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Today we visit with Terri Jay, an internationally acclaimed intuitive, medium and animal communicator. Terri appears in a Peacock, Series Paul T Goldman. Emmy nominated and iconic actress, Dee Wallace, portrays Ms Jay in the re-enactments. Jay’s input with the main character, Paul T. Goldman was instrumental in his decision-making and actions surrounding his sham marriage. Jay was able to determine that Paul’s new bride was not who or what she purported to be, and she was just out to get whatever she could. The information that Jay shared motivated Paul to change himself from a wimp to a superhero.

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February 25

National Chocolate Covered Nut Day

National Clam Chowder Day

February 26

National Letter to Our Elders Day

National Pistachio Day

National Set a Good Example Day

National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

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If you could make one change in your life to make yourself happier — your income, your job, your relationships, your health, whatever — what would make the biggest difference? Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Robert Waldinger is the director of “the world’s longest-running scientific study of happiness,” and he might have the answer you’re looking for. The Harvard Study of Adult Development, began in 1938 with 724 participants, and set out to discover what makes people thrive. 85 years later, the study includes 3 generations and more than 1,300 descendants of the original participants. In his book “The Good Life: Lessons from the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness”, Waldinger lists what the healthiest and happiest study participants had most in common. And one factor stands out above everything else: Good relationships. And that doesn’t necessarily mean with a romantic partner. It means that cultivating warm relationships lowers your stress levels, and keeps you healthier and happier. Other factors that keep people happy include cultivating kindness (those who reported higher levels of agreeableness and emotional stability also reported greater relationship happiness), volunteering, learning to apologize, expressing your love, being willing to be vulnerable, and continuing to learn and grow.

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A mermaid "documentary" once fooled so many people that the U.S. government had to issue a statement. In 2013, Animal Planet aired Mermaids: The New Evidence, a documentary—or rather, a mockumentary—that "proved" the half-human-half-fish beings exist. And while the program was fake, plenty of the 3.6 million viewers that watched believed that the fictional claims were real. In fact, so many people were fooled that the U.S. government's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a statement on its website addressing the confusion, saying: "Mermaids: The New Evidence is just entertainment. No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found."


Elizabeth Banks isn’t ashamed of her past work. As director, she was behind beloved audience favorites like “Pitch Perfect 2”, but also worked on 2019’s “Charlies’ Angels”, which IS universally considered a failure. Banks, who also produced, wrote, and starred in the film, accepted its performance with grace, tweeting at the time, “if you’re going to have a flop, make sure your name is on it at least 4x.” While promoting her new project, “Cocaine Bear” (out Feb. 24), Banks said she “took full responsibility for Charlie’s Angels”, and the new dark comedy is also “a ginormous risk,” even joking it “could be a career ender for me.”

Forever love! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez celebrated their relationship with some permanent body art. In a Valentine’s Day post shared by J Lo to Instagram, she revealed that she and Affleck each got tattoos featuring the other’s initials and names. She captioned a slideshow of snapshots showing pics of the happy couple: “Happy Valentine’s Day my love.” The cover pic reveals that Lopez got an infinity symbol, bisected by an arrow, tattooed on her side, across her ribs. LINK:

Some good news for fans of the ‘Spider-Man’ movie series: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed in a new interview with EW that the story is set for Tom Holland’s 4th movie as the web-slinger, and the script is now being written. Holland’s third-outing, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” became the first pandemic release to gross over $1 billion. Feige also confirmed that “Deadpool 3” will be the first R-rated movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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I just read a survey found that one of the first things’ a person notices about you is your . . . smile!

Netflix is setting the record straight about its password sharing restrictions. Amid recent reports regarding the eventual introduction of anti-password-sharing measures in the US, the company has stated that limitations regarding account sharing began rolling out in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain on Feb. 8. Netflix did not say when the rules will be introduced stateside, though co-CEO Greg Peters has said that’ll happen next month. Netflix users will be able to set a primary location, “ensuring that anyone who lives in their household can use their Netflix account”, and have the option to “add an extra member sub account for up to 2 people they don’t live with.” In Canada, this will cost an additional $7.99 per month per person.

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According to the Guinness World Records, the world's heaviest watermelon weighed 350 pounds.

Ketchup was once sold as medicine to treat diarrhea and indigestion. The treatment did not, in fact, work.

In Switzerland, it's illegal to own just one guinea pig because they crave social interaction so much.

When Mary Stuart was just six days old, she became the Queen of Scotland.

Seven percent of American adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows

Cows can only walk up stairs, but not down them.


Question: Over 95% of people agree: THIS activity is not a good idea on a first date. What is it?

Answer: Karaoke

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Uber has added a new audio recording function to its app in Canada, which it says is an optional safety feature. Uber users can turn on audio recording in the Safety Toolkit section of the app. From there, they’ll have the option to record audio during a trip by tapping the blue shield icon. Both riders and drivers can use the feature at any point during a ride. Recording automatically stops shortly after the ride ends, or users can start and stop it themselves. The company said it hopes the feature “will help give riders and drivers peace of mind by encouraging comfortable and positive interactions while on trips.”

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It wasn’t a great year for movie stars, but it was for performers who are considered a “sure thing”. Here is Forbes’ list of the rich and famous who got even MORE rich and famous last year…

1. Genesis — $230 million: Not only did they tour for the first time in years, the prog-rock pioneers topped 2022 with a $300 million music rights sale.

2. Sting — $210m: The former Police-man pocketed $300 million by selling his entire musical output, both solo and with The Police.

3. Tyler Perry — $175m: The actor-director-writer-studio mogul is the only billionaire on the list. That’s partly thanks to income streams from film, his BET TV shows and his sprawling production backlot.

4. Trey Parker & Matt Stone — $160m: The devilish duo behind “South Park” not only made a ton from “Book of Mormon”, they also signed a deal with Paramount to the tune of $935 million over 6 years.

5. James L. Brooks & Matt Groening — $105m: “The Simpsons” co-creators made a mint as a result of the yellow cartoon family’s move to Disney+ from FX in 2019 (all 30 seasons…!)

6. Brad Pitt — $100m: He sold his Plan B production company for about $113m. Plus we hear he did some acting on the side… (“Bullet Train”, “Babylon”, “The Lost City”…)

7. Rolling Stones — $98m: Their tour grossed $136m. Plus there are record royalties and stuff. (And one less band member to share the cash with. What? Too soon?)

8. James Cameron — $95m: “Avatar: The Way of Water” made him the director of 3 of the highest-grossing movies of all time, alongside the first “Avatar” and “Titanic”. (Pretty sure he’ll have a lucrative 2023, as well!)

9. Taylor Swift — $92m: The top lady on the list. Her “Midnights” album was definitely successful, making her the first performer ever to nab the top 10 slots in Billboard’s Hot 100. But about 70% of her bucks came from her earlier library, including sales and streaming.

10. Bad Bunny — $88m: The Puerto Rican rapper embarked on 2 tours, and appeared alongside Brad Pitt in “Bullet Train”. Endorsement deals with Corona, Cheetos and Adidas didn’t hurt, either.


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Man's Novel Becomes A Bestseller 11 Years After Its Release — Thanks To His Daughter's TikTok.