Show Notes for Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Today we visit with Vicki Lawrence (The Carol Burnett Show, Mama’s Family, Host of Win, Lose or Draw, Hannah Montana)

NBC will pay tribute to comedy icon Carol Burnett with Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter Love, a two-hour special celebrating Burnett's 90th birthday. The special was filmed at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles and will air Wednesday, April 26 at 8pm ET/PT (streaming next day on Peacock). Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter Love will look back on some of the most memorable moments of Burnett's legendary career, from her Broadway debut in Once Upon a Mattress, to her iconic role as Miss Hannigan in Annie, to her acclaimed sketch comedy series The Carol Burnett Show, which ran for 11 seasons on CBS. Joining Burnett for the television event will be a lineup of A-list celebrities, including musical performances by Bernadette Peters, Billy Porter, Jane Lynch, Katy Perry, Kristin Chenoweth and more. There will also be guest appearances by Aileen Quinn, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Bob Mackie, Cher, Ellen DeGeneres, Julie Andrews, Kristen Wiig, Laura Dern, Lily Tomlin, Marisa Tomei, Sofia Vergara, Steve Carell, Susan Lucci, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Vicki Lawrence, among others. "I'm so excited NBC decided to throw me a birthday party and invited all of my closest friends," Burnett said in a statement. "I can't wait to look back at so many wonderful moments throughout my career, I feel so lucky to share this night with everyone."

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April 26

Stop Food Waste Day

Denim Day

National South Dakota Day

National Dissertation Day

National Help A Horse Day

National Library Outreach Day

National Pretzel Day

National Kids And Pets Day

National Richter Scale Day

National Audubon Day

National Administrative Professionals Day

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Ever wonder how many of your friends snoop in your medicine cabinet? Quilted Northern bath tissue conducted a survey asking people to reveal their bathroom habits and quirks.

Six in ten people leave the door open while using the bathroom when they’re home alone.

Almost four in ten admit to going through someone else’s medicine cabinet.

72 percent of smartphone users use it in the bathroom, with a quarter of them watching video (YouTube, TikTok, Netflix, etc.)

One in ten people eat in the bathroom.

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A new study says that Millennials (ages 27-42) spend more time playing video games that Gen Z (11-26) or teenagers. According to entertainment company Fandom’s annual Inside Gaming report, 52% of Millennials rank playing video games as their top interest, and 40% of them spend over 22 hours per week gaming, compared to only 29% of tweens.

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The live-action “Sonic the Hedgehog” spinoff series “Knuckles” starring Idris Elba at Paramount+ has assembled its cast. The show was first announced in February 2022. In addition to Elba reprising the role of ‘Knuckles’ from “Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” Adam Pally, known for “The Mindy Project” will once again play the role of ‘Wade Whipple’ from the film franchise. Edi Patterson (“The Righteous Gemstones”), Julian Barratt (“Mindhorn”), Scott Mescudi (“Don’t Look Up”), and Ellie Taylor (“Ted Lasso”) will recur in the series. Production is now underway in London.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has responded to claims that he filled a service trench instead of a pothole. Last week, he went viral, tweeting video of himself filling in a hole that had been plaguing his Brentwood neighborhood. Things seemed fine until Southern California Gas Company released a statement, saying the “pothole” was a utility trench for “active, permitted work” at the location. This didn’t sit well with Schwarzenegger, who responded with another tweet, writing: “So everyone knows, the pipeline work was finished in January. Apparently, they thought it was a good plan to take 6 months to cover the trench, so I just did them a favor…And why don’t they talk about the second pothole I filled?” LINK:

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This may not come as a surprise to you at all, but how you’re dressed when you go out for dinner may influence the level of service you get at a restaurant. Scientists at the University of Missouri concluded that restaurant wait staff often predict whether or not their guests will leave big tips simply based on their attire – naturally believing that the best-dressed diners will leave the best tips. And using that theory, servers tend to ramp up their hospitality for those customers. It was also discovered that servers viewed well-dressed men as more likely to leave good tips than their female counterparts. Casually-dressed men were seen as the least likely of any group to leave good tips for the server.

Is this what they mean by “royalties”? King Charles has reportedly amassed a personal net worth of £600 million – equivalent to around $745 million US dollars, according to a new analysis for the Sunday Times Rich List. His alleged net worth surpasses that of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September at the age of 96. Last year, the Sunday Times calculated her net worth to be £370 million – about $460 million USD. There are many factors that go into calculating the King’s fortune – including the 2 private royal estates known as the duchies, Sandringham Estate and Balmoral Castle.

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Being ignored causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as experiencing a physical injury.

Men and women who listen to similar music tend to be better communicators and have longer- lasting relationships.

Mosquitoes have killed more humans than all the wars in history.

Pringles are not actually potato chips.

There is enough gold in Earth’s core to coat the planet’s surface 1.5 feet (46cm) thick.


Question: 90% of women admit they’ve done THIS to improve their appearance. What is it?

Answer: Whiten their teeth

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A Brazilian model and influencer has been getting a lot of attention because of her new perfume, which she claims includes her body sweat as an ingredient. 29-year-old Wanessa Moura says she was inspired to use her sweat to create her signature fragrance, Fresh Goddess, after her boyfriend and her ex-partner both praised her natural body odor as “sexy and exciting”. Each bottle of perfume contains 8ml of sweat “for a touch of sensuality and femininity”, making it the ideal fragrance for dating and attracting the attention of someone you like. She calls the scent, which sells for $138 per 50ml bottle, “a mixture of passion and mystery.”

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To mark spring break season, Lawn Love ranked 2023's Best Cities for a Hangover Cure. We compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on five categories. We looked at access to diners, convenience stores, and walkability, among 17 total metrics. See the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for a hangover cure below, followed by key stats from our report.

Best Cities for a Hangover Cure  -  Rank City

1 San Francisco, CA

2 Miami, FL

3 New York, NY

4 Boston, MA

5 Washington, DC

6 Chicago, IL

7 Seattle, WA

8 Jersey City, NJ

9 Philadelphia, PA

10 Alexandria, VA

Worst Cities for a Hangover Cure  -  Rank City

1 Montgomery, AL

2 Jackson, MS

3 Fayetteville, NC

4 Pasadena, TX

5 Joliet, IL

6 Huntsville, AL

7 Miramar, FL

8 Mesquite, TX

9 Clarksville, TN

10 Port St. Lucie, FL

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'Sammy Is Our Miracle': Teen Dies Rock Climbing And Revives 2 Hours Later