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March 11

National 311 Day

National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day

National Johnny Appleseed Day

National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

National Promposal Day

National Worship of Tools Day

March 12

National I AM Day

National Baked Scallops Day

National Girl Scout Day

National Plant a Flower Day

National Working Moms Day

Daylight Saving Time

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A recent study suggests that our human ancestors may have been able to hibernate. Looking at the fossils of humanlike ancestors found in Spain, archaeologists found weakened skeletal systems that are typically caused by wasting disease – only periodically, though, not consistently – and think the trade-off might have been seasonal survival. Modern humans don’t have the capability to either store enough nutrition, to burn enough fuel over time to keep our bodies working, or to expel waste safely while asleep to be able to hibernate.

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Experts are now saying that it’s safe to store potatoes in the fridge. For years, people were told that putting them in the fridge would increase the risk of cancer when they are cooked. But now, the Food Standards Agency is backtracking. Researcher Shefalee Loth said: “Experts now say storing spuds in the fridge – previously thought to be a health risk – is a good way to get the most out of them, especially if you won’t use them straight away.”


Paris Hilton has undergone further IVF treatment in a bid to have a daughter. The 42-year-old hotel heiress announced she’d become a first-time mother in Jan., welcoming a baby boy named Phoenix Barron with her husband Carter Reum via surrogate. Now Hilton has revealed she wants to add a girl to her brood, so the couple has gone back to their doctor in a bid to create female embryos. They have been through the IVF process 7 times, creating a total of 20 male embryos. Hilton said her latest round of IVF took place earlier this year and they are waiting to see if it has been successful.

Courteney Cox is responding to that Prince Harry psychedelic mushrooms story. In his much-talked about book, Harry recalls digging in to “a huge box of black diamond mushroom chocolates” while staying at Cox’s house years ago. In an interview, the “Friends” actress confirmed that the prince did stay at her place for “two or 3 days”, calling him “a really nice person.” As for the hallucinogens, Cox isn’t telling on the prince. Quote: “I’m not saying there were mushrooms! I definitely wasn’t passing them out.”

Tom Brady might be adding Netflix to his business portfolio. The retired QB is in talks to be the center of a roast special with the working title, “The Greatest Roast of All Time”. TMZ says that separate reports about Brady pursuing a career in standup comedy are untrue. Although there aren’t many more details at this point, the 7-time Super Bowl winner has dabbled in comedy. He hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 2005, and made cameos in the 2015 comedy, “Ted 2” and Paul Rudd’s Netflix series, “Living With Yourself” in 2019. He also produced and appeared in this year’s “80 for Brady”.

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A nutritionist claims that pizza is better for breakfast than most cereals.

There is no guidebook on how to heal a broken heart, but there may now be a cure. According to a new study out of The University of Ottawa, traumatic breakups can trigger disorders that mimic symptoms of PTSD, and for some, can be just as traumatizing as a life-threatening event. The researchers found that through the use of reconsolidation therapy in combination with the medication propranolol — used to lower blood pressure, they were able to reduce study participants’ trauma scores from an average in the 50s to 19. PTSD patients score 33 or more. So, what is reconsolidation therapy? It is the concept that memory is malleable and we can update it if we need to. Participants were asked to write down detailed accounts of their romantic betrayals and then read them aloud at weekly sessions. Propranolol helped block the surge of adrenaline that keeps the memory traumatic. The study found that exposing participants to the memory over and over again allowed them to create a new memory that says “you’re not in danger if you think about this.”

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Termites never sleep – they work 24 hours a day.

Multiply your weight by 7%. That’s how much your blood weighs.

We change our voice when we talk to people we like.

The opposite of paranoia is pronoia. A person suffering from pronia feels that people or entities around them are plotting to do them good.


Question: 68% of pet owners have done THIS for their pet. What is it?

Answer: Signed their name on a greeting card

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A man was arrested after Memphis Police say he ate 2 bags of chips that someone else had stolen from a convenience store. Reports say that on Feb. 9, a man got into an argument with a store clerk because she wouldn’t sell him beer. The man then took an entire display of chips and put it into his car. While transporting the chips, several bags fell to the ground. After the suspect drove off, another man, Joseph Braswell, picked up 2 of the fallen bags of chips, which were worth $4.98. Minutes later, officers found him with crumbs on his face. Police reviewed video footage and concluded that Braswell was aware of the theft, and charged him with theft of merchandise less than $1,000.

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Long Cao, MD, a board-certified cardiologist in Houston, says these are the heart-healthy foods he always adds to his own grocery cart…

1. Dark leafy greens

2. Avocados

3. Apples

4. Berries

5. Wild-caught fish

6. Chickpeas

7. Nuts

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We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public. - Bryan White

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Ed Sheeran Is Making Surprise Visits At Children's Hospitals During His Busy Tour