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Dear John,

I recently started dating a guy. I'm falling in love with him. He's funny, outgoing, adventurous, and smart. Plus, he really likes me, and I think he's falling in love with me too, but he's a bit of a clean freak. He has a robot vacuum that is always bumping round his place. He still constantly complains about his dirty floors. He also constantly picks up after me. I left a wine glass on his coffee table for about 10 minutes after finishing a glass. He asked if I was going to put that away. I used a hand towel in the bathroom and he told me he would appreciate it if I made sure it was straightened after using it. He's so tidy, I feel like I'm dating my grandma. Do you think I should move on? Should I try to adjust to this?

Thank you,

I'm a Mess

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February 23

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National Toast Day

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Two-thirds of adults admit that they allow eating in bed – but what foods are off-limits? In a survey of 2,000 people, just over half agreed that if any meal should be eaten under the duvet, it’s breakfast, and things like yogurt, toast and croissants are all on the list of “allowed” foods. So are ice cream, pizza and fruit. But 52% admitted they can’t really enjoy eating in bed because they’re too worried about making a mess. And probably for that exact reason, here are the top-10 foods that people said are “banned” from bed: Soup, Pasta and sauce, Roast dinner, Stir fry, Curry, Fish and chips, Tacos, Ramen, Hot dogs, and Sausage and mashed potatoes.

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While you've probably uttered the phrase "sweating like a pig" at least once in your life, it turns out the saying actually makes no sense because pigs barely sweat! Pigs have very few sweat glands, so any sweat they do produce has little to no effect on their body temperature. To cool down during hot weather and maintain a stable body temperature, pigs will wallow in water or mud. They can also pant to cool themselves down.


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is the most-watched Marvel film premiere on Disney+ worldwide, based on hours streamed in its first 5 days, according to the company. The “Black Panther” sequel, directed by Ryan Coogler, launched on Disney+ on Feb. 1, after its theatrical debut last Nov. Disney did not provide specific viewing numbers, and that the claim is based on its own internal measurements. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” was nominated for 5 Academy Awards.

Pamela Anderson is cooking up her latest television project. She’ll host “Pamela’s Cooking With Love” for Food Network Canada, as her home renovation series “Pamela’s Garden of Eden” has been renewed for a second season at HGTV Canada. This all comes as she continues her book tour to promote “Love, Pamela”, which was released last month, alongside the Netflix documentary “Pamela, A Love Story”. Pamela’s Cooking With Love is an 8-part series set to air next year.

Showtime is expanding its franchises with a “Dexter” prequel series and multiple “Billions” spinoffs in the works. Alongside the currently titled “Dexter: Origins” series, the network announced that “Billions: Miami,” “Billions: London,” “Millions” and “Trillions” are all in the works. “Dexter: Origins” will follow a young ‘Dexter Morgan’ as he transitions into the notorious serial killer he would eventually become. Set in Miami, young Dexter will encounter the younger versios of other “Dexter” characters, while focusing on his family relationships.

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The delicious looking foam on the top of a latte is inspiring a better way to treat cancer. Potentially ground-breaking research from the University of Iowa is creating new materials that may figuratively spray cancer away. The new materials, called gas-entrapping materials (GeMs), come in the form of foams, solids, or hydrogels. Researchers designed them to carry high concentrations of therapeutic gases directly into tissues, including tumors. Foam GeMs are made using a whipping siphon, essentially the same device baristas use to make foams on hot chocolate and coffee drinks. However, the team reverse-engineered this one to accept various gases, including oxygen, which have been proven to make cancer cells more vulnerable to radiation or chemotherapy.

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Clocking in at 1,560 words, "Rap God" by Eminem is the song with the most words.

The world's longest concert lasted 453 hours.

It takes 70 different pieces of wood to make up a violin, explaining why some of them are so expensive (one even sold for $16 million).

All clownfish are born male. They have the ability to change their sex later on.

A group of porcupines is called a prickle. The animal is also known as a "quill pig" in Latin.


Question: 45% of moms say “No” to letting a daughter under age 10 do THIS. What is it?

Answer: Get her nails done

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A Venezuelan man has become the first person to be permanently tattooed by a – monkey. Funky Matas, an artist and social media influencer, already holds the Guinness Record for the most signatures tattooed on his back (over 220). He trained a small monkey to handle a tattoo gun and then let himself be tattooed by the animal in what is considered a first-of-its-kind experiment. He wrote on social media that “The intention…was to create the logo of the NFTs project that I started with my partner…And while the tattoo itself wasn’t the best in terms of quality, the event was a fascinating look into the capabilities of these highly intelligent animals.” LINK:

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Barack Obama – He’s a 2-time Grammy winner. Prior to being elected president, he won in the Best Spoken Word Album category, for the audio versions of 2 of his books. In 2020, his wife Michelle Obama also scooped a Grammy for the audiobook version of her memoir “Becoming”

Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Sophia Loren – Oddly, they won as a trio, for teaming up on a recording combining “Peter And The Wolf” and “Wolf Tracks”, landing the “Best Spoken Word Album for Children” Grammy in 2004.

Carrie Fisher — landed a posthumous Grammy in 2018, again in the Best Spoken Word album category, for the audiobook version of her memoir “The Princess Diarist”.

Baha Men – Yup, they won for “Best Dance Recording in 2001 for their “classic” ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’. (Yet somehow, Abba, Queen and Katy Perry have zero Grammys among them…!)

Kate Winslet – With her 2000 victory in the “Best Spoken Word Album For Children” category, she’s just one Tony Award away from EGOT status.

Betty White – In 2012, she won for the audiobook version of her memoir “If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t)”.


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