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Dear John,

I need your help. My wife and I have a three year old daughter. She's a great kid, but she's getting a mind of her own and we're already feeling outmatched. Bedtime has become a challenge. Her bedtime is at 7:30. She gets a bath and a story, and then goes to sleep. Lately, she hasn't stayed in her bed. She gets up and comes out to see what we're doing. So we put in a rule. We got a monitoring system that has colored lights. We activate it with an app. She knows that when the light is red, she was not allowed to leave her room. That worked for a couple of days, but then she started testing us. She started opening the door and tip-toeing into the hall. We watched it all on camera. Then we told her that we knew she was leaving the room and that if she does it again an alarm will go off. That night, we were watching and as soon as she opened the door, I fired off the alarm. She started screaming and crying and jumped back in her bed. My wife calmed her down and put her back to sleep but she is furious. She can't believe I would actually scare my daughter like that. I say that if we don't follow through on promises (my wife says threats), she'll never do anything we say. But she still is angry at me. But I'll also say this: My daughter now stays in her bed and goes to sleep. Was I wrong? Did I take this too far?

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April 13

National Borinqueneers Day

National Make Lunch Count Day

National Peach Cobbler Day

National Thomas Jefferson Day

National Scrabble Day

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In a study, people who ate chocolate a few times per week or more weighed less than those who rarely indulged in the sweet. The finding doesn’t prove that adding a candy bar to your daily diet will help you shed pounds. But researchers said it’s possible that antioxidants in chocolate could be behind health benefits including lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as decreased body weight.

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Scientists are always trying to understand the full purpose of sleep. But we know one thing it’s probably good for: keeping you on that diet. Researchers scanned the brains of 12 normal weight men, while they looked at images of high and low caloric food — after a night of normal sleep and then also a night without any sleep. After one night of zero sleep the scans showed a high level of activity in the area responsible for hunger (the right anterior cingulate cortex).

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Brad Pitt is trading houses with Aileen Getty. Last month, it was reported that Pitt sold his Los Feliz, California, home, and the 65-year-old oil heiress was the purchaser. Now, we’re learning that Pitt has purchased Getty’s property in the same area for $5.5 million. Getty paid $33 million for Pitt’s more than 2-acre compound that features multiple parcels of land with 5 homes. Pitt once shared the home with his ex, Angelina Jolie, and their 6 children.

Kim Kardashian is adding a bloody new acting role to her resume. “The Kardashians” star is joining the cast of “American Horror Story” for the show’s 12th season, titled “Delicate.” She posted a teaser, showing that she’ll star alongside AHS alum Emma Roberts on the upcoming season, set to premiere this summer. No details about their roles yet, but it has been revealed that season 12 will be based on author Danielle Valentine’s upcoming book “Delicate Condition”. LINK:

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Jon Rahm became the 4th Spaniard to win the Masters, beating Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson by 4 shots at 12-under.

Coachella Music Festival kicks off this weekend.

If you’re thinking about naming your child after a comic book character or celebrity, just stop: You don’t want to be among the increasing number of parents experiencing “baby name regret.” A baby name expert says more parents are finding themselves remorseful over the names they chose, and that’s probably because they have so many more choices these days. 25 years ago the book 15,000 Baby Names was published. Today’s baby names books and websites have over 100,000 names. Psychologists have found that more choices can lead to more regret — or to a complete inability to choose. Expectant parents experience this because, as the number of available names has risen, “names are becoming more important … every choice sends a stronger signal.”

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The first 1080p video on YouTube was the Muppet’s rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Kangaroos can’t hop backwards.

Sharks existed before trees existed.

Dogs that are slightly underweight live an average of two years longer than dogs that are slightly overweight.

The five-cent nickel coin is made up of 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel.

The average vehicle has 30,000 parts and takes 21 hours to build.


Question: 2 out of 3 hiring managers agree: Doing THIS will eliminate you from consideration for a job opening. What is it?

Answer: Texting or answering a phone call during the interview

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Police in the UK said an object they thought might be a decomposing human hand was actually made out of rubber. Officers started their investigation when a gardener dug up the object and didn’t know if it was an artificial hand or a rubber joke hand.

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Ladies Home Journal made these predictions back in 1900.

Mexico will ask to join the United States

The Letters C, X and Q will be gone from the alphabet.

Russian will be America’s second language.

Strawberries will be as large as apples.

Everyone will walk 10 miles a day.

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A camel is a horse designed by a committee. - Sir Alec Issigonis

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'Atta Girl, I'm Proud Of You!': Man Guides Rookie Pilot Through Emergency Landing Over Radio