Show Notes for Friday, October 27, 2023

Today we visit with Jake Tapper, the chief DC anchor and Washington correspondent for CNN, host of The Lead with Jake Tapper and cohost of State of the Union. He is also a bestselling author and his latest book is All The Demons Are Here, a thriller that takes us back to the 1970’s with two unforgettable characters encountering many real-life figures and events that defined one of the wildest and most dangerous decades in American history.


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October 27th

Navy Day

National Black Cat Day

Boxer Shorts Day

Cranky Co-Workers Day

National Civics Day

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National Mentoring Day

Sylvia Plath Day

World Day For Audiovisual Heritage

World Occupational Therapy Day

National American Beer Day

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According to the old saying, the camera adds 10 pounds. But while that might be true for television cameras, a new study says it’s definitely not the case when it comes to your phone camera…especially selfies. In fact, selfies make people appear “significantly slimmer” than other camera angles, according to researchers from the University of York and York St John University. But that’s not really good news. Why? In the study, test participants with eating disorders were even more inclined to perceive women as “significantly slimmer” in their selfies compared to a general participant group. The research team concluded that these women are at a greater risk of negative impacts from viewing other peoples’ selfies, as opposed to other photographs.

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Atari is now taking preorders for a physical cartridge for the company’s classic 2600 console. You heard that right. A gaming console that was hottest in…1982 is releasing a new game. The game-in-question is called “Save Mary”, and it was developed during the console’s golden years, before being shelved when the 2600 went the way of the dodo. Preordering one of these cartridges for $60 gets you a silver collector’s edition box and a full-color manual, in addition to the game itself. There are only 500 available.

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It could be a magical moment. Danny DeVito has confirmed plans to reunite with Mara Wilson, who played his telekinetic daughter in 1996’s “Matilda.” “Matilda in Concert” has DeVito and Wilson narrating the cult classic with composer David Newman playing his score. DeVito revealed that he and Wilson “were planning to perform Matilda live with the New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra just before the strike hit”. But DeVito said they’ll still try to do it “sometime soon, as it seems the strike may be coming to an end — I hope!”

Frasier” is back on TV after 19 years, but Kelsey Grammer’s character doesn’t return to the iconic Cheers bar in the series premiere. Instead, when ‘Frasier Crane’ comes back to Boston, he and his Harvard colleagues head to a bar called Mahoney’s, named after late Frasier star John Mahoney. But there’s still a chance Frasier could return to the bar where he made his debut almost 40 years ago. Executive producer Chris Harris says: “We would absolutely love to explore that. What is the bar now? Are [the Cheers characters] still there? Does everyone know his name still?” But on the other hand, co-executive producer Joe Cristalli joked that “Cheers is a Fuddruckers now.”

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler just added new 2024 dates to their “Joint Comedy Tour”.

Taco Bell has added “premium chicken nuggets” to its menu in Minneapolis. In a direct swipe at competitor McDonald’s, Crispy Chicken Nuggets are now being test-marketed at 83 Taco Bell locations for a limited time. A spokesperson said: “This is like truly a very premium nugget. It’s not a chicken nugget patty you might get at some fast-food restaurants. This is very much more elevated.”

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Identical twins don’t have the same fingerprints.

Costco sells 700% more hot dogs annually than all Major League Baseball stadiums combined.

Vatican City could fit inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Dead people can get goose bumps.

Cows have best friends.


Question: 16% of us say we exercise for THIS reason. What Is it?

Answer: To socialize

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You’ve heard of self-driving cars, but have you ever had one delivered – by mail? A Swedish start-up is looking to turn IKEA’s flat-packed furniture design into cars. Luvly has developed its first model, the “O”, which is so light and modular that it can be flat-packed to save thousands of tons of emissions when it comes to shipping. Designed for urban commuting, the Luvly O has two 35-pound (16kg) battery packs that can be switched out to extend its range of just 62 miles. With a top speed of 55mph (89kph), the car is 37 inches (94cm) shorter than the already-compact Fiat 500. And check this out — It also comes with a key safety feature. Inspired by Formula-1 cars’ light but rigid aluminum chassis, Luvly’s cars have a dual layer of foam on the outside and inside of the vehicle’s skeleton to help absorb potential impact. Priced at $10,500, the car isn’t flat-packed and shipped to the customer, but to an authorized dealer for assembly. The company also plans to offer its flat-packed technology to major automobile manufacturers.

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It’s the question that singles hate to hear. In 1899, a Victorian magazine asked women why they aren’t married. Here are some of their hilarious answers…

⇒ “Because (like a piece of rare china) I am breakable, and mendable, but difficult to match.”

⇒ “Because I have other professions open to me in which the hours are shorter, the work more agreeable, and the pay possibly higher.”

⇒ “Because I am an English lady, and the Americans monopolize the market.”

⇒ “Because I am like the Rifle Volunteers: always ready, but not yet wanted.”

⇒ “For good men are scarce, but fools there are plenty, that’s why I am single at seven-and-twenty.”

⇒ “Like the wild mustang of the prairie that roams unfettered, tossing his head in utter disdain at the approach of the lasso which, if once round his neck, proclaims him captive, so I find it more delightful to tread on the verge of freedom and captivity, than to allow the snarer to cast around me the matrimonial lasso.”

⇒ “…I do not care to enlarge my menagerie of pets, and I find the animal man less docile than a dog, less affectionate than a cat, and less amusing than a monkey.”

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A Woman Was Feeling Depressed. Her Doctor Prescribed Her A Cat