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November 22

National Cranberry Relish Day

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Inflation is getting so bad that it’s affecting Santa. In a new poll, half of respondents said that because of rising prices and a weak economy, “Santa will be less generous” this holiday season. A WalletHub survey of 400 people in the US found that 40% of people are actually foregoing purchasing ANY gifts this year because of inflation. For those still planning to buy presents, many are pretty cranked up for the holiday season, with 47% saying they are starting their shopping earlier this year. And while 28% say they will spend less this year than they did last holiday season, here are some things that survey respondents said they’d actually be willing to pay MORE for: “peace and quiet” (52%), faster delivery (40%), friendly customer service (28%), and gift wrapping (25%). One more stat: More than 1 in 4 of us still have credit card debt from the 2021 holiday season…

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If you really listen, your pet turtle might have something to say to you. A new study published in Nature Communications has identified sounds made by 53 species, many of which were previously thought to be mute. Fifty of the species were turtles, with tuataras (a reptile found in New Zealand), caecilians (a limbless amphibian), and the South American lungfish rounding out the group. Each species was recorded for at least 24 hours, and results revealed sounds including clicking, chirping, hissing, and purring. Some turtles “made many different types of sounds.” Others, although they had a more limited vocabulary, “wouldn’t stop chatting,” according to the researchers.


Margot Robbie has just revealed that her long-awaited “Pirates of the Caribbean” isn’t happening. She was supposed to star in a spinoff film separate from the main series, but says the whole idea has been scrapped. She’s on the cover of the December issue of Vanity Fair, and when asked in an interview about the movie, she said: “We had an idea and we were developing it for a while…to have more of a female-led, not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story – which we thought would’ve been really cool, but I guess they [Disney] don’t want to do it.” Robbie’s Pirates spinoff was announced in June, 2020.

John Madden, the ex-NFL coach and broadcaster who became synonymous with Thanksgiving, thanks to his turkey leg awards to star players, will be honored by the league this year with several commemorative features. With his telestrator and his penchant for yelling “Boom!” after a big play, Madden was as much a part of the Thanksgiving holiday as a family gathering and gravy. Madden died at age 85 last year, and the NFL is going to reflect on his lasting contributions with the “John Madden Thanksgiving Celebration,” offering special Madden segments on the day’s broadcasts.

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It’s an essential body function. So, how much sleep do you need to be healthy? The answer depends largely on your age…

Newborns (0-3 months): 14-17 hours per day.

Babies (4-12 months): 12-16 hours, including naps.

Toddlers (1-2 years): 11-14 hours, including naps.

Kids (3-5 years): 10-13 hours, including naps.

School kids (5-12 years): 9-12 hours.

Teens (13-18 years): 8-10 hours.

Adults (18-60 years): 7-9 hours.

Seniors: (60+): Recommended sleep time is the same as other adults – 7-9 hours. But for seniors, it’s sometimes harder to get high-quality sleep, and extra naps may help with that.

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Toilets account for 35% of indoor water use.

The average lifespan of a major league baseball is 7 pitches.

Writing down your worries before taking an exam can help combat test anxiety, improve performance, and boost your test scores.

Until 2004, caffeine was on the International Olympic Committee list of banned substances.

On average, there are 178 sesame seeds on each McDonald’s Big Mac bun.


Question: If time travel was possible, 53% of people say they would use it to change THIS about their life. What is it?

Answer: Their college major

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We’ve all heard of working from home, but in this job, you not only get to do it from your house, you never have to leave the couch. Streaming service Prime Video Australia is conducting a nationwide search to fill the position of “Prime Video Buff”. The ‘content junkie’ who is selected for the job will be paid to watch and recommend the latest Prime Video films and TV shows to Aussies, to encourage them to discover programs available on the platform. This job is just a 3-month contract at this point, but the pay is pretty good: Up to $40,000 to simply watch movies and shows – for 3 months. The company says it is “looking for someone who lives and breathes entertainment to help customers find new content and genres that they normally might not pick.” Apply here: https://www.amazon.com.au/b?ie=UTF8&node=14616208051

Trailer link: https://tinyurl.com/2p8z8my3

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According to Rolling Stone…

5. “‘Idiocracy” (2006): Mike Judge’s satire is the go-to comedy of the Trump Era, a fun place to laugh about the dystopic trash pile that currently engulfs us. (Even though it takes place 500 years in the future…)

4. “Step Brothers” (2008): Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play stunted adults forced into the same family when their parents remarry. Their bozo back-and-forth idiocy makes this a modern classic.

3. “Bridesmaids” (2011): Proudly feminine, this ensemble raunch-com celebrates the inner paranoia and outer politeness of best frenemies. (And then there’s Melissa McCarthy’s instantly classic food-poisoning scene – “It’s coming out of me like lava!”)

2. “In the Loop (2009): “Veep” creator Armando Ianucci’s bitter, foul-mouthed political satire about the backroom back-and-forth between the US and UK in the run-up to a new war, demonstrates how terrible decisions can be made thanks to ineptitude, spite and cover-your-butt cowardice.

1. “Best in Show” (2000): 16 years after “This Is Spinal Tap”, Christopher Guest executes another milestone mockumentary about a competitive dog show. Canines play straight men while every caricature becomes a sympathetic character. Then, halfway through, Fred Willard steals the show as a borscht belt TV commentator. Ridiculous, yes. But you walk away feeling that you’ve spent 90 minutes watching real people.

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