Show Notes for Saturday, September 09 and Sunday, September 10, 2023

Today we visit with Allyson Johnson from National Geographic about a new book “Great Outdoors U.S.A.: 1,000 Adventures Across All 50 States” filled with adventures located right in your own backyard! From exhilarating mountain biking trails and forest rope courses to easy day hikes and lake excursions, this comprehensive collection offers exciting escapades to experience across the United States. Featuring 20 activities in every state geared to a wide range of experience levels, as well as family-friendly activities and accessible options with inclusion in mind, this beautifully illustrated book will make it difficult to stay indoors—and it will inspire you to create your own bucket list of exhilarating adventures. AVAILABLE NOW:

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September 09

National Wiener Schnitzel Day

Share Your Care Day

National Teddy Bear Day

September 10

National Tv Dinner Day

National Swap Ideas Day

National Pet Memorial Day

National Hug Your Hound Day

National Grandparents Day

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You’ve probably seen a man being told by his significant other to “Grow up”. Here’s the thing: Men don’t grow up. Not until they’re 40, anyway. That’s according to a University of Oxford study, which looked into the differences in maturity and development between men and women. The result showed that although the brains of both women and men have the same potential to function in everyday life, men often exhibit some delay in the long-term development of “functional networks” compared to women. That can continue for up to about 40 years. That’s right – The study showed that in many cases, men’s brains don’t fully develop until the age of 40.

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Scientists say they have been able to re-create what mummies smell like. The journal Scientific Reports says they managed to identify and re-create the scent of a tincture used in the mummification of a noblewoman of ancient Egypt circa 1450 BCE. The not-so-gnarly balm was made of “beeswax, plant oil, fats, bitumen, Pinaceae resins, a balsamic substance, and dammar or Pistacia tree resin”. The smell of the ancient figure is re-engineered and will be on display in the Moesgaard Museum in Denmark this fall, labeled “the scent of the eternity.”

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Batman is coming back to theaters much sooner than anyone thought. Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy will be returning to Showcase Cinemas next month. In honor of Batman Day on Sept. 16, the theater chain will host a screening of all 3 films: “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, and “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Nick Cannon’s brother Gabriel admits he’d be hard-pressed to name all 12 of his famous brother’s kids. The “Claim to Fame” Season 2 winner told EW: “I haven’t met them [all yet], but did y’all see what happened with him? (he) messed up [naming] all his kids, so I’m not even gonna attempt.” When asked if he had a note in his phone to remind him of his nieces and nephews’ names, Gabriel jokingly replied, “Google. They’re all on the internet.”

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can now be used to predict how healthy you will be later in life — at the press of a button. Researchers from Edith Cowan University in Australia have created AI software that can quickly analyze bone density scans to predict the risk of future health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases and dementia. It does this by detecting a buildup within the abdominal aorta’s walls that can indicate a person’s risk of heart attacks, strokes, falls, fractures, and late-life dementia. The new software can analyze roughly 60,000 images in just a day. Researchers say this development may lead to new approaches for early cardiovascular disease detection and disease monitoring.

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Prop money for films in the US must be one-sided and less than 75% — or more than 150% of the size of a real banknote.

A study concluded that spending money on others yielded more happiness than spending it on oneself.

The names for hurricanes are established years in advance and reused (unless the storm is particularly devastating).


Question: People who bring reusable bags to the grocery store are more likely to buy THIS.

Answer: Junk food.

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There must be a whole bunch of more interesting things to do in New York City than THIS. As the city deals with a major rat problem, the rodent issue is, to some, New York’s latest must-visit attraction, believe it or not. Some tour guides are now selling tours to notoriously rat- infested sites. That’s right – this means that rat tourism is fast becoming a boom industry. The new fad was started by New York resident Kenny Bollwerk, who began uploading videos of rats running around the city to his TikTok account, and even live-streamed the vermin in action. The stream became a hit, with over 10,000 viewers watching, and soon Bollwerk began receiving inquiries from tourists arriving in New York who asked that he take them to see the city’s rat hotbeds for themselves.

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With the NFL season revving up, the “Morning Brew” newsletter team asked readers: “What is your fantasy football league’s creative punishment for finishing in last place?” Here are some of the best (and cruelest) responses:

☞ “Loser has to go skydiving at the lowest-rated skydiving establishment in Texas.”

☞ “The CancĂșn challenge. Last place has to stay at the local Mexican restaurant from open to close (10am-10pm). Every jumbo margarita they drink counts as an hour off their time.” (But what’s the “punishment” part?)

☞ “The last-place finisher is awarded a front license plate that in no uncertain terms makes it clear they came in last place. The license plate is affixed to the individual’s car at this year’s draft. They must keep it on their car until the following year’s draft!”

☞ “Last year, I had to dig a hole 5 feet by 5 feet. Just like in the movie Holes.”

☞ “My friend and I met these guys in Central Park who made the loser dress up as Popeye and give boat rides to strangers around the Boathouse for 2 hours with balloons that said ‘LOSER’ tied to the backs.”

☞ “Last year, in a couples league, the winner got to name the loser’s first-born child.”

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Have you noticed that all the people in favor of birth control are already born?” ~ Benny Hill

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Community Rallies For Beloved Starbucks Manager, Raises $40,000 For New Car