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Dear John,

Here's a question for you and Heidi. My wife and I have arguments about some of the dumbest things. Usually it's something like the wording of how she said something. So I'll ask you two to translate this one for me. I had an opportunity to go to an event, but it was not something I could get her a ticket for. There was only one ticket available and it was offered to me for free. I told her about it. She said “if you want to go, you should go”. So I did. Now she seems upset at me about this event. Then I had an opportunity to buy tickets to a different event that we could both go to. I asked if she would like to go. She said “if you want to” and I did, so I bought the tickets. Now she seems upset about that! So my questions is: If you asked someone to do something with you, and their response was “if you want to”... would you take that as an affirmative response... or does that mean something else to you? Heidi and John, please both answer this so I can see if this is just me. I feel like giving up!

Thank you,

Frustrated Husband

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If you want to be healthier, hang out with your friends, says a University of Maryland professor. Marisa G. Franco, author of “Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make — and Keep — Friends”, says people tend to rank romantic love as important to our well-being, and friendship is sometimes seen as “second class”. But people with strong friendships tend to have better mental health and studies suggest they’re in better physical health, as well. How? There is a strong psychological effect of friendship. Simply put: Friends help us cope with stress. In one study, people were intimidated at the prospect of climbing a steep hill. But when people were standing next to a friend, they rated the hill less challenging than those who were alone. Brain imaging studies suggest that friendship affects brain systems associated with well-being, reward, stress and negative emotions. And friendship even seems to affect our immune response in a positive way.

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One in 5 millennials is OK with the idea of using a “tattoo ring” as a symbol of marriage. In a poll of 2,000 Gen Z, millennials, Gen X and baby boomers in serious relationships, 66% of all respondents said they would be interested in giving or receiving an engagement ring that doesn’t feature a traditional diamond. Younger generations are most open to alternate rings — 74% of both Gen Z and millennials are open to it, while only half of baby boomers agree. Tattoos aside, metal, emeralds, and sapphires were the most popular alternate engagement rings.


Bryan Cranston has reprised his “Breaking Bad” role of ‘Walter White’ for a Super Bowl ad. In the first teaser, dropped late last month, Cranston is shown as White holding a bag of white cheddar PopCorners (A Frito-Lays brand), but his face is obscured by a shadow. This week, the full image was shared, showing Cranston wearing the familiar meth-dealing science teacher’s hat and costume, and the words: “Breaking soon”, plus the date of Super Bowl LVII, Feb. 12. LINK:

Edward Norton has learned that the real-life Pocahontas, the daughter of a 17th century Native American chief, is his 12th great-grandmother. The revelation came about on Tuesday’s episode of “Finding Your Roots,” the PBS genealogical show. Host Henry Louis Gates Jr. addressed the family rumor, confirming Norton’s connection to the historical figure who supposedly saved Captain John Smith from execution after welcoming English settlers to the United States in the 17th century. After hearing the news, Norton said: “It just makes you realize what a small … piece of the whole human story you are.”

Hugh Jackman is begging the Academy not to nominate Ryan Reynolds and a standout number in his Apple musical “Spirited” for an Oscar. Jackman said he wanted to share a positive message for the new year, “but recent events have made that impossible,” referring to the fact that ‘Good Afternoon’, sung by Reynolds, has been shortlisted for Best Original Song. In a Twitter video, The “Logan” star says: “Ryan Reynolds getting a nomination in the Best Song category would make the next year of my life insufferable. I have to spend a year with him shooting [the third] “Deadpool” [film]…Trust me, it would be impossible. It would be a problem.” LINK:

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The 2023 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, “The Most Influential Tech Event in the World”, which wrapped up in Las Vegas this week. Here are some of this year’s biggest reveals: (part 2)

This foldable phone also slides: With Samsung’s new Flex Hybrid concept, the left side can fold, like the Galaxy Fold, while the right side can slide out to extend itself.

A laptop in (glasses-free) 3D: Images leap off the screen of this ASUS laptop — not literally, but close. Its OLED screen produces a 3D experience without the use of glasses.

Metaverse for kids: The RoybiVerse will offer stations where K-12 and higher education students can learn about a wide range of educational topics. Users walking around the RoybiVerse will be able to visit an area where they’ll learn about dinosaurs or walk to the virtual library where they can pick a book and read it.

Smarter smartwatches: Yes, they can track heart rate, sleep quality and blood-oxygen levels, but Citizen takes it a step further with its CZ Smart watch, which also measures fatigue and alertness levels. It’ll even tell you whether you’re a night owl or an early bird.

