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Today we visit with author Karen Pierce - Recipes for Murder: 66 Dishes That Celebrate the Mysteries of Agatha Christie

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October 28th

National Chocolate Day

Statue Of Liberty Day

Honoring The Nation’s First Responders Day

International Animation Day

National Immigrants Day

National Internal Medicine Day

Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Separation Of Church And State Day

St. Jude’s Feast Day

Vote Early Day

Wild Foods Day

October 29th

National Cat Day

Hug A Sheep Day

International Internet Day

World Psoriasis Day

World Stroke Day

National Oatmeal Day

National Hermit Day

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Your parents were onto something when they told you to eat your veggies first. Referencing a study that appeared in the journal Nutrients, Alabama dietitian Carolyn Williams says veggies can act like weight-loss drugs such as Ozempic and Wegovy, which signal to the body that it’s full. Scientists found that eating fiber-rich vegetables before carbohydrates makes you feel full longer, improves your blood sugar and could increase weight loss. This practice is called “meal sequencing”, and the study showed that even if someone ate faster, those who ate vegetables first had lower blood sugar after their meal than before – and lower insulin than those who began their meal by eating carbs.

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The NFL is serious about expanding its influence to the international market. So serious, it’s considering holding a Super Bowl in London. Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to a fan forum there last week to promote the Baltimore Ravens/Tennessee Titans regular season game in the city. While admitting such a move is not imminent, he said it has been considered. The league has featured regular season games in London, Germany and Mexico — and is said to be considering Spain and Brazil. A league official said it is also considering staging a game in Australia, although time zone constraints are a concern.

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FX released the trailer for “American Horror Stories” Season 3, the spin-off of “American Horror Story” that features a different story in each episode. The clip revealed that “Real Housewives” star Lisa Rinna will star in the “Tapeworm” episode of Season 3, which premieres Oct. 26. The logline says: “An up-and-coming model will stop at nothing in her hunger for success.” In the trailer, Rinna’s character says: “Smize for the camera, sweetie.” She later responds to a young patient’s concern about a monster inside of her with the question, “But are you hungry?” LINK:

The cast for the all-Canadian spinoff of the “Law & Order” franchise, titled “Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent”, has finally been revealed. The crime drama will feature Aden Young, known for his role in “Rectify”, plus Kathleen Munroe (“Patriot”), “Schitt’s Creek’s” Karen Robinson, KC Collins from “The Cleaning Lady”, plus Nicola Correia (“Resident Alien”) And Araya Mengesha (“Nobody”). Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent will premiere on Citytv in Spring 2024, with 10 one-hour episodes.

Kanye West wants the public to know he’s not bipolar, as he’s previously claimed — but he has “signs of autism” caused by his car crash in 2002. In a text-rant to Elon Musk, Kanye states: “You never have to speak to me again. But if we do speak. The nature of the relationship has to change. I’m not bi polar. I have signs of autism from my car accident.” The texts were posted by Ian Connor, who has run in Ye’s circle for years. He was apparently instructed by West to get the message out, as most of his social media accounts have been suspended. In another text to Musk, West wrote: “You can’t watch Kim keep my kids from me. And not say anything publicly, then call yourself my friend so I can bring my audience to your struggling platform.”

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Nigerian President, Bola Tinubu, is under fire for allegedly lying about graduating from Chicago State University.

Alaska Airlines says it has created an in-flight brew that actually tastes good to those in flight. In collaboration with Portland-based roaster Stumptown, the airline has developed a custom blend that it claims stays flavorful at cruising altitudes, where the cabin pressure and air dryness can diminish our ability to taste.

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Coca-Cola would be green if coloring wasn’t added to it.

Chickens can see daylight 45 minutes before it is visible to humans.

Horror is the only movie genre in which more women appear than men.

There is no evidence that stretching before exercise reduces the risk of injury.

If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib.

Wearing a tie can reduce blood flow to the brain by 7.5%


Question: 8 out of 10 men prefer to leave THESE intact, while about half of women take them apart. What are they?

Answer: Oreo cookies

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A scorching new South Carolina chili named Pepper X has captured the Guinness World Record for the world’s hottest pepper, beating out even the legendary Carolina Reaper. Created by Ed Currie, the founder of the PuckerButt Pepper company, the greenish-yellow Pepper X packs a sweltering 2,693,000 Scoville Heat Units. Former champ the Caroline reaper, also created by Currie, clocks in at 1.64 million on the Scoville scale. For perspective, pepper spray has a score of 1.6 million SHU – and jalapeƱo peppers between 3,000-6,000.

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My wife was trying to tell me a quick story and after the umpteenth time our kids interrupted her, she said, “Nevermind, maybe we can talk again when they’re grown up,” and that about sums up being married with kids. — NicholasG

Saw an Amazon truck drop a kid off at school this morning. Didn’t know that was an option. — Henpecked Hal

Have the kids put away the groceries so you can play hide and seek with your own food for a week. — krista pacion

3yo: Why do we have a room just for the toilet and the bath? Me: So people can have privacy when they’re going to the bathroom or taking a shower. 3yo: Why would someone want that? I think I’m beginning to understand the root of much of our disconnect. — Kristen Mulrooney

Toddlers be like, “excuse me madam that’s my emotional support Walmart receipt” — Amy Colleen

Showed my 7 year-old an Etch-a-sketch and said this is what Daddy played with growing up and this little angel asked me if it was a ‘caveman iPad’ and I am still in shambles — Graham Kritzer

Friday the 13th has got nothing on parents who’re dealing with 3rd grade math homework — Vinod Chhaproo

I told my 12yr old she wasn’t allowed to make pancakes without supervision. So I come back and she’s making crepes. — MonsterKing

On the ride home from school my 6-year-old and I were chatting about his day when he said, “well if you don’t mind, I’m going to make a really cool paper airplane right now so if you could not talk that would be nice.” Which is my new favorite way to end conversations. — sweatpants cher

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Everything that used to be a sin is now a disease.”~ Bill Maher

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'I Received A Guiding Premonition': Off Duty Nurse Saves Man's Life