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Dear John,

My boyfriend is a bigger guy. The last time we were visiting my mom, she thinks he broke one of her chairs. These chairs are from the 1970s. I think time broke the chair. We're planning to join her for Christmas. She asked me to bring a chair for my boyfriend. I thought that was pretty rude. How do I even do that? I said I'd bring a folding table and four chairs. She said she doesn't have room for all of that, but would appreciate if my boyfriend would not ruin any more of her chairs. I don't think he broke anything. He's a big guy, but he has not broken any of my cheap chairs at my house. I think it was her old rickety chair. His family invited us to join them as well. Should I just tell my mom we're going to his family's Christmas instead? I think he's planning to propose to me. He has been asking a bunch of wedding related questions. I don't want to remember this event with some dumb folding chair controversy that my mom has created. What should I do?

Thank you,

Embarrassed Girlfriend

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December 8

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National Brownie Day

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NEWS FLASH! Some people are less than truthful on their dating profiles! Once you’re over the shock of hearing this, I’ll continue…Nearly half of singles who use dating apps have lied about something on their profile, according to a new survey. 2,000 single Americans were polled, and 47% indicated that they have, at some point, intentionally stretched the truth or misrepresented themselves while swiping. You may or may not be surprised to hear this, but lying on dating profiles was found to be slightly more common among male respondents than females (51% vs. 44%). What did people most often lie ABOUT? 61% said they were inaccurate about their current hairstyle. Their career came in second (55%). Twenty-five per cent said they lied about their height.

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Girl Guides of Canada is changing the name of its “Brownies” program – to either “Comets” or Embers” The national organization is asking its members to vote on new name options for its program for 7 and 8-year-olds because the current name has caused harm to racialized Girl Guides. Girl Guides says that some Black Canadians, Indigenous residents and people of colour have chosen to skip the program or delay joining the organization because of the name.


Director Baz Luhrmann has mentioned his 4-hour cut of “Elvis” in the past, but he’s sparked more anticipation for it by revealing that a longer version of the music biopic would restore Austin Butler’s full concert performances as The King of Rock and Roll. While many of Butler’s performance scenes in the movie are abbreviated, Luhrmann filmed the majority of them in full — just as the real Elvis performed them. And Luhrmann wants the world to see Butler’s uninterrupted shows. He said: “Austin just did it and it was an out of body experience to watch him do those full concerts, so one day I will cut those full concerts together.” But don’t hold your breath. The earliest Luhrmann could see himself starting to work on the 4-hour “Elvis” would be in 2025.

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If you ever feel nostalgic for the sound of an old phone modem connecting to the internet…or the beeps and boops of a fax machine, for that matter, then you should go here . . . now: A website has put together what it claims is “the world’s biggest collection of obsolete and disappearing sounds.” Cities and Memory, an online collaborative, features a collection of over 150 sounds that are increasingly rare, including things like sounds used in retro video games, recordings of old-fashioned transport, and lots of mechanical sounds from outdated hardware. Or how about the classic ringtone from a Nokia 5120 phone…or (ahem!) the sound of an old analogue radio being tuned? The founder says the project is “designed to draw attention to the world’s disappearing soundscapes, to highlight those sounds that are worth preserving because they form part of our collective cultural heritage — and to help us think about how to save those sounds before it’s too late.” And they’re asking for more. Submit at:

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People who look young for their age tend to live longer.

The average person unlocks his or her smartphone 110 times each day.

Cats adapted to living with humans by hunting rodents in grain stores, and basically domesticated themselves.

Watching horror movies burns more calories than any other genre.

Walt Disney’s autograph bears no resemblance to the famous Disney logo.

Parents of new babies miss out on 6 months worth of sleep in the first 2 years of their child’s life.


Question: The average woman owns 6 of THESE, and the average guy owns one. What is it?

Answer: Bottles of scent (perfume/cologne)

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It turns out that potatoes (of all things) just might be a secret weapon when trying to “lose weight with little effort”. I know – this flies in the face of everything we’ve been led to believe. But researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana say they have discovered the surprising health benefit of potatoes. The root vegetable has long been snubbed as too starchy for people with insulin resistance, and was once thought of as a contributor to type 2 diabetes. But because potatoes are low-calorie but very filling, the researchers found that filling a plate full of potatoes can contribute to a shrinking waistline, and be a crucial part of a healthy diet. How? “People tend to eat the same weight of food regardless of calorie content in order to feel full,” says professor Candida Rebello, a co-author of the study. By eating foods with a heavier weight that are low in calories, you can easily reduce the number of calories you consume.” That statement is in line with her research, in which test subjects lost weight not by reducing portion sizes, but by lowering caloric content by including potatoes, and reducing meat consumption, resulting in participants feeling “fuller, quicker”, and often not even finishing their meals.

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(According to contributors to an AskReddit thread…)

☞ “Carefully step over a non-existing obstacle.”

☞ “Say ‘no pun intended’ after a sentence where there was clearly no pun.”

☞ “When you shake someone’s hand, move yours left to right. As they do the traditional ‘up and down’, a hilarious circle ensues.”

☞ “Don’t turn around when you walk into a lift (elevator)”

☞ “When you’re talking to someone, keep handing them random items. They’ll just keep taking them without realizing it.”

☞ “Say ‘hi-five’ to someone, but don’t put your hand up.”

☞ “After giving a compliment, say: “no offense,” and watch them struggle to find the non-existent insult.

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When you’re in love it’s the most glorious two and a half days of your life. - Richard Lewis

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It took 5 years for the adoption of Jennifer Hubby’s son to go through, and just before the official paperwork was signed, he had something he wanted to share. During the November adoption hearing in Bernalillo NM, the judge asked if anyone wanted to address the court. Hubby’s son took her up on the offer, telling the judge, “I wanted to say that I love my mom so much and that she’s the best mom I ever had. I love her so much.” An already emotional Hubby, who began the adoption process at his birth, became choked up, and her son pulled her in for a hug. The judge’s response: “You know what, it’s important to tell people you love them…that’s what we’re supposed to be doing. That’s a good thing.