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Today we visit with actor and singer Tom Wopat. It's been several decades since the General Lee first left the ground, sky-rocketing Tom Wopat and co-star John Schneider to instant Dukes of Hazzard stardom. In the 43 years since, Wopat has been blessed with a multifaceted career that has ranged from starring roles on Broadway, various television appearances, singing in such venues as The Ol' Opera, Carnegie Hall, and the Hollywood Bowl, to a featured role in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Most recently he has finished a new recording project, a CD entitled Simple Man, a 14 song collection and his 13th solo release. Also, on the horizon is the premiere of the second movie of his County Line trilogy, County Line: All In, for the Inspiration Network. The third film, County Line: No Fear is due in early 2023. Recently starring on the TV series, Blacklist, which features James Spader, Wopat quipped "I enjoy keeping a lot of balls in the air." Tom was a staple on the Broadway stage for 35 years, garnering a pair of Tony nominations along the way. Long known for his musical leading man abilities, Wopat also was critically acclaimed for his dramatic work in The Trip to Bountiful and Glengarry Glenn Ross. But currently it's his work in the studio and on the road with some of the most talented musicians in the world that has provided Tom the most satisfaction.

Singer-songwriter and Broadway star Tom Wopat finds a comfortable groove on the release of his 13th studio album, Simple Man, available at

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When you find yourself with too much month left at the end of your money, do you ask mom and dad to help? Apparently, a lot of us do. In a poll, more than 3 in 10 (35%) adults admit their parents help with at least one bill. The survey of 2,000 Americans found that the top 3 expenses that parents help their grown-up kids with are rent (19%), groceries (19%) and utilities (16%). The good news for mom and dad is that 70% of those respondents plan to take on these bills themselves within the next 2 years. On the other hand, 30% admit they’ll just keep on accepting their parents’ financial aid until they’re told otherwise. Half said they struggle to limit unnecessary spending. They also face difficulty budgeting for unexpected expenses (45%) and remembering to pay bills on time (40%).

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There's a device that creates energy from snowfall. It's pretty darn impressive that scientists have been able to harness energy from the sun, wind, and water, providing us with all kinds of alternative sources of power. And now they've managed to create energy from snowfall. According to a 2019 study in the journal Nano Energy, engineers and chemists from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed a device made of silicone that can harness a charge from static electricity. "Snow is positively charged and gives up electrons, while silicone is negatively charged and accepts the electrons," IFL Science explains. "So, as the snow lands on the silicone, a charge is produced and then captured." Think of it like the spark of energy you create when you rub a balloon against your hair.


Alright, alright, alright, Mathew McConaughey is going to be the next Elvis, thank you, thank you very much. McConaughey will voice the King in an upcoming adult cartoon by Netflix, executive produced and co-created by Priscilla Presley. While McConaughey’s ‘Elvis’ will still be the performer we all know and love, he’ll also have a super secret side to him: he’s also a spy. Titled “Agent Elvis”, the series will premiere next month, and will follow Elvis as he balances his superstar duties with undercover vigilante activities.

CBS is shaking up the late-night landscape by bringing back an old Comedy Central format to replace “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, ending The Late Late Show franchise after almost 3 decades. No official comment yet, but Deadline reports that a reboot of @midnight, a series that ran for 600 episodes on Comedy Central from 2013-17, has been chosen for the 12:30 a.m. time slot currently occupied by The Late Late Show. It’s set to be exec-produced by Stephen Colbert. This comes as Corden is stepping away from his late-night desk later this spring.

Mila Kunis trolled husband Ashton Kutcher and his “Your Place or Mine” co-star Reese Witherspoon for their awkward red carpet poses at the premiere of their new Netflix movie. on “Today With Hoda & Jenna”, Witherspoon said: “[Mila] even emailed us last night. She goes, ‘You guys look so awkward on the red carpet together’”. Pics from the LA premiere showed Witherspoon and Kutcher keeping an obvious – and very awkward – distance from each other as photographers snapped their pics. They also kept their hands at their sides, avoiding physical contact. Kutcher indicated on a podcast that he kept his hands to himself to avoid any reports that the 2 were having an affair.

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One of the biggest knocks on electric vehicles (EVs) is the length of time it takes to charge them. Unlike a quick 5-minute stop to fill a gasoline-powered car, an EV battery can be plugged into a regular outlet at home all night – and still not be fully charged. But that that might be about to change. A team from the University of California says it has come up with an electric car battery that charges in one hour. It’s a long, technical explanation, so I won’t bore you with that, but the researchers say their fast-charging battery will be cheaper to produce, more powerful (allowing for vehicles with smaller batteries), and is more sustainable for the environment. Current EVs also require raw materials that are already facing supply chain issues.

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Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida, named after the mascot of the school, the Gators. The university receives 20 percent of the profits from the beverage.

Volleyball and basketball were both invented in Massachusetts.

The heaviest onion ever grown was 18 pounds and was grown in England. That's a toddler-sized onion.

Contrary to what you might think, Canada actually eats more macaroni and cheese than any other place. Belgium east the most fries and Germany eats the most bread.

The famous Sesame Street character Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid.


Question: What do 70% of the people in the modern world do with their hair?

Answer: Dye it.

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It took him over a year, but the British man who became the first ever to recreate ‘Forrest Gump’s’ fictitious run across America from the 1994 movie — and his did it in full ‘Forrest’ costume — has written a book. In it, he tells how in 2016, the then-38-year-old (the same age as Tom Hanks when he portrayed the ‘Gump’ character) began his journey, which would take him through 43 states over 422 days as he crisscrossed the country 4 times, covering a total of 15,621 miles (25,140km). He also went through 33 pairs of running shoes. The experienced marathoner encountered blistering heat, torturous rain, and relentless snowfall, raising money for 2 charities along the way. He worked the Boston Marathon into his itinerary, came across moose, bears and dolphins, suffered a torn quadriceps muscle, and at one point paused his run to fly home for the birth of his daughter (squeezing in 3 marathons while home). When he finished his Forrest Gump run in Utah, his fiancĂ©e and baby daughter were there to greet him. That’s when Pope, wearing a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. hat, dropped to one knee — “partly out tiredness but mostly out of tradition” — and asked Nadine to marry him. His book “Becoming Forrest – One Man’s Epic Run Across America” is out now. LINK:

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The Muppets – have scored a handful of Grammys over the years, first winning “Best Recording For Children” for their “Muppet Show” album in 1978.

Steve Jobs — The late co-founder of Apple was awarded a posthumous honorary Grammy, for changing the way we consume and listen to music.

Alvin and the Chipmunks — The singing rodents have a whopping 6 Grammys, including “Best Comedy Performance” for ‘The Chipmunk Song’ in 1959.

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Michael Jordan Just Made The Largest Donation In Make-A-Wish History