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Being chronically late isn’t just rude – now it’s considered a medical condition. Some medical experts have labeled it “time blindness” and associate it with being ADHD or other mental health issues. And now, a young woman on TikTok says she has been ridiculed for asking during a job interview “are there accommodations for people who struggle with time blindness and being on time?” According to psychotherapist Stephanie Sarkis, “Time blindness is a difficulty with a perception of time, how much time is passed, how much time it’s going to take to do something, and it can be quite impairing to people.” She says that time blindness can over show up in anyone with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental health conditions. But on the other hand, “Dr. Michael Manos, a pediatric behavioral health specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, says that at times, everyone deals with time blindness, for instance when we “get caught up in something and get ‘in the zone’”. He agrees, though, that “Some people with ADHD…are more prone to having difficulty being able to judge how long something will take to do or to lose track of time.” There are some strategies and therapies that can help.

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Scientists say that, for the first time ever, they have witnessed cracked pieces of metal fuse back together without any human intervention, overturning fundamental scientific theories in the process. If the newly discovered phenomenon can be harnessed, it could usher in an engineering revolution—one in which self-healing engines, bridges, and airplanes could reverse damage caused by wear and tear, making them safer and longer-lasting. One member of the research team, from Sandia National Laboratories and Texas A&M University, said: “This was absolutely stunning to watch first-hand.”

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Following vows by several recent champions to boycott the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions if it takes place amid the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, the show’s producers say they “never had any intention” of holding the annual contest “until the strike is resolved. Earlier, recent “Jeopardy!” champion Ray Lalonde announced that he wouldn’t participate in a Tournament of Champions while the strike continues. He was soon joined several other champs, including Hannah Wilson, Cris Pannullo, Ben Chan, Troy Meyer, Ben Goldstein, Suresh Krishna and Luigi de Guzman.

Hulk Hogan has shrunk almost 3 inches, due to numerous injuries from his wrestling career. The 69-year-old WWE Hall of Famer, who had an almost 4-decade career, spoke in a podcast interview about the sport’s effect on his body. Quote: “I think internally, I’m healthy. It’s just I’ve used my body so bad. The last 10 or 12 years, I’ve had 25 surgeries.” He said that in the 1980s, when he filmed “Rocky 3”, he was “6 foot 7 on the nose.” And when measured a few years ago, he was “six four and a half.” Hogan also admitted he needs a cane to walk more than a few feet.

Is Meghan Markle ready to return to acting? A recent rumor suggests the former “Suits” star could head back to her acting roots alongside Kevin Costner in a sequel to “The Bodyguard”. The “Yellowstone” actor starred in the original Bodyguard film, which was released in 1992, with Whitney Houston. One publication claims it was Costner’s idea to pitch a follow-up to The Bodyguard starring the Duchess of Sussex. The Express quotes an insider saying: “The only thing Kevin loves more than an underdog like Meghan is a box office hit.”

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It used to be that when you knew you were going to be outside for a while on a sunny day, you grabbed the jar of sticky white lotion, and slathered it on. Case closed. But with the number of sun protection choices available now, some are calling it the “sunscreen boom”. Partially thanks to the fact that sunscreen formulas are fun — and designed for everyday life, sales are growing by 4% per year, and are expected to hit $30 billion annually worldwide by 2030. SPF is now available as sprays, brush-on powders, whipped mousses, and roller sticks. There are sun “patches” to warn us when it’s time to reapply. And there are special formulations for acne sufferers, allergy prone complexions and darker skin tones. There are also prestige sun care brands such as Supergoop and Coola, which have become status symbols – commanding premium pricing. And of course, there are celebs entering the market as well. Tennis star Naomi Osaka and pop star Pharrell have their own products. One dermatologist sees the prominence of sunscreen these days as a positive: Dr. Naana Boakye credits social media for amplifying the message about the importance of protecting skin from the sun’s rays, and says that influencers and social media health care professionals have helped a lot of younger people and men to pick up on the ‘skin protection’ message.

After all of Twitter’s self-inflicted wounds over the last 9 months, Elon and whatever remaining employees there are at what is now known as “X” can console themselves with this: People still hate Facebook a little more. In a new survey released this week by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Facebook ranks last in user satisfaction among social media platforms, with a score of 66 out of 100. Twitter and Reddit tied for second-to-last place with scores of 69. YouTube was ranked first, with a score of 78, and Pinterest and TikTok tied for second place with scores of 77.

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Bullfrogs do not sleep.

Pablo Picasso carried a revolver filled with blanks and would fire it at people who asked him about the meaning of his paintings.

It is impossible to kill yourself by holding your breath.

✓ ‘Almost’ is the longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order.

Your eyeballs do not grow or change their size as you age.

There are more trees on earth than there are stars in the Milky Way.


Question: In a survey asking about things that people WON’T share with their significant other, toothbrush came in at #2. What came in at #1?

Answer: Underwear

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There’s a new approach to help people stop biting their fingernails – and it worked for 53% of test participants. The habit-replacement strategy, which was also tested on people with other body-focused repetitive behaviors such as hair-plucking and skin-picking, involves touching one’s own skin gently, such as by lightly rubbing fingertips together or rubbing the palm or back of the arm. The test results were published last week in JAMA Dermatology. 268 people with “trichotillomania”, a condition where people react to stress by pulling out hair, or by chronic nail- or cheek-biting habits — participated in the study, and over half showed improvement. About 5% of the global population has these mannerisms, which can lead to scabs, scars, and bald spots.

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used to work at a call centre, and the substitutes ppl use when they don’t know the phonetic alphabet are so funny. why did this man say C for Czechoslovakia – Yasmin

barbenheimer is the closest we’ve come to having school spirit week as adults – Kelsey Weekman

Hearing disturbing rumors that some of these protestors on the picket line are professional actors — Amy

The man that invented the Ferris wheel never met the man that invented the merry go round. They traveled in different circles. – mariana z

My favorite thing in TV shows is when they show actual childhood photos of the actor because you know the actor had to ask their mom if they had any old photos of them…and you know she was so excited to dig up her favorite ones for everyone to see her baby on TV – Lucy Huber

So humiliating when I go get ice cream with people who order flavors like Earl Gray or Lavender or Lemon and then my greedy ass orders like Chocolate Chipper Double Dipper Brownie Explosion Landslide — Meg

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The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people.” —G.K. Chesterton

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High School Students Rally Together To Cover Beloved Teacher's Wife's Heart Surgery