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Today we visit with Ezekiel (Zeke) Mitchell, one of the top-ranked bull-riders in the world. Zeke captured nationwide media attention as one of the only Black bull-riders in the top tier of this sport. (There’s been just one Black champion in the history of pro bull-riding). Zeke, who spent his childhood near Houston, loved watching PBR on TV from an early age. Today, Zeke is following his dream of becoming a bull-riding champion, avoiding the dangers of the sport (his close friend Mason Lowe died at a PBR event in 2019 after a bull stomped on him), and pursuing superstardom in a sport not known for its diversity.

Amazon introduces the original new docu-series The Ride exclusively on Prime Video, which goes behind the scenes of one of the world’s fastest growing (and most dangerous) sports, professional bull riding (PBR). PBR – which has an even higher risk of catastrophic injuries than the NFL – has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, reaching over half a billion households in 50 nations and territories. The Ride follows the daily lives of top bull-riders and coaches throughout the PBR Team including one of the sports fastest-rising stars, Ezekiel (Zeke) Mitchell.

The Ride:

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June 14

World Blood Donor Day

National New Mexico Day

Army Birthday

National Flag Week

National Bourbon Day

National Strawberry Shortcake Day

National Pop Goes The Weasel Day

National Flag Day

National Career Nurse Assistants’ Day

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A new report says that Administering CPR — or cardiopulmonary resuscitation — to a cardiac arrest sufferer could cause more harm than good. One physician and bioethicist told NPR that “The bad experiences far outnumber the good ones” when it comes to delivering CPR. Not only is this revival method not as successful as portrayed on countless medical dramas — but it can leave patients with lasting physical and cognitive impairments, including fractured or cracked ribs, pulmonary hemorrhage, liver lacerations and broken sternums — and even brain damage.

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You’ve heard the old saying about exercise: “no pain, no gain” — but it turns out that might be backward. According to a new study, those who engage in more physical activity end up having a higher tolerance for pain. These findings, from the University Hospital of North Norway, propose that an increasing exercise could be a potential strategy for managing chronic pain. The study author wrote: “Becoming or staying physically active over time can benefit your pain tolerance. No matter what you choose to do, the key is to stay active!”


Leah Remini took to Instagram on Friday to share that she recently completed her second year at the prestigious New York University, and she’s taking a step back to admire her progress. The “King of Queens” star posted: “Two years ago, I had an 8th-grade education thanks to spending 35 years in a cult. And now, at age 52, I’ve successfully finished my second year at NYU. Remini, who has been actively outspoken against Scientology since disavowing the church, added, “If you have the desire and capacity, please remember that it’s never too late to start again.”

Making the “Barbie” movie required so much pink paint, it led to a worldwide shortage. That’s the claim coming from the film’s production designer, Sarah Greenwood, who told Architectural Digest that the film required creating a full-sized version of Barbie’s Dream House in a London soundstage. Director Greta Gerwig explained that pink is a key color in the film, in order to maintaining it’s “kid-ness”. Rather than use CGI, Gerwig had designers create a hand-painted backdrop, “because toys are, above all, things you touch”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks out about that 1996 affair with his housekeeper in his tell-all new Netflix documentary, “Arnold”. In it, Schwarzenegger admits Shriver was left “crushed” after finding out he’d fathered Joseph, who is now 25, with Mildred Baena. Shriver confronted Schwarzenegger about the rumors during a therapy session in 2011. Schwarzenegger recalled: “One day, the counsellor said, ‘Today Maria wants to be very specific about something…She wants to know if you’re the father of Joseph.’” He says he thought his heart stopped, then he told the truth, and “She was obviously crushed by that.”

Michael J. Fox gave “Back to the Future” expo attendees a scare Sunday when he fell onstage. The 61-year-old, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 at age 29, was walking onto the stage at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, when he tripped. To the relief of fans, Fox landed on a couch and was able to continue the Q&A panel with his co-stars Christopher Lloyd and Tom Wilson.

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A report claims that global warming could be drastically slowed if we all worked less.

It’s been one of the deadliest seasons for summiting Mount Everest, and it would be even deadlier, if it weren’t for a Sherpa named Gelje. The 30-year-old guide rescued a Malaysian climber after he was found shivering in an area called the “death zone,” where the lack of oxygen and -30C° (-22°F) temperatures prohibit extended human visitation. Gelje hauled the climber 1,900 feet down the mountain, where another guide joined the rescue. They wrapped the climber in a sleeping mat, and traded off carrying and dragging him to safety. Gelje, a devout Buddhist, likened the rescue to his religion, saying: “Saving one life is more important than praying at the monastery.”

A daredevil job seeker landed a new position after jumping out of a plane with a sign asking for work. Chris Serrano, a creative director living in Florida, filmed himself skydiving while holding a piece of cardboard reading “Open4Work.” He posted the clip on LinkedIn with the caption: “I got laid off last week. So, I will be freefalling until I find a new gig—literally. If you’re looking for an award-winning creative that works hard, takes risks, and knows how to pack a parachute, reach out.” His post went viral, and caught the eye of Jack Peagam the Co-founder and CEO of the social app Linkup, who responded in an unexpected way: He posted a video of himself skydiving with a sign which read: “Hey Chris, sorry 2 see you got laid off. We’ve got work 4 U”. Fast forward 2 weeks and the pair of thrill-seekers have released a new video showing Serrano signing a new contract with Peagam’s Manchester-based outfit—after diving out of a plane together.

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✓ “Jay” used to be slang for “foolish person.” So, when a pedestrian ignored street signs, he was referred to as a “jaywalker.”

In England, in the 1880’s, “Pants” was considered a dirty word.

Hitting snooze on your alarm can make you more tired than if you had gotten up right away.

Believing you have a good memory helps you to have a better memory.


Question: The average woman buys three of these per year.
Answer: Bras

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A sailboat crew jumped into action to save 2 tourists from their sinking van after they drove into Honokohau Harbor, in Hawaii. Why? They were following their GPS. Video shows the quick-thinking crew swimming up to the driver and passenger and helping them out of the vehicle through the front windows. Meanwhile, another pair of men tied a rope to the back of the van, attempting to pull onto the boat ramp, but ultimately failed, as it quickly became fully submerged. The videographer can be heard saying from behind the camera: “Pretty sure THAT wasn’t supposed to happen.”

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Put a ‘For Sale’ sign on the lawnmower. Let everybody who comes by take a test drive.

Kill half the grass, let the other half grow long. Do a ‘comb over’.

Mount your entire yard on a giant hydraulic platform. Lower it 1 inch per week.

Tell your wife you can’t stand the screams of the poor defenseless blades of grass, then go sit in a corner, gently rocking back and forth.

Have a kid. Wait 10 years. Make him do it.

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We spend the first twelve months of our children’s lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up. - Phyllis Diller

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Hero Police Officers Rescue Unresponsive Toddler From Tragic Pool Incident