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December 17

National Maple Syrup Day

Wright Brothers Day

National Wreaths Across America Day

December 18

National Twin Day

National Roast Suckling Pig Day

Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day

Chanukah Begins

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If you tend to hit the snooze button a couple times every morning, chances are, you’re chronically tired. A study published in the journal Sleep suggests that those who use an alarm clock to wake up are more tired than those who wake up naturally. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame found that 57% of employed, salaried adult white-collar workers snooze their alarms. Those who do hit snooze were found to experience more sleep disturbances — and people who woke up naturally were found to sleep longer and drink less caffeine during the day. Women were 50% more likely to snooze than men, and night owls were more prone to hitting the snooze button and were found to be the most tired.

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation is once again holding it’s now-traditional “Name a Snowplow” contest. The contest, which in the past has come up with winners including ‘Betty Whiteout’, ‘Plowy McPlowFace’, ‘Ctrl Salt Delete’, ‘Snowbi Wan Kenobi’, and ‘The Truck Formerly Known As Plow’, is open until this Friday. The idea is becoming a tradition in other areas as well. Similar contests are being held in Ohio, Massachusetts and Nebraska, in the Canadian cities of Edmonton and Calgary, and as far away as Scotland. It has become an even more awesome concept since the adoption of map applications that gave those in blizzard-prone areas real-time updates on the positioning of the colorfully-named snowplows.


One of comedy’s highest honors is headed Adam Sandler’s way. The superstar comedian has been selected to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. The “Hustle” star will receive the honor during a gala ceremony at Washington’s John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on March 19. The Mark Twain Prize “recognizes those who have had an impact on American society in ways similar to the distinguished 19th-century novelist and essayist Samuel Clemens, best known as Mark Twain.” Previous recipients include Richard Pryor, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, and Dave Chappelle. Many of his fellow “Saturday Night Live” alums have also received the honor, including Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Early viewers of “Avatar: The Way of Water” are just about unanimous in their emphatic praise of the James Cameron epic. The film, which debuts in theaters tomorrow, is already being called one of the best films of the year. One reviewer wrote: “Avatar: The Way of Water is miles better than the first (in 2009). The ocean environment is incredible and Cameron clearly is wearing his environmentalist heart on his sleeve here. I connected to this one in a way I couldn’t with the original.” Another said the film is “proof that cinematic wonder still exists” and the film is “exactly what moviegoers need.” On the other hand, there have been a few negative mentions of the film’s 3 hour and 12 minute length.

James Cameron could not attend the Monday evening premiere of his highly anticipated sequel “Avatar: The Way of Water” in Los Angeles after contracting COVID-19. Cameron, who has not brought a film he directed to Hollywood’s backyard since 2009, when the game-changing “Avatar” debuted, was asymptomatic and feeling well, according to an insider, and plans to continue to engage in publicity for the film virtually. Many of the film’s stars, including Kate Winslet, Zoe SaldaƱa, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Edie Falco and Jemaine Clement, were still expected to attend the movie’s premiere. Avatar: The Way of Water opened Friday.

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A German researcher is developing the world’s first artificial womb facility, allowing parents to custom-order their baby’s characteristics from a menu. The plan is for “EctoLife” to be able to grow 30,000 babies a year. The concept is the brainchild of biotechnologist Hashem Al-Ghaili, who says the facility will let infertile couples to conceive a baby and become the true biological parents of their own offspring. A so-called ‘Elite Package’ would allow you to genetically engineer the embryo before implanting it into the artificial womb. Everything from eye and hair color to strength, height, and intelligence can be chosen, and inherited genetic diseases can be avoided. Ectolife features 75 highly equipped labs, with each able to accommodate up to 400 growth pods or artificial wombs. Every pod replicates the exact conditions inside the mother’s uterus. Because babies are thought to recognize language while still in the womb, the pods feature internal speakers that play a wide range of words and music to your baby. An app allows choice of the playlist baby listens to, and the ability to sing directly to them to gain familiarity with your voice before birth.

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Some prehistoric dragonflies had wingspans as big as a hawk’s.

In Australia, you can buy emu jerky from vending machines.

Alexander the Great was buried in a vat of honey.

On average, one square inch of your skin has 60 hairs, 90 oil glands, and 19 feet of blood vessels.

In Chinese, the word for computer literally translates to “electric brain”.

Gin and tonic was originally used as a medicine to fight malaria.

Research shows that, for luxury brands, the ruder the sales staff, the higher the sales.

The world record for the loudest thing ever shouted belongs to an Irish teacher. She shouted the word “quiet” at 121 decibels, the equivalent of a jet engine.


THIS happens more in the 2 weeks before Christmas than any other time of the year. What is it?

Answer: Couples break up

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The family history brand Findmypast has unveiled the most festive-themed baby names throughout history, with some surprises – like Sprout and Tinsel making the cut. The team scoured through more than 14 billion digitized historical documents dating back to the 1500s. Ivy was found to be the most popular festive-themed name, with almost 2.5 million people given that name in the records. Other festive baby names that are still common today include Angel, which occurred 650,000 times in the records, and Holly (about 460,000). Now, the interesting ones: Some of the more-unique festive-themed first names include Christmas, Turkey, Present, Santa, Chestnut and Wine, all of which made the top-10. Outside of the top-10, a total of 7,000 people named Sprout and Crackers were discovered in the records, plus 579 babies called Snowman, 2,015 named Mistletoe, and 293 called Bauble. Oh, and 37 lucky babies have been christened . . . Eggnog.

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Google has unveiled its 2022 “Year in Search” report, and, as you might imagine, ‘Wordle’ made the list. Here are the top-10 Google searches in Canada, the US, and Worldwide.


1. Wordle 

2. Ukraine

3. World Cup

4. Queen Elizabeth

5. Betty White

6. Bob Saget

7. Anne Heche

8. Canuckle

9. Johnny Depp

10. Will Smith

United States:

1. Wordle

2. Election results

3. Betty White

4. Queen Elizabeth

5. Bob Saget

6. Ukraine

7. Mega Millions

8. Powerball numbers

9. Anne Heche

10. Jeffrey Dahmer


1. Wordle

2. India vs. England

3. Ukraine

4. Queen Elizabeth

5. India vs South Africa

6. World Cup

7. India vs. West Indies

8. iPhone 14

9. Jeffrey Dahmer

10. Indian Premier League

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