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Today we visit with Warrant Officer One Timothy Andress about the United States Army Reserve Logistics Corps.

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February 10

National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

National Home Warranty Day

National Umbrella Day

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Researchers have found that regularly eating high-fat and high-calorie foods can change the neurological pathways in your brain, hijacking its ability to regulate calorie intake – which, of course, leads to overeating and weight gain. The Penn State College of Medicine scientists tested a high-fatty diet in rats, showing the cells that control a chemical pathway to the stomach were disrupted when fatty and sugary food was ingested, and eventually “seem to desensitize to the high-fat food”.

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Infamous Fyre Festival fraudster Billy McFarland thinks an hour of his valuable time is worth nearly $2,000. The convicted con man, who spent 4 years in prison for bilking investors in his notorious Bahamas music festival out of $26 million, recently launched a new scheme that offers advice to tech entrepreneurs for a mere $1,800 – per hour. The consulting fee is one of the services provided by McFarland’s new venture, called PYRT (pronounced “pirate”), which also promises to deliver a virtual reality-powered experience where users can beam themselves onto a tropical island from the comfort of home and control what happens there.


Rupert Grint may have landed the role of a lifetime in the “Harry Potter” franchise, but he says not all was what it seemed. The 34-year-old, who found global stardom starring as Harry Potter’s friend ‘Ron Weasley’ from 2001-11, said the experience was “suffocating” at times, and because it seemed they were either filming or promoting the movies at all times, he needed a break from the “out-of-body experience”, and after a while “the lines were blurred” between his character and his own persona. Grint also feels that they stopped making Harry Potter movies “at the right time”, because had they continued, “it could’ve gone downhill.”

Sad news for “Bridgerton” fans. Phoebe Dynevor has revealed her character likely won’t make an appearance in season 3 of the Netflix hit show. The actress, who plays ‘Daphne Bridgerton’, dropped the bombshell when asked in an interview if there are any “exciting dynamics coming up for Daphne” in the upcoming season. Her response: “Sadly, not in season 3. Potentially in the future.” She did say that she is excited to watch season 3 “as a viewer”.

Thirty years after David Letterman and Paul Shaffer departed the NBC airwaves, the “Late Night” bandleader and his long-time backing band are returning to 30 Rock to sub in for the Roots on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. The one-night-only performance will take place this Friday, while the Roots are in Los Angeles to attend the Grammys. Jimmy Fallon said: “I’m beyond honored and excited that they’re getting the band back together.”

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As anyone who’s anyone knows, the Super Bowl is really about the snacks and the Halftime Show. Especially the snacks. So, some good news here: If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party on Feb. 12, it’ll probably cost you less than it did a year ago to serve up several traditional game-time dishes. According to a Wells Fargo report (in the US), even though overall food prices are up 11.8% since Super Bowl 56 (last year), a pound of chicken wings is down 22% (to $2.65), thanks to additional supply. Sirloin steak prices have dropped almost $1 per pound, and bacon and shrimp are also cheaper this year. Don’t be afraid to be generous with the guacamole, too. Average prices for an avocado are down 20%. The bad news COMES when you look to wash all that delicious food down. Beer prices are up 11%, and wine and spirits are up 4% and 2%, respectively.

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Spacesuits take 5,000 hours to make, cost 1 million dollars, weigh about 110 pounds (50kg), and have 11 layers of material.

Karate actually originated in India, but was developed further in China.

There are no ants in Iceland, Antarctica, and Greenland.

The average home creates more pollution than does the average car.


Question: 34% of adults do this just before going to bed.

Answer: Drink water.

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A man has pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge stemming from an explosive gender reveal party that was heard by nearby residents in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. As part of a plea deal reached Tuesday, Anthony Spinelli, of Kingston, was convicted and fined $620, of which $500 will be suspended for 12 months as long as he stays out of trouble, according to court records. Police in Kingston, a town not far from the Massachusetts state line, received reports in April of a loud explosion. They responded to a quarry, where people acknowledged holding a gender reveal party with explosives. The explosive was 80 pounds (36 kilograms) of Tannerite, police said. The family thought the quarry would be the safest spot to detonate the explosive, which is typically sold over the counter as a target for firearms practice, police said. Some nearby residents reported their homes were shaken by the explosion. No injuries were reported, police said.

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Remember fidget spinners? Yeah, stuff like that. An “AskReddit” thread asking “What quietly went away without anyone noticing?” prompted more than 45,000 comments. Here are some of them…

Keyboard classes in school: Once revered as a skill, the ability to “keyboard” is now just assumed. (And kids learn to do it before they learn to print!)

Land lines: Or at least land lines in homes. The jacks are still there, but the only people who still use ‘em are all over 70. (Or live waaaay out in the sticks!)

Planking: Like flash mobs, “planking” (lying prostrate on the ground while having your pic taken) was a viral internet meme that exploded overnight. (Then, like flash mobs, people found they had better things to do!)

Waterbeds: Once a sexy status symbol of the ‘60s and ‘70s, despite attempts to bring them back with pillow top and “waveless” versions, the waterbed remains…um, a bad dream.

Sears Wish Book: The Canadian company stopped operations in 2017, but many families fondly recall the excitement of Christmas catalogues from Sears — and even Eaton’s.

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We have a guest for our final break today. Dan Schachner is the host and “Rufferee” of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl! Now in its 19th year, Puppy Bowl – TV’s cutest sports competition and call-to-adoption event – can be seen Sunday, 2/12, on Animal Planet and discovery+. This year, in which Team Ruff takes on Team Fluff, will feature more than 120 puppies from 67 shelters – all of whom will be up for adoption. Puppy Bowl hopes to keep up its 100% adoption rate to help these adorable puppies (and some special needs dogs) find their forever homes.