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Today we visit with writer and voice actor Steve Dildarian. We will discuss his show "Ten Year Old Tom". Season TWO just kicked off on Max.

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July 14

National French Fry Day

National Mac And Cheese Day

World Kebab Day

National Nude Day

National Tape Measure Day

Bastille Day

Collector Car Appreciation Day

National Grand Marnier Day

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Meta says it is adding new safeguards and monitoring tools for teens across its social platforms. Those include: parental controls on Messenger, suggestions for teens to step away from Facebook after 20 minutes, and nudges urging young night-owl Instagrammers to stop scrolling. This announcement comes as Meta and other social media platforms face heightened pressure over the impact they have on younger users, who can be just 13 when they sign up. Meta’s “Messenger” app is adding parental supervision tools for the first time, that are similar to those that exist on Instagram already: Parents will be able to see how much time their teens spend on the chat tool, view their contacts list, and be notified if their teen reports someone.

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A Canadian court has determined that a “thumbs-up” emoji is a legally valid form of signature in a contract. The grain company, South West Terminal, sued farming company, Achter Land & Cattle, for breach of contract after agreeing to 87 tonnes of flax with a thumbs-up emoji. The judge ruled that the two parties had entered into a valid contract in sending the thumbs-up emoji, meaning that Achter Land & Cattle owes SWT more than $82,000 in damages.


Insidious: The Red Door” beat both “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” and its own projections to take top spot at the box office, earning $15 million on its opening day, and the latest estimate giving it a $31 million domestic weekend. Independent projections had the fifth “Insidious” film earning a $22-24 million opening. Instead, “The Red Door” looks poised to pass the $29.5 million opening of “Insidious: The Last Key” in 2018 to set a new high for the horror franchise. The Dial of Destiny” took second with an estimated $26 million in its second weekend.

A major blast from the past is set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Jennifer Garner is set to reprise her role as superhero ‘Elektra’ in “Deadpool 3.” Hollywood Reporter says Garner will have a major role in the film, which is currently in production, starring Ryan Reynolds as wise-cracking antihero Deadpool. It will also feature Hugh Jackman returning as ‘Wolverine’, reprising his role for the first time since 2017’s “Logan”. Deadpool 3 is scheduled for release next May.

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There’s a university in Japan that awards a degree in ‘Ninja Studies.’

Scientists say that testicles of mice that eat yogurt are bigger than those that don’t.

Waking up from a coma, Bubba Nulisch was devastated to learn that dog had gotten lost. He had been hospitalized with a bacterial infection and put into an induced coma on April 18th. Upon waking 3 weeks later, he was desperate to see his 4-year-old dog Bullet. But while still in hospital, Bubba received a call telling him his beloved pooch had gone missing from his home in Grand Prairie TX. After the suggestion of some nurses to make a Facebook post on a local ‘lost pet’ group, he was soon reunited with Bullet, thanks to some caring strangers. Kim Joppie, who runs a dog rescue in Dallas, saw the post. Bullet had made it to Joppie’s rescue center on June 4th, and after she learned where he belongs, she drove the dog right to Bubba, and was delighted with what happened. Joppie said: “I can’t describe the pure emotion that came from him…They were so bonded. It was so beautiful, and I’ve never seen anything like it.” Bubba said that when he adopted Bullet, the dog pulled him out of his deep depression, which occurred after he was forced to retire from his job.

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Sylvester the Cat has won 3 Academy Awards.

It takes food 7 seconds to travel from the mouth to the stomach.

After smoking, drinking or eating spicy foods, your tastebuds need 24 hours to fully recover.

A person’s sharpest memories are from early adulthood (our 20s).

A day in the age of dinosaurs was just 23 hours long.


Question: 25% of people admit to canceling a date over THIS. What is it?

Answer: A pimple

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McDonald’s has announced that it is now offering wedding catering. A post on the company’s Indonesian Instagram account says: “McD’ers, let’s make the wedding moment more memorable with the Wedding Mekdi package.” For $200, the package includes 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 packs of 4-piece chicken nuggets. A company spokesperson says there are other options available as well, but pointed out “The wedding package is not for holding a wedding at a McD store, but only for food.” If a wedding in an actual McDonald’s restaurant is what you’re after, be aware that several years ago, one branch of the fast-food company in Hong Kong revealed that they perform marriages inside the store for $382. That package included invites and audio equipment, with the cost of food extra.

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If you’ve had it just about up to HERE with the cesspool of negativity that Twitter has become, here are some others that you might want to check out…

Bluesky: Founded in 2021 by Twitter’s co-creator and former CEO Jack Dorsey, it operates on an invite-only basis, allowing users to post content up to 300 characters long. The waitlist, however is 1.9 million people deep…

Spill: Its creators (both former Twitter employees) refer to it as “visual conversation at the speed of culture.” The platform aims to “cater to culture drivers who frequently set new trends yet routinely get overlooked and under-compensated”. It also has a waitlist.

Mastodon: It goes back as far as 2016. Its main difference from Twitter is that it is decentralized and operated by many independent servers. Users are able to join varying servers based on different central topics. The platform has 10 million registered users, making it the most-populated site for Twitter quitters.

Threads: News surfaced this week that Instagram’s “Twitter-killer” has been teased that the text-centered application’s main advantage over Twitter is that Threads will be “sanely run”. (…said the company, whose boss is about to fight Elon Musk in an MMA cage match!)

Post.News: Launched last Nov., it presents itself as “a social platform for real people, real news and civil conversations,” where users can “access journalism from premium publishes, without subscriptions or ads.” (Might be handy when news stories are completely banned from Facebook and Google!)

T2 Social: Also launched last Nov., this creation of some ex-Twitter employees, defines itself as “a place to have the authentic conversations we’ve always wanted to have,” with a character limit of 280. It is currently available by invite-only.

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Just be good and kind to your children. Not only are they the future of the world, they’re the ones who can sign you into a home.” —Dennis Miller

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40 Truckers Rally To Fulfill Lonely 8-Year-Old's Birthday Wish