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Today we visit with Brian Boone (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader) about their NEW BOOK, just in time for The 4th of July... Strange USA: Historical Oddities, Roadside Rarities, Unique Eats, and Amazing Americans.

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July 01

National Play Outside Day

International Day Of Cooperatives

International Reggae Day

Canada Day

National Hop-a-park Day

National Gingersnap Day

National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

National U.s. Postage Stamp Day

National Postal Worker Day

July 02

National Wildland Firefighter Day

National Anisette Day

World UFO Day

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In a survey, 82% of people said that ice cream is their #1 favorite dessert. Here are the top-5 best flavors, according to “expert rankings” among websites run by people who are experts in this kind of thing…

1. Chocolate: Even though vanilla is still consistently the #1 best-selling flavor…

2. Vanilla: The classics are classic for a reason.

3. Cookies and Cream: You’re right. It IS pretty much a combination of chocolate and vanilla…

4. Mint Chocolate Chip: You either love it or hate it. Seems that a lot of people love it.

5. Cookie Dough: Perfectly marries the guilty pleasure of unbaked cookie dough with the refreshing creaminess of vanilla ice cream.

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Cursive is making a comeback. Relegated in 2006 to an optional piece of learning in Ontario elementary schools, cursive writing is set to return as a mandatory part of the curriculum starting in September. Education Minister Stephen Lecce said teaching kids to “write” again is about more than having them learn to sign their own name. He feels learning cursive is critical to “helping young people to express more substantively”, and “if we want to boost reading instruction, we have to embrace some of those time-tested strategies that have worked for generations.”


As Kevin Costner battles his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, over her alleged refusal to leave his $145 million residence in California, he has put up his massive home in Colorado, known as “Dunbar Ranch” for rent. The Golden Globe winner listed what seems like what would be his logical option for home base, his 160-acre Aspen estate in January for a colossal $36,000 per night, and it still seems up for grabs. Featuring 12 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, the spread occupies nearly 6,000 square feet. Dunbar Ranch has been pegged as “the ultimate luxury retreat,” with 24/7 caretakers on site, a baseball field, a sledding hill, 3 hot tubs and room to sleep 27 people comfortably.

Kevin Costner’s estranged wife has requested nearly a quarter million dollars in monthly child support. Christine Baumgartner wants $248,000 per month, a figure that is “less than the amount needed to maintain the (3) children in their accustomed lifestyle.” Additionally, the 49-year-old is requesting the actor pay 100% of their kids’ private school tuition, extracurricular activities, and health care expenses. The kids range in age from 13-16 years old. Costner previously agreed to pay $38,000 a month.

Paramount+’s “Yellowstone” prequel ‘1923” is the latest show to shut down production as the WGA strike hits the 50-day mark. “Metropolis”, Sam Esmail’s years-in-the making Apple TV+ adaptation of the 1927 sci-fi film, has shut down permanently amid the labor unrest and economic headwinds. Production was halted last week on Netflix’s first comedy pilot “Little Sky”, starring and executive-produced by Samara Weaving. And “The Penguin”, Max’s “The Batman” spinoff series starring Colin Farrell, ceased production on June 14 until after the writers strike.

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The U.S. Coast Guard found over 14,000 pounds of cocaine worth $186 million dumped at sea near Miami.

A Bible that was once gifted to Elvis Presley is up for sale through memorabilia company Moments in Time – for a whopping $95,000. The Bible was given to Elvis by a fan, and it even has his name etched onto the cover. But much more important is the fact that Elvis signed it on the inside cover — making it a collectible. It also contains a photograph of Elvis and his mother, Gladys.

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Referees get Super Bowl rings too.

You can buy eel-flavored ice cream in Japan.

Jellyfish are not fish. (They have no brain, heart, or bones)

Most heart attacks happen on Mondays.

People prefer blue toothbrushes over red ones.


Question: A little more than half of all men will post a selfie this summer of them doing THIS. What Is it?

Answer: Barbecuing

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The owner of an auto repair shop who paid a former employee with 91,500 oily pennies has been ordered to pay nearly 4 million more cents. A judge ruled that Miles Walker, who owns A OK Walker Autoworks in Peachtree City GA, owes $39,934 to 9 workers for unpaid overtime and damages. Walker agreed to the payments to settle a lawsuit that accused him of retaliating against former employee Andreas Flaten in 2021. After Flaten filed a complaint saying Walker owed him a final $915 paycheck, the employer dumped that amount in oil-covered pennies in Flaten’s driveway. The mountain of coppers came with a pay stub signed with an expletive. The Labor Department said further investigation found that Walker’s business also violated overtime laws for 9 workers.

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A Reddit user asked: “People born before 1990, what trivial skill do you possess that no one uses anymore?” Here are some of the best answers…

❑ “Remembering phone numbers.”

❑ “I can unknot curly telephone wire and get all the curls facing the right way and behaving themselves.”

❑ “The ability to make and count out change for a purchase.”

❑ “My family gets mad at me for using MS Paint instead of Photoshop.”

❑ “I still know how to set up a VCR to record a television program in advance.”

❑ “Giving the television a karate chop to fix reception.”

❑ “I can cover a textbook with a brown paper bag.”

❑ “Crash-starting a manual car by rolling down a hill in second gear with the ignition on, then popping the clutch.” (Also known as “roll-starting”)

❑ “Using the Dewey Decimal System at the library.”

❑ “Downloading music using p2p software that isn’t Usenet or BitTorrent (Kazaa, LimeWire, FrostWire, BearShare, etc.).”

❑ “Texting with 10 keys. I still have it all memorized and could pick up a flip phone and send paragraphs if needed.”

❑ “I write in cursive — does that count?”

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In America, one sure sign of success is the presence of an unnecessary waterfall in a person’s yard. - Demetri Martin

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