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Today we visit with Richard Johnson about his latest book “The Incredible Hulk: Worldbreaker, Hero, Icon” AVAILABLE NOW:

His other books include Captain America: Avenger, Hero, Icon and The Amazing Spider-Man: Web-Slinger, Hero, Icon

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August 23

Protected: National Hazy Ipa Day

Black Ribbon Day

National Cuban Sandwich Day

International Day For The Remembrance Of The Slave Trade And Its Abolition

National Sponge Cake Day

National Ride The Wind Day

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According to a study, half of all TikTok posts about baby boomers perpetuate ageist stereotypes. And researchers from the National University of Singapore warn that this is only widening the hostile divide between younger and older generations. The team analyzed 673 TikTok videos, marked with the hashtags #Boomer and/or #OkBoomer, collectively garnering over 5.4 billion views. They found that half of the videos cast boomers in a negative light or reinforced negative stereotypes of older adults, including portraying them as slow, irrelevant, and incompetent. Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are now between 58 and 75 years-old.

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Men say “I love you” first. In a study published in the SAGE Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers had over 3,000 adults from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Poland, and the UK complete online questionnaires about their relationships. Contrary to stereotypical gender norms, they found that in 6 of the 7 regions, men were more likely to admit love first. On average, men said “I love you” 69 days into a relationship, while women didn’t think about it until 77 days in. The lone outlier? Women in France tend to say “I love you” before men.

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American Horror Stories” is returning to spook you with a 4-episode ‘Huluween’ event series premiering October 26 on Hulu. Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna will headline an episode titled “Tapeworm”. American Horror Stories is a spinoff of “American Horror Story”, with each episode telling a different horror tale. It was also announced this week that American Horror Story Season 12, named “Delicate” will consist of 2 parts, the first of which will premiere Sept. 20.

Feel like hangin’ out, by the beach with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis? For some lucky fans that’ll soon be a reality. The couple is offering the chance to spend a night in the guest cottage of their beach house near Santa Barbara CA, for free, through Airbnb. The “That ’70s Show” pair announced the news with a video on social media, which begins with Kutcher saying to Kunis: “Hey babe? I have a really dumb idea. I think we should have complete strangers come and stay with us at the beach. It’s so nice here.” LINK:

Universal Orlando has officially unveiled Minion Land. Guests of all ages can now step into the beloved world of the Minions franchise like never before at the Florida theme park. Developed in partnership between Universal’s creative team and the filmmakers from Illumination, visitors “are welcomed to the land with a fun, photo-worthy Minion Land marquee featuring 22 Minions, before embarking on more mayhem that awaits along Illumination Ave., including the groundbreaking new attraction – Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast – where guests can “blast their way to supervillain stardom.”

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A woman in Southern California found a dead frog in a bag of spinach she bought at a grocery store.

Researchers say guppies are able to reproduce after they die.

A millionaire has fulfilled a dying boy’s wish for a ride in a supercar – and he is appealing for help to save him. Matt Fiddes, a former Michael Jackson bodyguard, took 6-year-old Woody Blight for a spin in his Lamborghini amid his battle with neuroblastoma. Video shows Woody having the time of his life in the exotic auto, and what’s more, Fiddes followed that up by taking the youngster for a ride in his Ferrari. And Millionaire Matt, who made headlines for buying the Lambo despite being unable to write, has since started a campaign, asking for doctors or specialists who could help save Woody’s life to come forward before it’s too late – and even offering to pay for his treatment. Woody’s mother, Paige, says her son desperately needs alternative medical solutions — after England’s National Health Service ran out of treatments to offer. She says of Fiddes: “He was just so lovely and kind – what he did and does is just amazing.” LINK:

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It would require close to 2 million mosquito bites to lose a life-threatening amount of blood (2 liters).

✓ “Hello” didn’t become a greeting until the telephone arrived.

Facebook’s color scheme is blue because Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color-blindness.

Green olives and black olives are not different species. The distinction reflects whether they were picked before or after ripening.


Question: 53% of us say THIS person changed their life for the better. Who is it?

Answer: A teacher

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An Atlanta man who lost his house after the city tore it down by mistake is now facing a lawsuit to have the entire property foreclosed, unless he pays the demolition costs. Everett Tripodis’ says the city did provide warnings that the property had been labeled unfit for habitation, but they were sent to the wrong address, in a different zip code. He and his mother had bought the century-old house as an investment and had been working on remodeling it when the city tore it down. To make matters worse, the city of Atlanta is now suing him and threatening to foreclose on the empty land — unless he pays the $68,000 cost of the demolition

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(According to research across multiple platforms…)

1. ‘At Last’ — Etta James (1960): Perfect for practically any part of your wedding day, but especially first and last dances.

2. ‘Perfect’ — Ed Sheeran (2017): The lyrics immediately make you feel like you’re the only two in the room. It is like a guide to the perfect love story, with Sheeran singing “darling, you look perfect” and “I see my future in your eyes”.

3. ‘A Thousand Years’ — Christina Perri (2011): Written specifically as a song to be told from the point of view of ‘Bella’ from “The Twilight Saga,” the song is wedding themed, making it a great wedding song.

4. ‘All of Me’ — John Legend (2013): A beautiful melody coupled with breathtaking lyrics, it has been a top wedding song ever since its release.

5. ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ — Elvis Presley (1961): Even after 6 decades, it remains one of the most romantic songs out there, with the lyric: “Take my hand, take my whole life, too”. It’s a perennial favorite for a couple’s first dance.

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The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”~ Andy Rooney

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Mom Grateful For 'Unbelievable' Kindness Colonial Heights Police Showed Her Family