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Dear John,

My wife's sister recently went through a divorce. She moved in with us and has been staying here for about a month. I'm happy to host her until she gets back on her feet, but I'm not thrilled with her bringing her boyfriends over. We have small children. I think she's setting a really bad example for them. I tried to say something to her, but my wife shushed me. My wife and I spoke privately about this and she agrees, but she also wants to make sure we don't push her sister out and she ends up moving in with some random guy she meets at a bar. I think it would be good for her to take a little break from guys to figure out what she wants to do with her life. I feel like an old man complaining about this stuff, but it maters to me... and I think it matters to my wife too. How do we have this conversation with my sister-in-law without pushing her out?

Thank you,

Concerned Dad

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October 27

National American Beer Day

National Black Cat Day

National Civics Day

Navy Day

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According to a recent survey conducted by, 71 percent of Americans plan to celebrate the spooky holiday this year. The survey polled a cross-section of 2,208 adults, aged 18 and over.

Favorite Halloween candy?

Reese’s (58 percent)

Kit Kats (49 percent)

M&M’s (44 percent)

Snickers (42 percent)

Twix (40 percent)

Least favorite Halloween candy?

Candy Corn (47 percent)

Swedish Fish (36 percent)

Sour Patch Kids (30 percent)

Almond Joy (26 percent)

Three Musketeers (18 percent)

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Do women have better memories than men? Psychology textbooks and science books have made repeated claims that women remember more words than men, but finally, we have data confirming it. Researchers at the University of Bergen found that “the female advantage” when it comes to vocabulary and its use “is consistent across time and life span, but it is also relatively small.”


The Crown” is putting one of Princess Diana’s most infamous moments front and center. The trailer for season 5 of the Netflix drama, released yesterday, gives a peek at Diana’s 1995 interview on the BBC documentary series “Panorama”, in which she discussed the dissolution of her marriage with then-Prince Charles. In her iconic black blazer and white t-shirt, Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, tells journalist Martin Bashir, played by Prasanna Puwanarajah, “I won’t go quietly. I’ll battle ’til the end.” Elsewhere in the trailer, Charles (Dominic West) and his mother Queen Elizabeth II (Imelda Staunton) argue about the state of the family, as Charles contends, “For years I’ve called for a more modern monarchy that reflects the world outside.” But as Charles is seen waving to girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles from a Buckingham Palace window, the Queen says, “I don’t think it’s my behavior that’s threatening its survival.” Season 5 of The Crown drops Nov. 9. LINK:

That 70s Show” star Danny Masterson’s rape trial recently began in LA, and it’s now reported that Lisa Marie Presley could be called to testify. Presley is on the prosecution’s witness list, not necessarily due to witnessing any alleged crimes, but as more of a character witness regarding the Church of Scientology. Masterson is still a member of the controversial organization, which Presley left in 2014. Other names on the prosecution’s list include Carmen Llywelyn — who was married to “My Name Is Earl” star Jason Lee — and actress Brie Shaffer, who once worked as Masterson’s personal assistant. Llywelyn has previously stated she still has nightmares about her experiences with Scientology.

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The great debate about properly storing chocolate has finally been settled. The optimum temperature for keeping chocolate at its best is 18ºC (65ºF), according to food scientists at Galaxy Chocolate, meaning unless you have an exceptionally hot household, a cupboard will do just fine. Despite this, over three quarters of us have been getting this wrong, by popping it into the fridge. The chocolate brand surveyed consumers about their chocolate eating and storing habits and compared the findings to its own research. The scientists say that the best time to eat chocolate is 9-11am, and they advise against chewing chocolate, because “by letting it melt you’re allowing cocoa butter to coat your mouth, allowing you to experience all flavors”. On the other hand, 74% of consumers admit to wolfing down their chocolate, the experts be darned!

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A tossed coin is slightly more likely to land the way it was facing when flipped.

When it was introduced in 1848, the modern golf ball was called the “gutta-percha” ball.

The typewriter was invented before the fountain pen.

In the 13th century, Europeans baptized children with beer.

The top speed of a chicken at full gallop is 9 mph (14.5kph).


Question: 10% of us admit that we aren’t very good at THIS. What is it?

Answer: Spelling

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Most people would rather forget the heights of the pandemic — but this mom has immortalized it with her baby’s name. Jodi Cross, of Bedfordshire, England, found out she was pregnant with her first daughter during the second coronavirus lockdown in 2021 — after a year spent trying to start a family. She and her husband Rob chose to name their newborn, who arrived Nov. 28, 2021, ‘Lockie’. Yup, short for ‘Lockdown’, because they’re happy to remember that time in their lives.

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These are the top Halloween-related searches in the past month, according to Google Trends (US):

Top-searched costumes:

1. Daredevil

2. Princess Diaries

3. Monster High

4. The Purge

5. Starfire

Top-searched Halloween movies:

1. Halloween (1978)

2. Hocus Pocus

3. Halloween Ends

4. Hocus Pocus 2

5. Halloween Kills

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The first time I sang in the church choir; two hundred people changed their religion. - Fred Allen

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A Farmer Was Injured Saving A Puppy. His Town Rallied To Bring In His Harvest