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October 4

National Cinnamon Bun Day

National Golf Lover’s Day

National Taco Day

National Vodka Day

National Eat Fruit At Work Day

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While it’s a known fact that some kids aren’t big fans of eating greens, a new study shows that dietary preferences could develop before they’re even born. Fetuses create more of a “laughter-face” in the womb when exposed to the flavor of carrots consumed by their mother — and create a “cry-face” response when exposed to kale, according to a study published in the journal Psychological Science. While some studies have suggested that babies can taste and smell in the womb, this is the first research “showing direct evidence of fetal reactions to flavors in the womb.”

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Having you been taking your pills wrong? Researchers at Johns Hopkins University say you should consider your posture when taking medication. They found whether you’re standing upright or leaning, as well as which side you’re leaning to, can affect how fast the contents of a pill are absorbed into your body. The bottom line is that leaning to your right side after swallowing a pill could speed absorption by about 13 minutes, compared to staying upright. Leaning to the left? Bad idea – that could slow absorption by more than an hour. They say that standing or sitting up straight is “still an excellent way” to take a pill, but, if you’re lying down afterward, turning to your right side could significantly speed up the rate at which the drug is going to be absorbed by your body. A person’s posture affects the rate of dissolution of the pills for 2 reasons: the shape of the stomach and gravity.


The voice of the Dark Side now belongs to other forces. More than 4 decades after he first voiced arguably cinema’s most famous villain, James Earl Jones has ended his career as ‘Darth Vader’. The 91-year-old has agreed to allow a Ukrainian AI company to replicate his voice for future “Star Wars” releases. Sound artists at Lucasfilm and the Ukrainian AI speech company Respeecher digitally recreated Jones’ voice for the recently released Disney+ series “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi”. Though Hayden Christensen wore Vader’s infamous suit in the series, it was Respeecher that provided his voice. Jones’ family says he was pleased with the results and gave them permission to continue recreating his voice in future projects.

Better Call Saul” star Rhea Seehorn has her next gig lined up. While plot details are being kept under wraps, we know that Seehorn has landed the starring role in Vince Gilligan’s next series, which he created and will work as showrunner and exec producer for. It has a 2-season order from Apple, and in a statement, Gilligan said: “After 15 years, I figured it was time to take a break from writing antiheroes… and who’s more heroic than the brilliant Rhea Seehorn?” She’s the latest Better Call Saul star to set up a new series. Bob Odenkirk will lead the AMC series “Straight Man,” while Giancarlo Esposito will star in the drama “Parish”, also for AMC.

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You’re probably aware that, because of the Queen’s death, the currency used by many countries will require a re-design, swapping out the former monarch’s face for King Charles’. Well, it seems ketchup bottles will require a change as well. If you have a look at Heinz ketchup bottles sold in the UK, you’ll see an image of the royal coat of arms at the top. In order to feature this symbol, brands need to be granted a Royal Warrant document. This works in exchange for supplying goods and services to the royals. The warrants became void when the Queen died – and brands like Heinz that use the distinctive symbol will have to remove them and make sure the new branding applies to King Charles III. Manufactures need to prove their products are used by royal households to achieve a new warrant.

Awkward! Some buyers of Apple’s pricey new iPhone 14 Pro lineup say they’re experiencing bizarre problems with the smartphone’s cameras. It appears the problem is only affecting the iPhone Pro and Pro Max cameras when users open apps such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. A YouTube video shows an iPhone 14 Pro Max’s camera vibrating uncontrollably with the TikTok app open. The phone also produces a strange rattling sound. Dozens of Reddit users complained about the issue on a forum for iPhone users. And a few social media users said they were able to exchange their damaged phones for a new one. Apple says a software update, to be released next week, will correct the issue. LINK:

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Forcing a smile actually makes you happier.

The crowd at a Louisiana State University football game once cheered so loudly that it registered as an earthquake on a local seismograph.

During the entire run of the “Gilligan’s Island” TV show, it was never revealed if ‘Gilligan’ was his first or last name.

Videogames have been found to be more effective at battling depression than therapy.


Question: If this is an average day, you’ll do THIS more than 20 times. What is it?

Answer: Complain

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A Corvette owner has claimed the Guinness record for driving the fastest mile — in reverse. Aptly-named Scot Burner completed the feat at the NCM (National Corvette Museum) Motorsports Park track in Bowling Green, Kentucky, just down the road from where his 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was built. He completed the one-mile oval course in 75.18 seconds at an average speed of 48 mph (77kph). Burner beat the previous record of 97.02. Quote: “It hasn’t caught on yet, but maybe this will get people interested.”

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We’ve all heard of job interview “red flags”. Recently, the BuzzFeed Community was asked to reveal their job interview GREEN flags — little hints that a job is going to treat you right…

✓ “If they greet the receptionist when they come to retrieve me, that’s a green flag. That tells me that they’re relaxed enough to take the time to say hi to people, and I’m not dealing with a jerk who’s trying to impress me with how important they are.”

✓ “When they ask you questions about yourself (Interests, hobbies, etc.) It shows they are interested in learning how you will fit into the team, and that they aren’t interested in someone who eats, breathes, and sleeps work 24/7.”

✓ “If they ask what you do for self-care. It’s a signal they see work/life balance as important and want you to be self-aware about your mental health.”

✓ “When you ask the interviewers something about the business, like their culture, sustainability, values etc, and they answer with genuine passion about the company.”

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What the world needs is more geniuses with humility; there are so few of us left.
Oscar Levant

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John Cena is adding another trophy to his belt. The wrestler-turned-actor has broken the Guinness World Record for the most Make-A-Wish Foundation wishes granted with 650. He’s the most requested Make-A-Wish celebrity, with no other star even coming close. Cena has been granting wishes since 2002, a few years after he began his career as a professional wrestler. As his popularity as a 16-time world champion soared, so did children’s requests for him to grant their wishes. When he was honored for granting 500 wishes in 2015, Cena said: “I just drop everything. If I can offer a fantastic experience, I’ll be first in line to do my part.”