on your phone. It notifies you that you’ve been in contact with someone who has COVID. Rather than heading to work, or to visit your grandma, you decide to stay home, just in case you’re infectious. The chain of transmission is broken. Scientists in China say they’ve have created a highly sensitive mask that can detect common respiratory viruses – such as COVID-19, flu and even bird flu – floating in the air. The mask then alerts the wearer via their mobile devices within 10 minutes. The mask is fitted with aptamers, which are a type of synthetic molecule that can identify unique proteins of pathogens.

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If you laid all the aluminum cans recycled in 2010 end to end, they would circle the earth 169 times.

In America, 105,800 cans are recycled every minute.

There is no limit to the amount of times an aluminum can, can be recycled.

Your television can run for 3 hours from the energy saved by recycling one can.

Aluminum cans are worth about a penny each.

More aluminum goes into beverage cans than any other product.


Question: 40% of women say doing THIS puts them in a good mood. What is it?

Answer: A nice, relaxing bath

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If you sometimes have trouble falling asleep, I think this might be of interest to you. The world’s first real sheep-counting sleep experience has been unveiled. Located in a field full of the fluffy farm animals in Sussex, England, the sleep dome will host 2 guests and feature a luxurious double-bed with beautiful views in every direction. Guests will be encouraged to count the numbered sheep outside the dome before drifting off into blissful slumber underneath the stars. Sleep tech company Emma Sleep, which came up with the “Shleep Sanctuary” experience, has launched a contest offering 2 people the chance to try it when it opens next summer. Guest will also enjoy evening dinner and a morning yoga session and a breakfast hamper made up of locally-sourced food. LINK:

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What is Popeye’s last name?

Why is it that Goofy can talk, but Pluto can’t?

Why doesn’t Wil E. Coyote sue the ACME company?

How does SpongeBob light a fire underwater?

Left or right at Albuquerque?

Why does Batman have a cape, but he can’t fly?

Why do Tom and Jerry never wear any clothes, EXCEPT when they go to the beach?

Will we ever find out where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Why were those darn kids always meddling?

What exactly WAS up, Doc?

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Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?” – John Barrymore

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Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? If you were on Facebook in 2014, you might have even participated in it. You’d be tagged by a friend to either drop a bucket of ice water on your head OR donate to the ALS Association (or both). The trend raised awareness of ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that impacts muscle movement. It also raised $115 million for the ALS Association. Now, 8 years later, the FDA has approved a new drug to treat the disease, after money raised through the challenge was used to fund a study of the drug. It’s still not clear how effective the drug is, but ALS patients have been eagerly awaiting its approval. All this, thanks to a viral Facebook challenge!