Would you pay $3,300 for a…stroller? What if it was a self-driving stroller? Canadian baby gear startup Gluxkind was showing off its Ella AI Powered Smart Stroller. Using similar tech to that seen in autonomous cars, the Ella stroller can drive itself for hands-free strolling – but only when a child is NOT inside. It uses cameras to monitor surroundings and navigate the sidewalks. In a video, the manufacturer uses these cases to showcase its usefulness:

A parent walking a stroller downhill rushes to save a child’s dropped toy that is rolling away. The stroller brakes on its own.

A child is tired of sitting in the stroller and wants to be carried. The Ella rolls along itself while the parent carries the child. (And passersby recoil in horror, while police receive numerous reports of a “possessed” stroller. Hollywood starts work on a movie about it…)

BMW unveiled 2 concept cars, which look the same, and are both called “i Vision Dee”. Dee stands for Digital Emotional Experience. One version features, literally, color-changing body panels. At last year’s CES, BMW showed off a “color-changing” concept vehicle, but that one only changed into various shades of gray. This year’s model changes through a full palette, with different parts of the car’s body showing different colors all at once. And even the wheels change color. The other version was built to show off new ideas for the “user interface,” which is how drivers and passengers interact with the vehicle. Even the outside (the front of the car, the area around the headlights and the “grille” – which, on this car, is really a display panel) can exhibit different shapes and hues, creating something akin to facial expressions. The car can show different moods or reactions, such as approval, happiness, or astonishment, according to BMW.

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91% people skip the first slice of bread, just because it’s ugly.

If you ran (literally) at a snail’s pace, it would take you 18 months to finish a marathon.

The word “Gymnastics” comes from 2 Greek words meaning “to train naked.” This is because many Greek athletes would train and compete naked for the Ancient Olympic games.

A high quality Persian rug can last for 500 years.

Ed Sheeran has a ketchup bottle tattooed on his arm.


Question: 23% of women say THIS is their partner’s worst habit. What is it?

Answer: Leaving a wet towel on the bed

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Firefighters in Australia say a cow found wandering through a mall was rescued a second time less than 24 hours later when it became stuck in mud. The curious cow was first rescued Tuesday night when it was found wandering loose through a shopping center in the Sydney suburb of Caddens. Emergency workers ended up taking the cow to the grounds of Western Sydney University at Werrington to keep it safe overnight. Bessie required rescue again Wednesday morning when firefighters received a call reporting the bovine had wandered into a dam on the campus and became stuck up to its stomach in mud.

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The Little Mermaid (May 26): Halle Bailey is making waves as Princess Ariel in Disney’s reimagining of “The Little Mermaid.” She’s the first Black actor to play the character and second Black actor to be dubbed a Disney princess.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (June 2): This sequel to “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is another animated spectacle of web-slinging starring an older Miles Morales (Shameik Moore).

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (June 9): Follows the “Beast Wars” storyline with 3 factions of Transformers being linked to Earth’s past. Voices include Ron Perlman, Peter Dinklage, Pete Davidson and more.

Elemental (June 16): Pixar’s 27th film follows unlikely duo Ember (Leah Lewis) and Wade (Mamoudou Athie) who, despite their fundamental differences, discover that they have a lot of similarities.

No Hard Feelings (June 23): Jennifer Lawrence stars and produces this coming-of-age dramedy, where her character answers an ad from a mother calling for someone to date her son.

The Flash (June 23): Ezra Miller gets a standalone movie, where we can also expect to see the return of Ben Affleck as Batman, as well as…Michael Keaton?

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (June 30): Harrison Ford returns as now-retired archaeologist Indiana Jones in the long-awaited 5th film in the series, set during the 1960s Space Race.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (July 14): Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt in the 7th film of the spy thriller franchise. It includes multiple death-defying stunts and action sequences, including Cruise driving a motorcycle off a cliff. (At this point, I’d be more surprised if he didn’t…)

Barbie (July 21): Margot Robbie plays the iconic fashion doll in Greta Gerwig’s latest movie. And Ryan Gosling plays Barbie’s boy toy Ken.

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This is buzzworthy: The US Department of Agriculture has granted a conditional license for a vaccine to help protect honeybees from American foulbrood disease, which can weaken and kill hives. This is the world’s first vaccine for honeybees, and is being called a “breakthrough,” Annette Klesier, chief executive of vaccine manufacturer Dalan Animal Health, said. There is no cure for foulbrood, which is caused by the larvae of the bacterium Paenibacillus. It originated in the US but has spread around the world. When it’s discovered, beekeepers must destroy and burn infected colonies. The vaccine is given to queen bees, which pass on immunity to the next generation.