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June 13

National Forklift Safety Day

World Softball Day

International Axe Throwing Day

International Albinism Awareness Day

National Random Acts Of Light Day

National Call Your Doctor Day

National Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day

National Weed Your Garden Day

National Sewing Machine Day

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Many families manage to bury the hatchet when it comes to way the toilet paper roll goes, and whose turn it is to wash the dishes, but milk is the hill that many couples choose to die on, so to speak. A survey sponsored by oat drink specialist Oatly found that just one quarter (25%) of Brits are open to changing the type of milk they drink for their partner. And perhaps even more surprisingly, married couples were 10% LESS likely to compromise on this than unmarried couples. Other survey results:

In comparison, 40% of respondents were happy to compromise on the amount of spice added to a meal, and…

37% didn’t mind the thought of changing their toilet paper brand if it made their partner happy, showing loud and clear that the choice of which type of milk to have on hand is even more important than the omnipresent household TP battle.

By the way, 37% have tried to give up dairy in the last 3 years, and 70% of them failed.

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Cash levels at the US Treasury are tumbling toward a dangerously low level as observers eagerly wait for Washington to raise the debt ceiling. As of May 25, the Treasury had just $38.8 billion in cash. That’s down from more than $200 billion earlier in the month, and nearing the bare minimum of $30 billion. To put it in perspective, there are 31 billionaires who are now worth more than the federal government’s $38.8 billion in cash, according to Bloomberg. Those include fashion mogul Bernard Arnault, who has a net worth estimated at $193 billion. Tesla billionaire Elon Musk is worth $185 billion, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $144 billion.


Eva Longoria, LeBron James and Reba McEntire are among the 10 honorees for NBCUniversal news group’s 2023 inspiration list, the media conglomerate announced Thursday. NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC will also honor the Webb Telescope Team, Susan Burton, Gary Sinise, Jane Goodall, El Paso Helping Hands, Mackenzie Scott and Yo-Yo Ma, for their positive impact across sports, entertainment, science and beyond. The honorees will be celebrated during the “Inspiring America: The 2023 Inspiration List” primetime special, airing June 10 across the network. NBC News’ Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb will host.

Jason Oppenheim is back on the market. The “Selling Sunset” star shared that he and girlfriend Marie Lou Nurk have broken up after 10 months of dating. Why? He said that being long distance was too difficult, as he lives in Los Angeles and she resides in France. Oppenheim wrote on his Instagram Stories alongside a photo of the pair on the water staring off into the sunset: “We remain close friends and continue to talk often and support each other and we want the very best for one another.” The 46-year-old added: “We thank everyone for their support throughout our relationship.”

Amber Heard isn’t saying “adiĆ³s” to Hollywood just yet. The 37-year-old actress confirmed in a new video posted on TikTok that she is currently living in Spain – but still has film projects in the works. She tells a local reporter: “I love Spain so much,” with an accent similar to those native to the European country. When asked if she plans to stay in Spain for long, the “Aquaman” star responds, “I hope so. I love living here.” And when asked whether she has any film projects planned, Heard responds: “Oh, yes. I keep moving forward. That’s life.”

Rose Byrne still has her fingers crossed for a “Bridesmaids sequel”. In a new interview with People, Byrne, who played the character of ‘Helen Harris III’, reflected on the classic 2011 comedy that brought together some of the funniest women in the business, saying she would “of course” be on board for a sequel – as long as “all the girls were in.” Other cast members in the original included Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Ellie Kemper.

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One in every 5 people have injured themselves in the bathroom.

Should you really “lather, rinse and repeat”, like the shampoo bottle tells you? Overall, experts seem to agree that a single wash will clean most peoples’ hair and scalps properly — but there are times when multiple shampoos might be beneficial. One says that you’ll be OK lathering up once if you’re using a decent-quality shampoo, but “If you’re washing your hair less frequently or using multiple styling products, you may need to think about double washing, because the first wash loosens the dirt and the second removes it.” And keep in mind that overwashing your hair can strip it of beneficial oils, strip its color and lead to dryness, split ends and flakiness.

Travelers on New Zealand’s national airline departing on international flights from Auckland will be required to step on a scale prior to departure, starting July 2nd. The program, which Air New Zealand calls a “passenger weight survey”, is a method of gathering data on the weight load and distribution for planes. Because weight is a personal thing, the plan is to make the data anonymous. Travelers will be asked to stand on a digital scale when they check in, and the info about their weight will be submitted to the survey without being viewable on the agent’s screen.

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Sunglasses first became popular in the 1920s when movie stars wore them to protect against reporters’ flashbulbs.

Koi fish can live to be 200 years old.

Sterling silver contains 7.5% copper.

If you’re average, you’ll flex your finger joints 25 million times in your lifetime.


Question: Roughly half of these space missions have failed.

Answer: Missions to Mars — by all countries

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In Italy two guys had a plan to rip off their insurance company. They first met in a public place to discuss exactly how they would pull off the operation, first by crashing their cars into each other and then faking injuries. It sounded like such a foolproof plan that they went ahead and did it, smashing their cars into each other. This all would have been fine except for one small matter: they failed to notice a film crew nearby when they were discussing their plan. A crew from an Italian network was there on another assignment and just happened to catch the whole thing. After returning to the studio and discovering what they had, they TV crew turned the video over to the cops.

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10. Lions: Kill 200 humans per year.

9. Hippos: Kill 500 humans per year.

8. Elephants: Kill 600 humans per year.

7. Crocodiles: Kill 1,000 humans per year.

6. Scorpions: Kill 3,300 humans per year.

5. Assassin bugs: Kill 10,000 humans per year

4. Dogs: Kill 59,000 per year — mostly through rabies.

3. Snakes: Kill 138,000 humans per year.

2. Humans: Kill 400,000 humans per year – through homicide alone.

1. Mosquitos: Kill 725,000 humans per year – mostly through diseases such as malaria.

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Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Will Provide Free Books To Every Child In Montana